Anons who get girls. How do you do it?

Anons who get girls. How do you do it?

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I go to my friends dinner parties and chat up with girls there. That's the easiest way.

The second easiest way is to go out to bars with friends

The third easiest is meeting girls through tinder

Last option, try going to a bar by yourself and pick up a girl. this is hard but not impossible

If you struggle with these, you should hit the gym, wear better clothes and improve your social skills by going out more

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It depends on what you mean by get girls; get laid or get dating

Going to clubs, bars and parties is the easiest way to get laid because the girls there are drunk and lower their standards and make bad decisions. Also, you are exposed to new people constantly.

Tinder is good if you're trying to get laid but I would advice anyone trying to find love from using it (unless you date bottom rung women) because of the 'paradox of choice'. Seriously, Google the paradox of choice and think of Tinder.

As far as finding a mate, go to social places that have people that share your interests or morals. I just met a girl at church (I only started going like 3 months ago) and we have a next weekend.

Either way, the key to finding love or pussy is to go out and be social; even if you're at a bar or concert or event by yourself you can meet someone out there.

>look good , excercise plus grooming
>have decent social skills
>be generally healthy
>have a decent career
>have friends

It's that easy bro

Tap on them > "Save image"

I meet girls at university, I meet girls when friends just bring their friends with them.

After I met them, I'll either do some superficial talks because of the people around or I just relax and talk to them face-to-face. Maybe they'll have fun, maybe not, who cares, life isn't about expectations.

I just think that being alone with someone is the best way to get her talking with an open chest, and if you barely know her, that's even better. For some reason, speaking about your life to people you barely know is easier.

This is the way I do it too kek

get coffee with them

Just being myself. Dating apps made it real easy.

I'm good looking and have a nice head of hair, plus I'm nonthreatening, intelligent, really good in bed and have an 8" penis. I'm also humble.

>As far as finding a mate, go to social places that have people that share your interests or morals.
Could you please list more examples of places to go where it's considered normal to go to and most sane people won't think I'm a bad person for going there, and where I won't be rejected for not having any friends at age 27?
I would go to church, but I know I'm not good enough...and at the same time, most of the church is failing to do what it needs to do to advance it's cause.

>I would go to church, but I know I'm not good enough...and at the same time, most of the church is failing to do what it needs to do to advance it's cause.
That and most women who go to church are there cause they feel guilty about their past deeds, virtue signaling to deflect their whorish ways, and/or trying to find a beta male to settle down with.

If you want to sleep around, churches are not a place bad.

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I'm physically attractive, and my confidence is grounded in reality--I'm successful in my social life, my career, etc.

The way that I actually pick women up is that I'm a flirt. I toe the line of propriety all the time (even at work) and often brazenly cross over it. It doesn't take much wit to twist pretty much anything in conversation toward innuendo. Just stay away from dick jokes and you're set. Never pass up an opportunity to practice either. You might end up unexpectedly getting a bite. Worst case, you're keeping your skills polished.

2D > 3D

you are such nerd

I practiced using a lasso in my backyard and now use it when driving home.

>have friends

I did all of those things and am still a kissless dateless handholdless virgin at 23.

I try hard to put myself out there, but women just view me as a friend. No girl has ever in my adult life shown even the slightest sign of romantic interest in me. I'm beginning to think I might be cursed by god.

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you dont have to be nice looking, just iron your clothes, have showers and that.

It may sound like a cliche but if u want a mate just be yourself or try it at least.

Not the user to whom you're replying but I have three rhetorical questions:
>Do you flirt with women?
>Do you know what interest from women looks like?
>Are you even paying attention to women toward whom you haven't shown interest?

I say rhetorical because, assuming you really did all those things user mentioned, the answer is definitely no to at least one of those three questions. Probably all three.

>Do you flirt with women?
No. Never. I don't even know how to flirt.

>Do you know what interest from women looks like?
I have done a lot of research into "what signs do women give when they are interested", and have also observed the way girls treat friends and other guys I know, and asked advice from some friends too. I've concluded that all the signs women are "meant to give" when they are attracted to you, are never ever given to me.

>Are you even paying attention to women toward whom you haven't shown interest?
Depends what you mean by "pay attention". I talk to girls, I make jokes, I make them laugh sometimes, I have an easy going attitude, and girls seem to enjoy my company. But only as a friend. They never show romantic interest.

No surprises there. You need to go back to those friends for advice about how to flirt. Without that, you're not "putting yourself out" anywhere. You're also not going to be able to truly distinguish the interest women might have in you. (Though there's not much hope of that happening unless you flirt.) As for the last question, I meant paying attention to whether they're showing any interest in you. Your first forays into this world are almost certainly going to come from low-tier chicks who you didn't even notice standing in the room.

I just am pretty and I ask.

>You need to go back to those friends for advice about how to flirt.
I asked several friends and they don't have any useful advice.

Male friends just tell me "bro you could so easily get a girl, just try!" but don't give me any actual things I should be doing. Some of my guy friends are constantly pointing out when they think a girl is interested in me. Only one time did I try to approach one of the girls they pointed out to me, but it turned out she had a BF and I got rejected. After that I was so disappointed, I never tried approaching any of the girls they mentioned ever again.

Girl friends are sometimes a bit more helpful. But even then they only give me vague advice like "try smiling more", "be brave and risk rejection". They still don't give me anything concrete and definite that I can do to attract girls.

>I meant paying attention to whether they're showing any interest in you.
Yeah. No girls show signs of interest in me. I know because I'm constantly on the lookout for those signs. Not even girls I have no interest in show any interest in me. So I don't even have any room to be picky.

Different user in essentially the same situation. I seriously don’t even know what flirting looks like and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen it. Plenty of my friends are in relationships with one another, but those seemed develop behind the scenes, almost by accident. One day they were simply together.
I’m extremely wary of my own social intuition so I only rely on the hardest interest signals, which I would consider to be physical contact and a desire to spend more time with and know more about you. I think that on some level, I don’t receive these because people sense that they make me uncomfortable as someone with a strong sense of privacy and who doesn’t like to be touched.
I make a point of observing everyone around me, but most of my options just don’t seem that appealing. I’ve never had a crush. Never felt more than vaguely positive about any woman. Never really wanted to spend time with or been very interested in any of them.

>Yeah. No girls show signs of interest in me.

You are not attractive. Work out more and eat better.

You'll really see a change. You'll go from invisible to an object of their desire if you're fit

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I have no interest in lifting if that's what you're suggesting

Get into some sport then

read date onomics. Look at the table in the back. Move to an area with 20% or more women than men, then get off your ass and go do stuff.

All these guys that give easy advice? probably living in areas with more women than men and don't really know what they're talking about.

I already play sports.

being confident

Don't feed him. This is the mentally ill autist who lies about everything. He always says he has worked hard and tried everything when he has never once asked a girl out or tried dating sites.

I play numbers. I’m short, dad bod and have long hair. Not a look everyone loves. But I have success because I keep my flirting short, honest, and I read reactions. If a chick wants nothing to do with me, I get out quick if a quick joke or flirtin doesn’t work. If they show interest, I double down. A bar is a good setting but it depends on who you have to go with. Most of my friends are introverts (we are on Jow Forums) so I end up going out to game solo which is usually a disadvantage. I also do day game so like anytime I’m out running errands and I see a girl I like, I approach. If girls have an attitude you go alright and move on.


Also make it fun don't worry about the end destination.

Look good but approachable and not ridiculous.
Decent social skills, remain calm but interesting.
Be yourself, don't try to hard and stay consistent.
Don't be afraid to speak your mind but don't push.

I asked a girl out in high school, she said no.

I tried Tinder but even girls I match with don’t respond to my messages.


I enjoy talking to girls. I smile and act pretty confident. Basically I treat her like she's the most interesting person in the room, and she may be. I try to be nice and funny, but not too much so, I don't want to be seen as a pushover or a clown. I give her space and time to think about me when I'm absent.

You start by saying "Hello." (It is remarkable how many men never even try to get that far)

I went from 135lb 5'9" to 170lb at about the same ~15% bodyfat and nothing changed on that front. And now gains are hard to come by since I've been at it for years.

Try to show confidence and take risks, women will forgive you for trying to be a man but not for being a wimp, unless of course she is a radfem

I am so keep in mind that I don't know shit, but I'm pretty sure that flirting is hitting on women but playing it off as if it's a joke so they don't get scared.

Be born with desirable genes honestly

Good sense of humor too

By being a handsome motherfucker and not having the personality of a dead moth.

Tell her she have a beautiful penis, works every time.