Is it too late for me to find love?

I am 19 years old and I am just now starting to recieve attention from pretty girls, going out with them, some goes well and others end in rejection. I just want to know if its too late for me? I have kissed girls before, but I am still a virgin, and I have never been close to having sex with a girl. So I have no experience in going past kissing, girl expect that I have that. So I just wanna know, is it too late for me to catch up?

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>19 years old
>I just want to know if it's too late for me

Somebody ban me from this shit, I'm tired of this shit

What do you mean? I dont have the experiences that girls expect that I do. I cannot compete with other guys who have plenty of experience with girls

It's delusional to expect every guy to have sexual experience before they're 19. You'll be fine

More like it's still too early. You'll be fine user

theres two ways this can go down basically you can keep worrying about it and turn into an incel or you can put yourself out there and hope someone likes you.
personally i chose the incel route so its too late for me but you got it kid, you can take things into ur own hands

Thanks guys, its just sometimes I get rushed with this dreadful feeling that I wont make it, because my friends already have gf's or had some in the past. Where as I haven't. It creates a fear that I will never find a qt that I can get in a realtionship with

I guess I should be more daring. It is just that when it goes souith with a girl that I am seeing. I just struggle coping and become very insecure, thinking I am not good enough or deserving of love and affection. It is an evil spiral. Overthinking sometimes causes this aswell for me.

It seems like you're on this kind of mindset where you're really thirsty for a girl's validation, in order to validate yourself. That's #1 noob mistake, be careful about that. This attitude will keep you on a perpetual needy cycle (girls aren't too attracted to neediness on average)

Yeah and I really hate that about myself. I just have no idea how I stop that? Its just my mood and emotions are really dependent on a girl I like's validation. How to change that?

The key is trying your damnest to distract yourself. Don't focus on just one girl. Talk with many at the same time, if you can.
Get yourself so busy that you'll be too tired to even give a fuck. In the times I was feeling needy about someone, getting busy and and shifting away your focus was the best thing to be done (very hard at first, but should you succeed you know you're able to control your feelings)

yea the desire for affection combined with insecurity can be a dangerous thing cause youll keep liking girls and wondering why they don't like you. And then you'll start trying to express these emotions and chicks will think ur a creep or an incel as a result, and then the guilt and shame will push u into more and more pathetic expressions, and chicks think you're creepier and creepier every time, and then the cycle repeats with greater and greater intensity until u get all bitter about it, that's how it starts basically, that's how incels are made. Insecurity in men is ridiculed until it becomes unbearable.

shutup loser

It s all in your head you are fine.
I was just like you except I was 28 when I lost my V
Been fucking girls left and right since then
I just cucked myself mentally

Also, as support for my argument, the case in point: this thread... the more insecure you feel, the more threads/posts you'll make in an attempt to find some kind of validation. And you won't find any validation, but rather more ridicule and criticisms from lame normies. And the more this happens, the worse you'll get. So, my advice, love yourself first and foremost. Always.

As this happens, that '19' will turn into a '20' and then a '21' etc, you'll watch in agony as you depart from ur youth without getting ur dick touched at all, and it'll basically make you want to hang urself every day. At this point it's obvious I'm talking about myself but I just thought it would help someone.

Yes if you haven't gotten a girlfriend and lost your virginity by the age of 10 you're a lost cause.

Just got my first girlfriend at 29 never too late

Ask again in about 6 years. That's when things really start to get bleak.

Fuck off. Do you know how many people here are over 25 and have never even come close to just one date?

So how are you feeling now that you've made it? Does the past fuck ups bother you, like a regret that keeps you up at night. Or do you even care about that now? Have you overcome these regrets?

How do I begin loving myself? When I have struggled with it due to neglect and not alot of validation in my childhood

It isn't a competition. And the subset of girls that think it is are morons. It's important you click with a girl and show empathy, compassion, this sort of things. She will like you and happily look over your virginity, she might even find it cute. Because if you like someone you are happy to help them and care about their well being.

Given that too much of experience can be a downer because people think they know it all. They go through their magic and time approved routine without focussing on individual preferences.

read poetry

I was in the same position as you when i was 19 but now i am 25 and i haven't progressed at all and to some extend i have regressed to where i am more socially anxious today

So what do you advise me to do. What should you have done differently, user?

How does reading poetry help

work on your social skills, talk to friends as much as possible, hang out as much as possible, don't digress into a bubble as you grow up because that make finding someone even harder

Should I chase more women? Just push on and try to talk to as many as possible?

if you're talking about that dreamy puppy dog love state then yeah probably. for anything else you're at a ripe age

So I will never experience true love?

OP Here, how do I become more confident in myself and stop my insecurity? And stop not feeling good enough for love, so when ever I start doubting a little bit if the girl likes me, I overtthink to the point where I ruin it.

poetry teaches us the authenticity of our suffering

just be yourself and be sociable. don't be overbearing. and for gods sake stop worrying

Yeah mostly.
When I was still in my «i want to fuck everything phase» I kept thinking about all the women I could have fucked
It brings you nothing more than self imposed sadness.
Now I realized it wouldnt have fullfiled me either way
So I dont care and don t think about it anyway. I just want one stable gf
If just fuck girls I would like to get with.
Or random slut if I m drunk and horny
I had this girl who was 100% down to fuck but I knew it wouldnt lead anywhere and I was tired so I didnt do nothing

I just have some regrets in my life when it comes to missed situation or situations that I fucked up due to not opening properly up for her and making her think I am something I'm not. I just hate dwelling on my regrets in life, but I just cant stop doing it.