My stomach hurts the worst it ever has, my face is all itchy and very very red, I'm shaking...

My stomach hurts the worst it ever has, my face is all itchy and very very red, I'm shaking, I've eaten nothing but peanuts in the last 2 hours.

What did I do what do I do?

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Actually I'm itchy all over my body, I didn't touch my face at all but it's very very red, I have acne but now my whole face is red for some reason

Go to the doctor dumbass

Don't have any near that work now

And I have these weird red marks all over myself

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get some allergy medicine from nearest pharmacy, that shit will cure you immediately

otherwise try not to itch at all and it will pass in 12-24 hours

I have never been allergic to anything my whole life

I hope those peanuts kill you, retard.

What the fuck

Go to the ER you dumbass. You probably have developed an allergy to peanuts

There's no ER nearby that would take me immediately at this hour, if I want to be let in I would have to saw my leg off or something.

Also how can I be allergic to peanuts I've eaten them my whole life.

I've calmed down my stomach a bit with coca cola

Definitely some sort of allergy either down some benedryl and see how it turns out or go to ER

Do you have any idea of how allergies work? Some can develop based on a threshold. Meaning if you ate strawberries all your life and were fine, but you meet your bodys threshold for them, then you can develop an allergy to them.

You can also grow out of allergies. My father in law was allergic to walnuts right up until he turned 22 and accidentally ate some that were put in a pastry. He was fine and was able to eat them from then on. Hes 50 something now and can eat them perfectly fine.

It's calming down a bit but I can still feel my whole face pulsating and I have blisters all over my face now, there goes my long battle with acne and scars down the drain just when I started seeing results rip

>Do you have any idea of how allergies work?
I didn't eat that many peanuts man it's under 100 grams

Do I continue eating peanuts to see if it'll happen again just to be sure, better be sure it's that than left unknown

Fuck its peanuts

If you have difficulty breathing immediately call an ambulance. Otherwise stop eating whatever you are recently and go see a GP asap.

No breathing problems, just blisters all over me, red spots, shaking, stomach pain and light dizziness

Last bump, anyone have anything that can fix it immediately that isn't medicine? It's kicking strong right now

Bro, an allergic reaction like that is definitely a medical emergency, an ER will take you and treat it as an emergency. Your throat could swell shut and you can die. Look up anaphylactic shock/anaphylaxis.

Also, you can develop an allergy to any thing at any time. I went 30 years eating bananas with no problem then became allergic. Same with cantaloupe and carrots.

At least take benadryl.

Bomb a federal building perhaps?