How do I stop wanting to be a girl

How do I stop wanting to be a girl

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accept your homosexual nature instead?

Raise your test and quit anime and porn.

Fuck one in the asshole.

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Stop browsing t*mblr

Stop watching porn.

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I already did that.
I never did that.

Can try to have sex with a man on grindr. Pretty sure u wont like it so ur thoughts will go away

I like girls and I still want to be one though. But I don't get turned on by the thought of myself as a girl, either.

Realize that no matter what you try, no matter what you do, medical science can not make you into the opposite sex. They can pump you full of hormones, shave your bones, resculpt your flesh, put saline bags in your chest, and cut off your genitalia to form a crude simulation of a vagina that will be treated by your own body as an open wound that it constantly try to heal. But you will always be a crude imitation. Seek therapy, and state your goal as that you want to stop wanting to be female.

Furries want to be animals but the best they can do is wear a fursuit and disappoint everyone around them.

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Simple, just stop wanting anything. Embrace nihilism.

Stop watching porn and accept the fact that you'll never be a girl no matter what. Maybe try it when they found out how to modify an entire genpool in order to adjust the gender.

close out tbe /lgbt/ tab, dont fetishize feminity and stop looking at futanari porn and then your autogynephilia will be gone

Don't pursue behaviors that feed into your desire. Don't play female characters in Vidya, don't fantasize about feminine things, etc. You know what these are for you better than I do.
Also start embodying aspects of the male archetype that you find enjoyable.

Well, examine why you feel that way. Maybe you wanna be a girl, maybe you want some sort of in between, like being a feminine guy. Maybe you actually want none of it. I'm sure if you explore it, youll find out. If you dont I'm sure you literally always wonder forever.

And get off Jow Forums, like come on, didn't you already know what people were gonna say here?

Accept your femininity but understand that you are a man and drugs that change your body will not do anything. You can express your femininity as a man and then you might eventually just view it is a part of yourself instead of as an inner woman. You don't have to wear dresses to do it either you could just wear something that would fit a man but also let you express yourself. Also don't reject your masculinity either embrace yourself fully.


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Easy user, just don't think about it.
That's what I do, and it seems to work out just fine. I haven't thought about it in so long, that it's become somewhat easy to forget.

It's all about the capital D Distractions. Video games are your friend.

Become one and the feelings should subside

Put that feeling in your toe and put other feeling on top of it.