I'm an enlightened being. Please feel free to ask me any question.

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why are suicide attempt failure rates so high? is it really that hard to kill yourself if you want to?


Its because most are cries for attention. That way they get to have their cake and eat it too.

How are you enlightened?

I want to sail the world on a sailboat but I have no money. How to proceed?

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Every time

I wonder, what would prompt such a question?

I'm afraid there's a different reason for every person that attempts such a thing. So, "having your cake and eating it too" is technically correct, but not in every case.

Are you asking how I achieved this state of mind? Or are you asking how it feels to be enlightened?

Why do you want to sail the world?

I meant what is the meaning of being actually enlightened?

How does one get a big titty goth gf?

Experiencing reality as it is and not as I think it should be.

I want to know and experience other parts of the world, other sights, cultures, people. I want to see things that I didn't know exist before I die.

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1) Go to places that attract big titty goth girls.
2) Talk to each one until one of them likes you.

I thought about suicide a lot in the past but have always thought that if I'm gonna do it then there's really no margin for error. So when I hear about other people 'failing' it always made me confused.

What is reality actually like?

This can be achieved anywhere without the aid of a sailboat. Your own city/town is filled with people and things you've never thought existed.

Start there while the money for your sailboat comes.


You are free to do as you please. With that being said, let me propose a different option;

If you wish to give up your life, then why not donate it instead to a worthy cause?
Join Greenpeace, Peace Corp, or any other org or idea that you feel would make a difference in the world and give yourself to it wholeheartedly.

Life is too precious to waste, especially when you can make it count.

It's the same as ordinary life except without the clutter of thoughts getting in the way.

My spirit/inner child wants adventure but my grown up/sensible mind can't muster up the courage for it. How to kill my adult mind and follow my heart?

I'm not looking to commit suicide, just thought about it in the past. I'm on a path for self-improvement at the moment

So meditation helps reaching an enlightened state?

Thank you.

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Is it acceptable to commit suicide if one is aged and feeble? I don't want to be old with a list of health problems and be a burden to the state.

I suggest you name yourself for these types of threads. So the wisdom and folly of imposters will not mix with you.

Would a child kill its parents? Understand that your "adult mind" is only looking to protect you from harm as a parent looks after his/her children.

Try making a detailed plan of action. This should calm your mind.

how does nirvana differ from zen?

Enlightenment is a state of being, not an action. Meditation can help calm the mind, but does not lead to enlightenment.

Know that you are what you are looking for. I say "know" and not "understand."

The mind is beneath the Self, therefore the mind cannot understand the Self.

I applaud you. You are an exceptional person, but why the urge to improve yourself?


Is suicide acceptable? Only if you accept it. If you don't want to be a burden, then devote yourself to some virtuous task. Be healthy. You are the thing you want to be.

Truth knows truth and folly knows folly. Oil and water will not mix no matter hard hard the container is shaken. Thank you for you concern. What should my name be?

I don't know, I do not practice Zen Buddhism.

I don't think you are anything close to enlightened more just pretencious.. anyway

Bodhi for bodhisattva. But OP is sufficient. The guru is nice. And I really dig your answer.

If you say I am not enlightened, then I will not be so to you, but let the reader decide by the quality of my answers.

No one else is gonna do it for me. I'm 19 at the moment and I feel like I already wasted my teens, but there's nothing I can do about that now--so the obvious answer is 'well don't fuck up your 20s too!'

Your age impresses me even more, but I wonder, who is the "self" that you are trying to improve?

Accomplishing your goals and being more productive is certainly a good thing, but will it make you a better person? Better than who? Yourself? Others?

Even the most virtuous of philanthropists are not holier than thou.

Accomplish your goals, do all the things you would like to do in life knowing that you are perfect at the core of you. There is no such thing as improving yourself. Perfection cannot be improved upon.

how can I get to the point where I can suck my own dick?

I think we are all hedonists at heart, in some capacity, we desire to please ourselves. Whether that's through buying things, learning skills, completing goals, or even pleasing others.

Self-improvement is always relative to something, there is no other way to judge it. It can be relative to your former, self, to others, or even to fictional construct (fictional characters/personalities etc etc). It's very contextual depending on what you want to achieve.

I want to do many achieve many things, but if I am sitting in my room, feeling depressed and feeling weak then simple tasks become impossible tasks. I think improving lifestyle makes many things easier and can have an impact on a greater scale.

Though I'm not really sure to be honest, but I haven't attained my self-improvement goal and I won't know if it actually helps overall for my life until I have achieved where I want to be.

First, you must question your sexuality. Google should help with the rest.


U Maslow and Siiddhartha have a coke and a smile.

So you COMPLETELY eliminated ego and self actualized? No thirst, need for sleep? Rofl

It's a path NOT a goal liar.

For those who are interested, you can follow me on Twitter @BodhiOp

I love food and drink; even if I could, why would I want to eliminate something so pleasurable?

You seem to have a warped view of what enlightenment is. I've simply realized what is real and what is not, what is ego and what is not, what to do and what not to do, etc.

I'm afraid you watch too many movies, my friend. Don't believe the hype, it's much simpler.

Sorry, forgot to say, it absolutely is a goal. The moment you take a step onto any path is when you've gone to far...much too far.

I'm able to separate ego and all of my thoughts and fallacies from reality in normal conditions, but still find myself getting emotional and essentially losing this ability in times of hardship.

What would you recommend aside from meditation or other calming exercises? Sometimes is not enough.

If you can help the situation, do everything you can do to the best of your ability.

If the situation is out of your control, do whatever you can to accept your limitations and let go and be at peace until you can do something about it.

And such places in current year are???

Do your research, my friend. What kind of music would your ideal partner listen to? What are her tastes, likes and dislikes? The answers should point you in the right direction.

You're learning more about her in order to increase your chance of meeting her and relating to her while learning and being true to your own likes, dislikes, needs, etc.

Have fun with this process and don't take it too seriously. You may be surprised at who you'll meet.

Meaning of life?

She's over-bored and self-assured
Oh no, I know a dirty word

>I'm an enlightened being
How many tabs of acid did you take before writing this post?

I see I've got your attention.

Would you be satisfied if I said the meaning of life is whatever you want it to be? People seldom are...


Hmm, what kind of answer would satisfy you?

If there is isn't a uniform meaning of life then life must be an accident that's not worth living

No one who is enlightened would say they were enlightened because that hinders actual growth in others.

Is it possible that you've just now found the meaning of your life?

What happens when we die?
Is this place just a huge simulation?

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How would others know to ask me to guide them if I didn't say I was a guide?

Does one light a candle to hide it under a bed?

How do you maintain enlightenment and function daily?

>Does one light a candle to hide it under a bed?
maybe I do, you don't know me

No that's why I'm asking because I can't and I starting to think there isn't one. Which means life is an accident and there is no point in living

how do I deal with stress
I hate succumbing to fear of failure
even if I tell myself that I will be alright or that I will live another day does not help me

So you don’t have thoughts?

You’re an idiot

No OP is a moron. There is no “meaning” to life, it is making life enjoyable for you and those around you.

What is the “meaning” of playing Call of Duty? There isn’t one, it’s just fun to play.

Because you have not found a meaning does not necessarily mean that there is no meaning.

If there in fact is no meaning to be found, then it is up to you to make a meaning. Otherwise, you will live in a meaningless world.

Part of this process is discovering and claiming your power.


That’s dumb. What if someone thinks their meaning is murdering people

Congratulations, you've created meaning in your life; to make your life and the lives around you enjoyable.

Fuck off. You’re a gd moron

If you're enlightened you should know that the only meaning in life is spirituality.

Unfortunately, this is the case with some people. Hitler, for example, thought it was a noble thing to exterminate certain people.

Thank you all for the wonderful dialogue. I'll be back in the morning to answer some more questions. Have a wonderful night.

Actually you sound like a moronic AI bot with canned responses to things.

You’re not enlightened because you don’t know what it is. You just think you are because you’re just some ordinary dumb Buddhist.

Buddhism is trash

Why did she decide to groom me into having sex with her? Why did she say "I love you?" Why did she choke me when I refused her? Why did she let go? Why did she eventually let me be? Why didn't my parents piece together the fact that I was acting up and wetting the bed way more than usual? Why am I still in love with her?

I know

I have no fucking idea about any of those.

A true enlightened being would never declare they were. Your ego is healthy and in control and why you come here to boast.

Is being enlightened in any way superior than not being enlightened?

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about me, but I wonder what everyone thinks about you?

Even more, I wonder what you think of yourself?

If you want to know why she did those things to you, simply ask her. Only she would know, although I'm betting she doesn't. Get closure and move forward, this person might be more confused than you at the moment.

After getting closure, focus on yourself. Do things that interest you. Hobbies, work, etc. Build yourself into the man that you would admire.

I have lots of thoughts throughout the day. I am the master of my mind and thoughts. I do not let them control me, but I use all things for the advantage of myself and others around me.

Haha, don't look now, but your bed might be on fire!

I do not maintain enlightenment, I simply am.

How do you maintain your heartbeat? Your digestive system? Your blood pressure? It's automatic.

I don't know, I've never died before. Although, there are many very interesting theories on what happens after death. I like reincarnation best.

Simulation? Possibly. I wouldn't rule it out.

So, it's ok for a carpenter to declare his knowledge and mastery of carpentry in order to help those with carpentry needs, but not ok for me to declare my mastery of spiritual ideals in order to help those with their needs?

How else would people find me if I didn't bodly declare myself?

Is being able to walk superior to not being able to walk?
It depends, some people get along just fine on their own two feet.

Can you be more concrete than just assuming your state of mind is inherently superior? I want to hear arguments. What advantages does being enlightened give? Or is it intrinsically superior, regardless of how much utility it gives?

finally you'll die good for us

I don't think it's a question of superiority. I chose to be what I am because I like being this way.

Is being awake better than being asleep? I surely think so, but many people live wonderful lives and never ponder such things.

What is the capital of Outer Mongolia?

What is the half-life of Strontium90?

Who wrote "All that glitters is not gold"?

^^^ - We've got ourselves a winner here.

That's literally not true hahaha, you are so full of shit

I agree, I didn't write this