Real question: is there a point to living if you aren't tall, attractive and white?

real question: is there a point to living if you aren't tall, attractive and white?

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real answer: yes

is it ok that I'm only attractive and white?

>be 5'4 bald pajeet
>reminded of my inferiority every day everywhere I go
real answer: no

Just for /threading your own post you don't deserve to live

It s okay if I m def tall, white but looks on the italian/spaniard side of white (some people tought I was turk), and somewjat attractive (not that good looking but I have my success with the ladies)
I will most likely be poor though


>real question: is there a point to living if you aren't tall, attractive and white?
If your born rich yeah.
I'm too tall I think, like 6'5" but blown out of proportion.
Almost white, I guess I have some native in me cause I'm way darker than white.
And I'm some what good looking, I've been told I'm handsome by a bunch of people and pretty muscular.
But when it comes down to being born poor and stupid white trash, I realize I'm going to have to work like a slave for the chance to obtain the image of a financial status that trust fund and inheritance faggots are handed. It seems pointless and I consider suicide pretty often.

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Makes you more focus on work and other more important shit than superficial crap such as physical appearance.
If it's not by your looks, you'll get chicks by other means : power, humor, intelligence (which actually do matter a lot the more you grow up).
Yes there's a point of living anyway.

There's not a point to living at all, part of the fun is you have to make your own reason to keep going up.

I earn 140k/year from passive income. but short,Brown and ugly and would trade anything to be tall and white

tall attractive black men tend to also get girls

I agree with you 100%

I am relatively rich but ugly to the point where even gold diggers don't want to havea relationship with me.

True story: As a social experiment I used tinder gold and found a poor girl from south america. I treated her with every courtesy and respect and after 2 months of chatting I gave her a trip to europe for 10 days as a present to come visit me. Still she didn't have sex with me.

Life really sucks if you are not attractive

its over for manliest

Is there a point to life if you are?
Who knows? Maybe we're not supposed to know? All we can do is enjoy the ride, enjoy the little things in life.


yes, as a bitch for chads. beta males exist to serve the alphas. simple

This, and also to take care of the used up Staceys of the world.

If you can’t make anything out of yourself, then ofcourse you’ll feel useless and think that you need xyz.

Success isn't just having a gf/wife. Find some other goal to strive for and work up to it - one that doesn't require what you listed.

People respect a working man, so you might even get lucky doing that.

I am all 3 three and just because I have these traits I am neither happy all the time nor don't I have to face problems in my life. I am also a deeply flawed person like everyone else and my height caused me to have streching marks on my back as my skin couldn't keep up with the growth of my spine. So how about you stop giving white people the fault to your misery and take care of your problems?

You are pathetic humans

"The world needs ditch diggers, too..." - Judge Smails ("Caddyshack" 1980)

You live a very limited life

You were thrown into this life as the rest of us were.
There is an expiration date.
Everyone suffers, and transcending it is the most basic meaning of life.
Don't compound your suffering by wallowing in it. Overcome it. Don't create purposeless suffering. There is more to life than envy of others.

Or you are just boring.

It doesn't matter how you're born, the answer is no. Now make something of this

to be a loser, duh

Life doesn't revolve around getting pussy, or a gf OP.

but it does revolve around being attractive and using that to get ahead in life

If you've got the kind of personality where you're always comparing yourself to some idealised life, you'll never be happy with who you are.

You can be tall, attractive, and white, and think you aren't rich enough. You could be all those things and rich, and think you aren't social enough, or that you aren't "really" rich, or that your wife is a bitch who's holding you down, or that you don't have a wife, etc. etc. etc.

Oh yes, because the richest people in the world are all 10/10 models and that's the only reason they're successful

God incels are fucking retarded

money is cope and you know it

>all 3
Eh, my focus lately has been to appear as if i have wealth. the goal for me is to become as much of a chad as possible. its been difficult and the more months go by, years go by, im realizing just how difficult it is to continue my passions but also pursue gaining a bod like in your pic.

also, for anyone asking, appearing to be rich includes things like
>getting a nice car (any sports looking car, or big truck)
>Clothing and Accessories (fashion, like how good of a wallet, watch, hat, shoes, coat, etc. you have on you)
>Dental (always get top notch dental coverage for pure white teeth. nothing says sieg heil like a perfect row of white teeth)
>hairstyle (look into what works for your face shape, what mood you're trying to display, etc.)
>jawline (see mewing, i'm lucky to have a decent jaw but i chew gum alot to improve regardless)
>diet (self-explanatory)
>knowledge (read, read, read)

I'm 5'4, bald and brown and I can definitely tell you no, there is not

>actually somewhat wealthy in terms of income
>look and behave like Charles Manson crossed with CWC

>140k/year from passive income
At least you can afford to have nice teeth and free time to do things you want. That's something this tall white guy can't have. Shit I'm not even fat and have man boobs, it would cost me 10 grand to get them removed. That's about a year and a half of living in the ghetto and trying to save every penny hoping my truck stays running and nothing else pops up. Dude the struggle is real on the tall white side too.

ultra red pill

Yes. Find Jesus. Seriously.

Get a job.

Pathetic incel

>not tall

Yo I have an idea. How about all the 5'4 short ugly guys band together and start Uma Thurman farms. F*** this injust system that only serves the physically blessed while creating a bunch of genetic losers.

what I'm tall and somewhat attractive but not white? I'm also a minority in my "home" country so i can't just go back. A lot of my family is also white passing but people guess I'm either Indian or arab

should i save up for plastic surgery to be good looking?

With that kind of money, go hire a personal trainer, get teeth whitening, get plastic surgery if there's a specific feature of you that's fucked, pursue all your hobbies, go out to meet people anyways, and give zero fucks, because the grass is always greener.

It's almost a meme how common it is to see hot girl with much uglier guy when the guy has their shit together.


What’s the point of hating people you’ll never meet because they aren’t the same as you?

Money is power retard

Most people aren't any of those, but even if you are there's no point to living. There's no goal. We are an event, an experience. Have as much fun as you can or suffer while we all burn out.

There's no fate but what we make for ourself. There's no point to living but what we make for ourselves, regardless of how tall or attractive we may or may not be. There's no goal or endgame in a sandbox but for what we choose them to be.

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>buy a bunch of unnecessary expensive crap so someone will like me
never gonna make it

Yeah, the whole purpose of your existence is to make white tall attractive people feel better.

no,for the good of humanity

basically this didn't happen and you made it up

this x10

Because they are extremely insecure and need all the ego pampering possible to not off themselves?

There's probably no point to living even if you are tall, attractive and white.

the point is living an excellent life and rubbing it in the faces of shitbags, like you, OP

ugly manlet cope

I don't know why but only foolish girls are attracted to tall white and attractive

I have a similar idea, but I thought of it more as forming groups of nice guys everywhere and if a guy gets friendzoned by a girl, that group hunts down that bitch and beats her up.