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I want to bang my wife more.


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Thanks, I'll try this more often.

You do realize that your attorney office has offended and pissed of the judge assistant office? And you don't really have a case? And you won't win anything? I guess that's why you're playing games and keep delaying court hearings. That's cool because I've got backing now. Delay all you want. More time you're not interfering in his life. It's better for him that you stay away. Thanks for so publicly showing how much of a douche you really are, how you don't give a shit about your child and validating all my stories of abuse. It's actually made this a lot easier. To think I was scared of you months ago? Like you even had a chance? It's funny looking back. Maybe you could've gotten somewhere with it like six months ago. At this point, with as many fuck ups as you've done? Keep spending that money on your sloppy mediocre lawyer.

Honestly, I don't want to get involved in this drama.
it's stupid, immature and you guys are way older than I am
that alone says alot about yourselves.

It's my birthday today. I always cry on my birthday because I hate growing old and it's just hard to understand why time passes so quickly. This time last year I was happy living with the love of my life, crying on his chest and cuddling and eating cake with him. Now I'm crying alone missing him and wishing I was in his arms. I'm not sure he'll even say happy birthday to me today.
I'm so tired of living

I think tomorrow is the day that I get really serious and do all the little things like flossing and ironing my clothes. And I'm going to keep that up forever.

i still miss her and i wont stop until the one that killed her suffers a horrible death

I do recognize that men have a lot more privileges, especially white men, than women, but being a man also means that nobody gives a fuck about you and you are dispensable. Women get befriended and invited out just by being women, while I've never been personally invited out to anything my entire life outside of birthday parties.

I'm not going to bother giving people on the spectrum a chance anymore. As soon as I sense that they're autistic I'm going to avoid them as much as possible

I'm running on one hour of sleep and I wanna go take a nap but it's too sunny to nap. This isn't even a legit issue I'm just cranky.

Same, I've dealt with autistic people my entire life and I can't take their bullshit anymore. No offense to those who have autism but it really is work to interact with them.

Happy birthday

Oh your worthless ass finally paid a repair guy to fix the sink and the oven, both out of operation for a month and two weeks, respectively.

You still suck as a manager though. Fuck you.

I've stayed as strong as I could for as long as I could, but everyone has their breaking point and I'm at mine.

what's the point in cat cafes? who would pay money for playing with pussy, ugh?

I will never agree to anything outside my already set terms. Don't come crying during the holidays asking because my answer remains the same.

i would give up my life savings to pet various cats of all shapes and sizes fuck you

go start IvePetThatPussy blog and double them

im buying the domain right now as we speak

back then I wanted to start alike blog about encountering lesbian-looking gals in a wild, but I have a feeling it's not gonna be too popular.

You could have waited. I bought the plane ticket, you threw over a year out the window. Fuck LDRs.

It's a fucking lie man. Women go on a fucking app and get 50 guys wanting to take them out and fuck them within 2 hours. It's all a fucking lie. Men don't have more privileges. Our life is fucking miserable.

sorry you couldn't get pussy on tinder user

I'm seriously fed up with my roommate. We've lived together for not even two weeks, and so far he's made like five or six complaints about what I do for the most trivial shit, like having my headphones too loud while he was studying (on a fucking saturday afternoon) or accidentally leaving a shirt next to his in the closet, which according to him meant he had to wash it all over again although I insisted it wasn't dirty. He's a 1st year student, who has likely never shared a space before, and doesn't get that your roommates will do shit that bothers you, but you ignore it unless it actually matters since no one likes conflict, and it's not worth souring your relationship over nothing.

But seriously, when I come home or he wakes up and immediately he comes to complain about some trivial bullshit, it makes me so angry - not even polite, but like he's a teacher condemning a student. I have to bring it up to get this off my mind.

Find a new roommate. Nothing's worse than having a shitty roommate, I ended up having major depression due to shitty roommates.

Another day, another post about how much I dislike my job. Here's to new beginnings, hopefully sooner rather than later.

I will if I have to, but hopefully just being patient and explaining the issue will mend things. Thanks for the input, sorry to hear what you went through.

Happy Birthday

not sure if I want to see you. you'd better not coming. although it's dumb, you're not coming anyways.

I'm dying. I don't particularly want to die, but I guess that's just how life is. Unfair.

I tried an anonymous chat yesterday, just to see if I could make a friend. I learned a very important lesson... everyone on the internet, without question, only cares about sex and lewds. There are no friends to be made here.

I am not happy in my relationship anymore since my bf's behavior towards me has changed. He is not doing something bad to me, but he started ignoring me and he is not lovely with me anymore. I want to break up with him, but I also love him

Thanks for being here.

Same, user. On the bright side I’m thankful for the lack of calamitousness around it all.
Here here duder, sending you love

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I accidentally saw a picture of my ex getting engaged today. And now I can't sleep.
We broke up last year in April and within a month, he was already fucking another girl. And now they're engaged. I felt that she was just a rebound but now that they're engaged, my heart just broke.
Even though I keep telling myself to move on and get over it, deep down, I really wanted for us to make up again. I really wanted to see you again, I really wanted to hear your voice again. I really loved you so much, it just.. hurts..
I've been trying to make myself better in every aspect but I always seem to be comparing myself to her. I wonder whether you've ever thought of me during all this time.
I hope you're happy with your soon to be wife. I hope she treats you well. That's just what I want I just want you to be happy, but at least I wanted to be happy as well.

Meanwhile, I'll just be here being sad, single and lonely and kinda just drown in my despair. And suffer from chest pain and palpitations while all these negative thoughts keep invading my brain.

Does anyone else do something spontaneous like suddenly shave off your beard or buy something regardless of the price whenever you get overwhelmed with negative thoughts?

Happy birthday

That's called coping

i have lived in this city for over a year now and i have made no friends outside of work. but i have made good friends with the people i work with so in a way i have thrown myself into my work mainly because i have nothing outside of it. i spend my evenings and weekends drinking and playing video games

I have been doing a lot to get my life in order. I lost some weight, I got a new haircut and shaved, managed to find a pretty comfy job with a nice location, chill manager, and decent pay. But I am 28 years old at that point, and I have never even asked a girl out let alone getting into any form of physical contact. This is the largest hurdle for me to get over before I can be a normal member of society but I am so worried about my ineptitude I even feign lack of interest towards girls that are kind enough to make the first move due to my insecurities.

Get a nightlife if you want to make new friends.

It's not a happy one but thanks guys

I'm concerned that my role in my family is not good for my well being.
I just got out of an abusive relationship and I lost my job during that(threatened suicide until I stopped going/answering calls). Luckily I was able to move back here instead of being homeless because I'm probably too weak to have defended myself on the streets. But now, I'm often caught between people's problems and having to hear arguments turn to shouting and physical altercations, a lot of which are similar to the abuse I experienced. I'm certain that my family isn't intending this, though. I've been trying to get counseling but I feel like I can't sort my head out properly with this tension, and I end up missing appointments. I feel like I'm always late even when I'm not, and that I have to do some errand that I can't recall before I do anything or leave the house even when I don't. When I'm alone it seems I hear yelling in the background and I have to remind myself that there's no one here or fill the air with some kind of sound before the yelling becomes intelligible because the words I end up making out from the voice tend to be so self-deprecating that I think that the only solution at the moment is suicide. To be honest, I'm really scared about where my head is going but I can't seem.
What do I do? I probably know the answer maybe I just can't seem to formulate it correctly I'm sorry

Dreamt I was in heaven, a few weeks ago.

Was stuck in the 7th cycle. The keep was all snowed-in and the sky, pure grey.

The three of us were snuggled up on a bed tucked inside a crack in the wall, you, me and her lyring together.

I could feel your anxiety, a deep desire for sex without words but the thought just turned me away until you decided to rise up and leave, said you were moving onto the 8th and 9th circles.

And I just felt... relieved.

Then we just laid there, me and her, in the cold.

It doesn't hurt to think about you... it hurts that I can't think about you with the same love as before.

I'm staying away.

Could be worse. I was in a LDR and she cheated on me a few weeks before I fly there. She was on face time with me, in the nude, getting ready to go to lunch with her mom. She went to ride a dude and lose her virginity. I was sending her love texts while she was doing it. She wasn't replying I asked her sister what's up and she said lol I thought you guys broke up she's at this guy's house. She came back crying. Tried to forgive her. She has fucked 3 other dudes within the same week. I didn't cheat for a year.

It's bad what you went through but... could be worse. Just saying... could be worse

How do you do that?

That's fucking horrible, dude. I wish there were something I could do for you. That other user's experience is rough, but yours is brutal.

Man, I didn't even say all.I spent thousands on a trip I'll do alone. On thursday we were talking until 2 am. Her last words were I love you. I said I love you too. Maybe it's back to normal. She ignores me the whole day. Her sister tells me she's on a date. I freak out. She says she won't go to his place, it's 3 hours away. She does. She drove 6 hours total for a complete random she met. Couldn't wait for me 2 weeks. The I love you guy. Ask her wtf. She's on tinder. How many guys have you been talking to? "Too many. Best we cut contact". Ok. I'm glad I forgave you and told you I love you for a week until you stopped crying long enough to get on tinder. I cut contact. My fault for playing the fool.

She spent that week hurting me and telling me what's mentally wrong with me. I know there's stuff wrong with me. There's stuff wrong with you too. That's why we loved each other. We used to talk about the stuff that troubled us.

Think I'm left with years of scar damage. It's ok, it was my choice to play the fool. Live and learn. Her last words were "come back, I miss you. Come love me. I love you". Woke me up. I said I miss her too. I'll be there soon. I love you too.

Heh. I don't want to go the incel route, I love women and I love complimenting and loving women but boy it will take my a long time before I can see a reply about someone's day and ask them how it went or if they're ok or just generally be there. I dunno. I chose to play the fool.

not to mention that girl's experience. being stuffed with a dirty dick is gross, what could be worse?

Heh. Thanks user. Never change.

okay, I kinda figured what bothers you. I'm not going to fuck around to gain some more experience. To be completely honest, I probably don't have such a need in sex. I just care about my status + it extremely bothers me how you react at my virginity. I see you're excited about being my first, I know it's gonna be an ego boost for you. No need to lie it's not true and you don't care, I will never believe you. I'm just asking you to stop talking about that unless I ask you. Please, stop. Let me pretend it's not a thing.

Probably, bed death is a good thing from this point, so I never have to remember about that.

Oh god I'm so sorry, no one deserves to be treated like that. I was in an ldr after living with the guy and he told me he just didn't want a relationship anymore, it broke me so bad

It's weird isn't it? Going from being there every day to hearing "I don't want to talk to you". It feels like the earth is moved from your feet.

I'm sorry what you went through as well. I hope you feel a bit better now and that time healed even a little bit,

Most days I manage to pull through. Some days are really bad though. The nihilistic thoughts hit hard, and combined with missing you so bad, it becomes this feeling of despair that just makes me want to end it all. And the fact that I know you feel the same way and that you cry every day, makes the guilt unbearable.
I was very logical when we last spoke the other day, and I meant everything I said. We said everything that there is to say, really. I understand that everything that went wrong is my fault entirely, and that you simply can't get over the fear of trusting me again.
The misery remains though. I hope it goes away one day, for both of us.
I'm truly sorry. I love you.

I'm a mess desu, I don't think I'll recover for a long time. It hurts every single day and I can't stop thinking about him. I just wonder if it will ever stop

You're not the only going through it.

It will. Just let yourself go through the motions. It's what I'm doing. As I told the other girl, could be worse, you could be on tinder.

thing is I wish I was, I wish I could want someone else, I wish I could think of someone else but no ugh
thanks for listening really, means the world to me

Yeah. I feel the same way. I went out and couldn't think of anyone else. I went out again and the alcohol didn't help. Made me think of her more. Guess we need time.

Thanks for listening to me too. If you want to hurt and be lame together let me know of a way to contact you. I can't talk to anybody about being in an LDR. It's too embarrassing. Lesson learned.

[email protected] email me whenever you want

Protonmail. Respectable. I will, thanks user.

i'm a 22 year old comp sci student and i'm starting to realize the only way I could give a fuck about my future job is if it was my own company and product that I'm developing. Anything else I feel like I'd be wasting my life. I better start coming up with ideas, quick

I’ve heard the philosophical question “Would you rather have respect or love?” People say that most men choose respect and most women choose love. But men want to be loved and cuddled. And they feel lonely if they don’t have a lady who is kind and loves them. Not just sex but men want love and a companion they can talk to and cuddle.

Be patient. Running your company isn't about ideas or about smarts. Many have ideas, many have smarts. It's about experience. You'll spend 90% of your time not working on your idea but managing the people working for you. It will be a special kind of hell. Form a close circle of support. Make friends, get a stable partner (as stable as can be at least) and make sure you have your affairs as much in order as possible because most of your time will be spent on handling other people's issues.

Work hard. Stay positive. Network well. Read a fucking lot. Best of luck user.

not him but i agree with you. women want love. but, more often than men, women don't know what they want. when you look at it like that a lot of shit makes sense

Thank you! I know man, I'm only 22 and realistically and with longevity in mind i reckon the whole thing is gonna start around the time i'm 30 or even older. in my city I already have access to a small but valuable network of people, the IT sector is becoming stronger and stronger here. i guess the reading part is the next i gotta tackle. thankx again i wish you prosperity and good health

I would like to inform everyone that I still cannot fall asleep

Same to you friend.

Thank you for informing us. Please aim for 8 hours of sleep a night. You'll be a nicer, well adjusted person if you do.

Try a nice hobby forum about your interests not a dodgy anonymous forum like that..


I usually sleep for 5 hours but today sucks. I'll do my best for you though user!
I'm gonna go snort melatonin now.

Haha you're welcome user. Snort away, stay safe!

My family is fucked, everyone argues with everyone and there's secrets.
Today I tried to be honest with my family and just tell them how I see things and how I want them to improve and with what ways. But they started resenting me telling me that "if you've nothing nice to say then we're done" thing is, there is nothing going on well in the house, maybe once every few weeks I come home. I told them what the issues are and what to do about them and I told them to stop playing the victim and complaining nothing works if they keep applying the same solution. Then they argued with me and told me that all I do is complain about things that I don't like and that nothing is holding me back from leaving the house. I love them but shit like this is hard to listen to when I'm trying to fix things around here. Same problems all the time...

the whole feminist movement is about women who've chosen love over respect and failed.

Life hasn't been this good in a long time yet all I think about is you. I wish you knew how much it hurts to walk past you without even saying hi. We last spoke five years ago and I am so grateful that through happenstance I somehow got to see you every year. I will forever regret not telling you how I feel and destroying our little friendship.

user deleted his post while i was typing, here's what he said
MBA here.
You don’t want to start your own company. You’re not the next Steve Jobs, and you won’t succeed as a private game developer. Everyone and their uncle has a computer science degree and wants to be their own private developer. You don’t have the capital, and venture capitalists aren’t interested in you. You don’t have the knowledge or experience to run a small business. You don’t have any stakeholders. You don’t have the network or the networking skills to run a business. And even if you could figure out all of these, you’d be working 16 hours per day, and likely still fail.
What you want is a stable job, a paycheck, and a weekend hobby.


this is my reply:
i don't want to be the next steve jobs or a private game developer. i'd like to work for a niche market more than those big markets. i don't want to pretend to invent something that already exists. i want to create a company out of necessity, as a natural next step of developing and selling my product. okay, i suppose i wouldn't mind a large, already existing and established company buying my product and giving me freedom to develop it but that seems too good to be true an unrealistic expectation.

though, i understand what you're trying to tell me and i've seen the difficult steps first hand with a company that unfortunately had to close due to lack of money. it's dog eat dog out there man.

you literally offer me to choose between love and respect. idk, I thought you to be the person who will never ask me to do that. that was your solid charming point, I imagined myself telling others that "she's not like that shits".

Everyone lets you down at some point. Finding people you can rely on feels fucking impossible.

People let you down because they make mistakes right? It's not like they're human right?

>Friend breaks up with gf who became close to me
>his now ex hits on me and leads me on
>ends up hurting me in the end and is possibly with another guy now while he's with another girl and not talking to me, his ex isn't either
I feel so terrible and used right now. Someone else's problems became my problems by proxy and then after all the help I've given them, they fucked me over like this while they got a happy ending. Fuck people sometimes you know?

Start now, don't wait for tomorrow.

you know what, I don't respect you eiher. I see you as some pet pupper who follows me everywhere no matter how poorly treaten they are.

I want to get a fresh start soon. It feels as if my life here has stagnated, and I just feel so depressed. I haven't even made enough strong connections that there's anyone worth sticking around for.

I think I'll just wait until I've worked this job for a year, then move somewhere far away. Should have a good few grand saved up by then too.

People make mistakes, but it's the ones who do it over and over who are the most upsetting. I just need to pick my friends better.

That's why I'm leaving, you wanna be the big mean one? sure, but don't bitch about being alone then, there are reasons for why people avoid you.

hey, it's not you, it's me leaving you

People don't care about me. I'm always left out of social events, and even the rare case that I do get invited I get completely ignored. People don't approach me on their own, nobody texts me, girls reply with single words when talking with me. I didn't go to a campfire party that my friends threw today, and no one was concerned enought to call or text me about it. They did when others didn't show up in the past. I honestly don't even know what to do, I wanna scream and punch but I know I can't force anyone to like me and it hurts.

Thanks for the post user

it makes no difference, he left too

I only left because you make no efforts, I thought it was special, but you don't even try to greet me anymore.

Well was he a pupper or a hardass that didn't say hi

>I'm always left out of social events
Do you invite other people to things often?
>People don't approach me on their own
Do you approach them?
I've thought all of this before, but sometimes you need to take the first step and be more sociable. If you are honestly making an effort and still feel this way, then maybe you need to take it up with your friends, or just find different ones.

I miss the days when Nu-metal and pop-punk was popular. I just can't get into todays music at all. I HATE IT

I'm the pupper, they're the hardass who's too proud of themselves to change even a little bit, they'd rather drive everybody off and then cry "i need more friends", while just being hurtful to the ones they're losing

I don’t like the attention. Imagine everywhere you go, there is a man you don’t know staring at you. Maybe multiple. If you make eye contact they continue staring. I’m too paranoid for that shit

this is you making another attempt to leave, puppy girl

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I've been under so much stress lately and I'm on my own with it all. There's just so much to sort out and I feel like shit. I lost about 6 kg in the last 2 weeks, I only ate half of my dinner today because I felt like I was going to get sick if I ate more. I get a panic attack when the negative thoughts come at night and I fear the dark because of it so I can't sleep. I'm doing all I can about the issues but they take too long and its driving me insane

>women are so lucky that literally any man has low enough standards to randomly want to use them as a sex toy with no regard to the woman’s wellbeing

If that's how it was they wouldn't be doing it mate, they get free dates free attention free love and free sex

I know why you're like this and it doesn't change the way I feel..