Viable ways to make money from home?

Is it possible or a pipe dream in 99% of cases? I hate people and most jobs around here are customer service. I also don't know programming but I'd be willing to learn although I know that shit can't happen overnight.

Anybody have any experience with this? Thanks.

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check upwork and fiverr. speaking foreign languages and having experience with certain programs can usually get you some good money.

When i was a chump, i would make ends meet working for textbroker and constantcontent as a writer. Textbroker pays literal pennies per word. I could only make $300 a month from them. Constantcontent was SLIGHTLY better because you can decide the prices of your articles. I would make $500 a month from them.

But it was hard and a lot of work for little pay. Now i draw fetish art on patreon for $2200 a month. I regret not doing it sooner and i wish i never wasted my time with textbroker at all

I have a fiverr but shit's really competitive. I don't really get any attention.

I've thought about throwing away my shame and getting into drawing sick shit on Patreon but my artistic skill still needs some work.

Manufacture shit at home. There are lots of consumer products you can make that has high demand, high profit margin, and high price tag. My neighbor makes plastic tanks for table top strategy games. Sells them at $100 and costs him $1 a piece. Has a CNC injection molding machine cranking them out every 30-seconds all weekend long while he does other shit.

Probably nothing you can just get overnight. Even as a software engineer you usually have to work your way up to remote work.

Can confirm. Remote work with software is 50% skill and 50% trust.

If I could figure out a way to make a fairly popular eBay store, that would be ideal.


1 word: commissions

Are you have pussy privilege? If you do you can just sit there naked and make more than a union construction worker.

Like Warhammer or just random games?

If Warhammer I'm wondering how you'd get the moulds to reproduce their figures

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College degree inflation, student debt, worse: you majored in liberal arts retardness and blame the "system" for you lack of KSAs of value.

Go start at a company and work way up use savings as capital to create own business : success is in profits NOT whats fucking retard school system teaches you.

Me. Millionaire and yes I check out chan for shuts and giggles. Fail to believe? Fine by me lol.

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Shits but hell that works fine too.

PROFITS not wages.

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Fuck computer work noobs

It's ALL outsourced to India and China qv Genpact. Srs.

Comp sci degree is 30k wage slave job have fun total fuck waste time. UNLESS you create DOOM. So again: wage slave die poor, entrepreneur fuck school create A VENTURE.

I'd love to start a business but I'm not a creative business person.

If I could figure out a way to make a fairly popular eBay store, that would be ideal.
Checkout Poshmark, Etsy, forums, your own online and so on. Diversify your listings, and automate the listings to save time.

Like Warhammer, but WWI and WWII and Korean theme mostly. He makes them for several different table top games, and sometimes makes complete sets asides from tanks. Reproducing and reverse engineering is easy. You can make yourself a good cheap 3D scanner with an old PS3 camera and a projector. Then scan, and make an injection mold. Check David Laserscanner. He doesn't reverse engineer them, but designs them from scratch on his computer and orders the mold plates from somewhere else, from what he's told me.

Best part was overhearing his girlfriend break up with him when he first got the machine into his barn, cause she was going to use his barn as an art studio. He was so matter of fact about how he was going to make tons of money, how it was his barn, and how her art and pottery never made any money. She lost her shit over it. She tried crawling back a few times by showing up unannounced, and lost her shit each time he said no. lol

>Checkout Poshmark, Etsy, forums, your own online and so on. Diversify your listings, and automate the listings to save time.

Thanks. I'm thinking this is the best way I can make some money because jobs are shit in this area and so are the people.

>Can't draw but can write
>Tfw no one in their right mind would buy fanfiction but EVERYONE will spend money to commission a picture of their favorite fortnite npc eating ass
Do I have to team up with an artist and make a porn game or something to get in on this?

>tfw artist
>can't fucking discipline
it's just so close and yet so fucking far
I've literally never finished a single drawing

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Thats what i did. I saved myself the embarrassment though by making a completely new identity and anonymous account for all my fetish art stuff.
Just trace shit, but do it with style. Its technically not "you" or your art, so if you ever get caught, it wont get followed back to your real art account.

Basically do this, you won't get far with anything else like drawing shit for spergs or doing surveys.

Man you are stupid.

I set up a small webstore selling niche products imported from china. People are willing to buy from me since shipping takes 2 days instead of 30 days. Not a huge market but I earn about 300-500 a month just going to the post office each day.

Hey not bad.
What niche products are you talking about specifically? Like trinkets? Car parts? Jewelry? What kind of niche products?

Also where do you advertise your site? Which sites do you advertise on?

I'd like to know this, too.

Been a seller on fiverr since 3 years. Never took it too seriously, made around $1200. I don't have any Pro skill just basic Photoshop, After Effect.


Another bump, let's talk more business

borderline impossible to save these days boomer

lmao how can i start a fucking business without money

Is it even possible to get a decent paying job anymore?