I just need encouragement. Anything, please. Any kind words whatsoever

I just need encouragement. Anything, please. Any kind words whatsoever.

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whats wrong bro

classic wow release

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sure, I got you saberfriend.
whatever it is, I believe you can do it. even if it seems difficult in theory, then being able to overcome this obstacle will be a great learning experience and a good boost to self esteem.
I'd like to know specifically what you need words of encouragement for so I can be more helpful and sincere.

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If you feel no one else believes in you, know that I do and I'm sure other people would too if you opened up your heart to them.

Well user, you've given us nothing to go on. But even so, I'll say, in my 35 years of life I have lived many places, visited even more, and met and known so many different people. And I've realized that almost everyone is far more capable and far stronger than they think they are. You can do it, OP. Whatever it is, even if it's just life in general, keep at it. You've got this, user.

Imagine you live in a poor area. You order forty dollars worth of food. Another poor person picks up your food immediately, saying “I am here for X order,” then they are handed a bag which they place in a thermal bag and drive twenty minutes away from their usual working area to get it to you. When they arrive, you thank them and they start walking to their car. You notice that you have the wrong order, something the driver wouldn’t have noticed unless they illegally violated food handling laws to go through your food checking for every item.

Do you , A) , realize you ordered through a corporation that will refund you completely, keep the food that was delivered, and demand that the billion dollar corporation send you what you ordered for free since you are hungry, meaning you got free food, someone else’s food, and the person who risked their life and put wear on their only possession gets compensated for doing everything in their power to help you, or do you choose option B and be a porch monkey and throw a tantrum and harass the delivery driver saying about a hundred different obscenities?

Never do business with niggers. Ever. Never give these animals the benefit of the doubt. If you are forced to go to the hood , cut off whoever is making you risk your life.

Saber a shit mate but hey, theres still room for improvement.

the moment you give up is when you let the world win
dont let the world overtake you user
you are better than that

There is joy and love in the world.

Remember literally everyone you see is going through some shit in their lives, to them your life looks as perfect as theirs do to you.

So don't sweat it, you are no worse off than the average person.


either shit or get off the pot.
you have to pick yourself up and dust yourself off. aint nobody gonna do it for you you have to learn to do it yourself and stop relying on other for your mental wellbeing.

This too shall pass, user.

You have made it this far in life which means you have what to overcome today and if you do the right work today you can make tomorrow better .

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Hey uh, buck up buttercup. The sun will rise tomorrow. Uh, every dog has his day and life is worth living or something.

I don't know, just stop giving so much a shit about whatever is poisoning your brain.

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In a way, all your actions have been predetermined from the start, but in practice it will never matter to you because no human can comprehend the full chain of causality. So just do what you think is right and don’t worry about how it stands in the cosmic sense.

If this is what the cosmos had planned for me then the heat death can't come soon enough.

If it makes you feel any better, the plan is so detailed nobody in the universe can ever know what it is. So, you might as well think there is no plan. Just do whatever.