Why do women only love badboys?

I guess I understand it on a base level. Badboys are usually brash, hypermasculine and emotionally unavailable. They prey on women with daddy issues and low self-esteem. However, you often find that women of all ages, from all walks of life fall for the badboy trap time and time again. These men are not typically great providers and they're often borderline sociopaths. This kind of female behavior breeds misogyny from ordinary guys who are just "too nice" to be attractive.

Pic related: family annihilator who was sent love letters in prison

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They don't exclusively like them, you're mistaking bad boys with guys who have their own life and don't agree on everything with women.
Other than that women love interesting and exciting guys, and hate boring faggots.

badboys aren't afraid to tease and play around while "nice guys" just throw them onto pedestals and worship them instead

They don’t only. It just tends to be those guys who are more social and extroverted. You being angry in your house doesn't turn women on.

It’s not about being a bad person it’s about being interesting and active. Providing girls with what they want.

You could say it’s cool

Why do you keep posting this same shitty thread? You are wrong and get proven wrong and btfo each time. Why do you keep coming back?

They don't. You are just stupid and a liar.

No, being a good person is unattractive to a woman. That's why a lot of guys end up getting friendzoned and becoming beta providers. The girls like them for validation and attention but they're not bad enough to be fuckable. Women would rather date a badboy who's a potential psycho than date a nice, vanilla (i.e. boring) guy. It's a really depressing red pill.

Why do you keep posting lies? Gay psyops?

Shit. I hit send? I wasn’t even done with my post.

>You could say it’s cool

Nice generalization. So who rejected you?

Women are, by biology and culture, nurturers. One form this takes is the "I'm the one who can save him" fantasy

Women just like interesting dudes
Like they said too, i stopped doing the above just for haha's and i got my middle school crush to date me.

Its not the bad boy you have in your head just the qualities.

So now reverse it, i dont think youd want a girl that agrees with you on everything and a girl that just sees you as this god like human.
The same goes for women, a girl doesnt like a guy that treats them like they are THE VIRGIN MARY HERSELF but just like any other girl in their life etc..

I doubt OP has ever asked a girl out

Those guys who get friend zoned are men who are desperate for a girlfriend and who have nothing else to offer than a job at most.

Being a good person is attractive to most stable women with a nice head on their shoulders no guy would want a girl that treats people like shit wtf

Nothing wrong with being friendzoned if she isnt into you she isnt into you, you cant force and emotion someone doesnt feel ._.

Prove it's lies. You can't. I've shown you that a dude can butcher his family and still get love letters from thirsty thots. It's not like it's an isolated example. The likes of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson had groupies too. And this is just the extreme end of the spectrum. Studies have shown women are drawn to the dark triad personality type (narcissistic, machiavellian, psychopathic).

It has nothing to do with emotion, women see you as friends if you're ugly, not interesting enough and/or didn't make it clear enough that you want more from them.
Without attraction there's no potential for emotion unless the girl and the guy are both deformed or something.

>Being a good person is attractive to most stable women with a nice head on their shoulders
They must be like 0.00001% of the population then because I've never met one like that.

That’s like saying you can find a guy willing to sleep with a fat girl. There are people out there that’s into anything. Mentioning a study or survey dosent prove that all people of one gender is inherently predictable. You are as dumb as they come, should i assume all guys are like you?

Men are less picky than women. Men might jerk it to pornstars and celebs but IRL they aren't fussy about a woman's appearance, within reason. We don't need a woman to be a psychopath to get our dicks hard

You lie when you say that good decent guys don't attract girls. A girl would always choose a kind, decent man over a psychopath murderer.

>I've never met a girl because I haven't left the basement after I turned 16
Sounds about right.

Don't know. These threads are one of the more useless incel tactics I've seen.
>girls are different from what I was raised to believe by my mother who just wanted a docile, malleable child to raise
>women are trash reee
Take up boxing, watch lots of prison YouTubers abs Sopranos episodes to pick up their hard attitudes, and maybe leave softboy Jow Forums for once. Go have sex.

Decent guys only get the girl when she's rode the cock carousel and been used up by chads and badboys. Usually single moms.

Didn’t get the point i see, I’m surprised. What a fun one-sided rant from another upset incel.

You should read a book on logic or statistics or watch some debates to learn how to argue better before you make arguments in this way so confidently. Some odd girls do not represent the entire population of women.

Maybe you should go out more then.

I don't need to if that's your comeback. I have empirical data that shows women dig badboys and in extreme cases serial killers. What do you have?