Worked in a school as a teachers aide about 3 years ago

>worked in a school as a teachers aide about 3 years ago
>taught a cute girl, 17 but got held back, liked to draw instead of work. kinda mental but w/e
>got an idea, start flirting with her and making her lunches and gifts and talk after school
>start messing with her a bit more by giving her attention to other students and ignoring her somedays so she becomes more clingy
>get fired after working there for a year for obvious reasons, student graduates
>ask student out and we date for a year, but...
> dont tell her that im actually gay, i didnt expect her to actually say yes. just wanted to see how far i could push the limits of student teacher boundaries desu
>do shit like make her pay for every date and treat her like a cheap whore while hooking up on the dl but she still sticks around like a retard
>she finds my grindr profile after snooping and the crossdressing orgy pics from one of my adventures and commited suicide
>her friends got upset and doxxed me and leaked my grindr pics, got computer seized for reasons and family hates me now because im gay

now im 30 working under the table at a fish market because whenever normal employers looked up my name theyd find my dox and nudes. my references wont vouch for me either.
should i kill myself? this bitch ruined my future

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post the pics

if i post the pics i'll be exposing myself i dont want pizza deliveries anymore

dont worry bro i dont do that kind of stuff im catholic now post the pics

fuck off if youre not gonna help me out

You ruined yourself.

Only option is commit sudoku or move countries where nobody will give a shit.

Welp, do you feel sadness for what you did to her? Or do you feel sad since everyone is mad at you and you can't get a decent job/living?

You're ruined her life and your own you gay retard. I'm not going to tell you to kill yourself, but, hey...

You should kys
Not because your life is ruined but because you lack simple human decency.
You deserved what s gotten to you and even more

i felt a little bad at first when she found my grindr but when it turned into hysteria at that point i was done. im also really upset i cant get a decent job. cant even get a fucking phd now because of her fucking whiteknights

gay pedo faggot dont talk to me like that

im not a pedo im just gay

you deserve it and worse you piece of shit, quit the playing the victim.
>should i kill myself?

>act like a retard
>do horrible things
>get fired from working in a school because you wanted to see if you could get away with shit that you know you could never get away with
>"b-bu-but it's not my fault!"
You sound like you should've been the one who needed the aide in school, retard.

>bitch ruined my future
>you pushed her into suicide
based balanced universe, kill yourself you degenerate homo

i didnt fucking push her to suicide
its not my fault she couldn't handle the fact that i didn't even love her from the start

suicide is the only option now.

you pretty much did and you're getting everything you deserve. You can live in torment or end it with suicide.

What made you post such a lame bait like this?

Actually holy shit Raymond is that you? If it is stop fucking blogging about this shit everytime, everyone knows what you did. If you're not whining about how shit your life is now you're shitting up threads on /tg/ and /his/.
No none of us harassed you. You doxxed yourself because nobody else even knew you had a profile on places like GayArrangement or Imagefap until you harassed US about your dox. Its clear your town police is shit because despite getting into legal trouble they still let you free 4 months later.
Also we know you love attention so please do something better with yourself.

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this desu

why would i post my own dox? do you think i'm retarded?
its your fault the police seized my electronics, making up shit on how i groomed her and shit.
if she didn't freak the fuck out you guys would have left me alone and i wouldn't basically be under illegal employment. my family wouldnt threaten to disown me and not pay my phone bills.
youre the real predators hurting people who threaten your e-girl.

Honestly it sounds like you ruined your own entire future lol she died and didnt do any of those things

Bro shut the fuck up. Youre just giving whoever the other user is more ammo since you just basically confessed to working illegally and evading taxes.

AND you feel entitled to having your parents pay your personal phone bills too lol

Youre a real moron. No wonder they doxxed you

>I'm a sodomite
>Should I kill myself?

Of course.

He already said that in the OP I don't think it's any news
Not the orgy pic but here you go
No it's not doxxing, these were his public pictures on other platforms before he deleted "evidence" of his faggotry. It's stupid how he doesn't even hide the fact that he fucked this girls life over, though
You can tell where his priorities lie.

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please delete this shit these were private images

>that snozz
>those beady eyes
oy vey


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