Someone is threatening to come to my home and harass me. They live in my area and know where I live. What can I do?

Someone is threatening to come to my home and harass me. They live in my area and know where I live. What can I do?

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Grab a baseball bat

Inform the authorities

based, do it op

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Buy a gun.

If you are white, inform the cops.
If you arent - I am sorry, you are fucked by the system.


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Call the police and say you been threatened.

Purchase a handgun and know to use it store it safely but be readily accessible -- quick access gun safe.

Alarms around house. Got a dog, or even dog bark simulator alarm.

Goto police if you are in mid to smaller city and let them know. It's true they can act only after fact but they can do drive bys at minimum. Give them pic of person making fhreats and ideally if in writing say texts police like physical documentation.

Park in garage if have one. Vary route to work and park in diff spots and notify security or Hr if comfortable.

Tell neighbors depending on comfort level be wary.

Don't be stupid and jog alone or the ear buds in been aware all time of cars around you also.

Have a cell phone at nightstand charged and be ready to give directions to house. Plan escape routes.

Document document document -- I work as PI 23 years and help people with stalkers. Videotape if even possible but know making a threat and esp sharing plans is definite precursor to violence.

Protect your children if you have them. I recommend hidden gps devices.

Learn some basic self dense vital strikes a lot martial arts is bs because in tachypsychic adrenaline rush everything is out window except for gross motor skills and those work. Eyes, nose, throat, groin. Use to fight with everyday objects they aren't illegal to carry and can work fine.

Good luck.

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call the cops

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Anyway Opie, are they threatening to harass you or are they already harassing you? Threatening to harass you is sort of redundant. Troll confirmed?

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Op good luck.