How to become fuckboy? I don't want relationship, I just want to fuck girls, what should I do...

How to become fuckboy? I don't want relationship, I just want to fuck girls, what should I do? I go to gym and dress nice and I'm not ugly

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Annonce you have an STD and all other std ridden desperate girls will come flocking to you. They know what youre after since theyre after the same thing

You need a father that never loved you and was always disappointed in you as a man.




Trust me you dont want it.
Its a shitty life
I only fuck girl bczuse im desperatly alone.
U ll feel good for two days and end up empty.
Sometimes fucking wont even feel good

but what else can I do with girls
I don't feel emotional connection to anybody

Just hit clubs and bars, and use tinder

you are born a chad you cant become one

its age dependent. Dont go down that path, there is no coming back. Its okay to not fuck for a while than to throw yourself in that path

Hello I am desperately lonely and a khv. I have a stable income tho it is not much and many Reddit users have mocked me for it. Can you teach me how to get girls on a budget. I will get an apt soon so that may help me.

>I'm not ugly
This is the hallmark, the fucking guaranteed, patented, certified way to tell when a guy has a fucking awful habit of overselling himself.
100% of the time. Every time. Literally without fail.

You hilariously understand what fuckboy means
It’s not a man who has lots of sex
It’s a boy who is pathetic and women laugh about while ignoring. They’re desperate and socially awkward, to the point of being pushy and rude. Think a guy texting a girl he doesn’t know 100 times in a month with no response, but he keeps texting her


kind of a pedantic response, i think its obvious OP is asking how to have an active sex life

Fuccboi requires major sacrifice.
Eat well
Work out
Dress well
Learn social skills (talking, bartending, phone convo)

To be fuccboi is 24/7 job. If you want pussy women won't just hand it to you.

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I would say this is a joke, but isn't this really common for successful people

I’m saving op from future embarrassment

You're wrong though, you fucking retarded dumb cunt. Fuckboy was first a faggot term anyway before girls took over the word to refer to Chads who fucked them and ghosted them.

I’m not joking. Every ultra chad Ive ever known had a shitty abusive father. It drives them to achieve life goals.

>my anecdotal evidence trumps yours
And every chad I know came from a normal family.

There’s multiple definitions of fuckboy from what I’ve heard. In rap lingo, it’s literally just a synonym for a pussy or a loser. For girls, it means a guy who just wants to have sex. Basically a player but with a negative connotation. For guys, a fuckboy is just a douchebag or a tool. I’m sure there are other definitions I haven’t heard. It’s a complicated word.

Both of us are correct. That is the value of Jow Forums.

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