What do girls do in the spare time?

What do girls generally do besides insta/fb and all the jew web sites ?? Most of the girls I know spend time on their phones even when they go out they pose 5mn for the group pic/story and then stay silent for the rest of the stay with 0 contribution . They don't offer anything remotely deep or intellectual/funny/intelligent.
Is it supposed to be the man's job to do all the talking and entertaining or what exactly?

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Eating, watching some shitty sitcom, laying in bed, talking with their mommies, going to the mall, driving around, and school stuff

I got a related question: What's the mindset behind someone who uses Instagram all day? Why are they doing it? How can they feel confident to post with their name and face onto the internet?

Find new girls, bruh
Why do you Jow Forumsgoers always manage to find the most boring, vapid, shallow women you can possibly manage to find and then act like that's all women across the span of Earth?

ESL posters are a blight, goddam

People are tired. Many people don't feel the need to try to impress other people with their intellect on a daily basis. A lot of the time all there's energy for at the end of the day is mindless consumption of media. Why generalize half of the population based on the girls you know personally, who you probably haven't had very many in-depth conversations with based on your description of them? Just because they don't share the more hidden parts of their lives with you doesn't mean they don't have any necessarily.

>implying there aren't as many men that have "video games" as the only spare time activity
OP, are you surprised most people are rather... average? With calm little lives?

>Many people don't feel the need to try to impress other people with their intellect on a daily basis.
what the fuck do you even mean
nobody studied to show off
the ones who do are usually not so smart and you can tell

this is more accurate

>nobody studied to show off

And they shouldn't have to, but OP makes it sound like he's unimpressed with women's lack of intellect as if they should be trying to impress him to begin with.

You just have to search more. A good girl is hard to come buy, just like good guys. If you are mostly searching online, you can recognize if some is worth going for. Check how she dresses, what she posts, if she is doing some retarded poses or just taking normal pics, etc. I'm a girl and only use fb, but not because I like attention or idk, I am just a no lifer, so it is okay for some kind of interaction with people. Not all girls use social media for attention, you just have to choose wisely.

Can you explain why you use social media? I'm not really sure what 'no lifer' means in this context. Trying to understand why I just don't 'get' social media.

I dunno, to look at memes, talk to people sometimes with same interests. I have no friends so it's a way of still having some contact with people. If I had a fulfilled life tho, I probably would not be using any social media since it is a bit waste of time.

Validation, dopamine, and if you aren't on social media, you (socially) don't exist.

>How can you feel confident putting your face and name on the internet?
A lot of social media gives the illusion of privacy. They weigh the pros and cons of posting pictures and the pros usually win.

That being said, a lot of guys (and some girls) will only post good pictures of themselves, group photos, or interesting shit.

>imaging taking social media this serious

Why do girls waste their spare time. Like mine ritualistically opens blinds and shit before she goes out. Not even going to be there. A lot of that kind of shit.

Well, social media has created a lot of thots and allowed them to spread their degeneracy

>imaging thinking that is bad thing
christians should be banned

Of course it is a bad thing, but I guess you are some burger that has no appreciation of family, traditions and no decency

Video games, hiking, cooking, reading, writing. What do you do with your time besides actively stay away from girls?

Hmm. Well some validation would be nice :^) Maybe I should try it.

You fucked him up.

I met a woman that i could talk to for hours and hours and I always had to talk to her every day. I don't remember ever meeting any woman like that before. Too bad she's married and also a bit psycho among other things. The only other person I could ever spend hours with everyday is my childhood best friend, but he's gone away now. We just text funny pics to each other. Life sucks

Some girls contribute to conversations,but i noticed that most of the time they just stand and watch,its weird,once i was just standing there and minding my business and this 2 boomers were having a conversation and the wife of one of them was just standing there and smiling the whole time without saying anything,although i met some girls that actually talk and add to the convo

Girls love everything that's social. Its why social media wouldn't exist without females. They go to the mall, get on facebook, hang with friends, talk on the phone.

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