I've recently heard that a girl that i know IRL has started selling nude pictures and videos...

I've recently heard that a girl that i know IRL has started selling nude pictures and videos. Im in a relationship and shes friends with my girlfriend, and she told her, who in turn told me.

The problem comes in that i REALLY want, bordering on need, to see them. It's all i can think about. Ive looked to the best of my knowledge everywhere i can think of to find them.

My current plan is to make a new snapchat under a different name and ask to buy them. I cant risk her know its me. Shit would explode bad. Anyone have any tips or advice on how to go about this?

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your poor girlfriend

You are disgusting. Please break up with your girlfriend and let her find a decent guy. Jesus...

I feel bad about it too. It's not like I don't love her. I don't love this other girl. My curiosity just getting the best of me. Maybe it's that I'm not supposed to see them that make me want to...

Maybe it's for the best that you talk me out of it. In my head nothing was really wrong with it, but apparently I'm wrong.

what no are you retarded? it's just a bunch of pictures and you're paying for them
just be honest with your gf you're interested and want to buy the pics, then hope she's willing to ask for you so you can get them for free. it's just curiosity.
don't lie when you can be honest.
also a fake snap would be a good alternative

All I really need to find out is her "porn name". The leap there is how someone would know to ask her on her not porn account. I don't know how many people know.

You know it's not going to be anything you haven't seen a million times before already right?

I can see where he coming from. Like if you could see your high school crush in porn, you would want to look at it. It sounds like he's obsessing over it too much though.

When your girlfriend told you, you should have said, "BULLSHIT! What's her username?" grabbed your laptop and pulled it up. Like a beta male faggot that you are, you're planning on going behind your girlfriend's back and paying for nudes of her friend?

Next time your girlfriend mentions it, just tell her to prove it by handing over the username. After you pull up the profile, tell your girlfriend to stop hanging out with literal whores. Also, your girlfriend is probably doing the same thing.

I hope your gf cheats on you lol

I've got some bad news for ya, bro. It sounds like you didn't react very negatively toward this girl's new method of income. Either she's now going to try to talk your gf into doing it too ("your bf was cool with the idea") or she's already planning to start and this was a feeler.

When you make that fake account to buy this girl's pics, ask if she has any friends selling nudes too. Make sure that you tell her you like whatever hair color your gf has. Might as well find out the hard way, bub.


Why are men never satisfied?

Because I'm wasted on just one woman.

Every man and woman fall in that dessire. But its not like the end of thw world, get the pictures and videos, do your thing... and move on
But have in mind that next time can the dessire will be different ... maybe fucking another girl ... hope it doesnt happen to you, cuz the same shit can go with your gf and..... dont do to others what you dont want they made to you.

By the way man... left the link haha I feel I want to see these pics also haha

Just succumb to your sexual deviancy disguised as curiosity bro.

This is all fiction. Might as well just photoshop her face to the body pic you'd like to imagine her to have, shoot some strings over your computer and be done with it. What's true or false here is of no consequence, since you're not going to cheat on you GF.

This is the same type of thinking that leads men to think its a wonderful idea to ask his gf or wife to fuck another man and let him watch or suggest she fuck a dog, insist on every porn move known to man and believe women want to be raped, slapped, spanked, cocked and cut since that is the only way they orgasm.

And some of you wonder why women are wary of you.

Its your fantasy right, something for your enjoyment to nut over, so why consider anyone else, they or their resistance or disgust is nothing more than an obstacle.

I would love to tell your gf of your plan and then she start selling her nude pics and videos just like her friend.

Don't. I get the allure, but if she were worth it you'd pursue her in person.

>women want to be raped, slapped, spanked, cocked and cut since that is the only way they orgasm.
But that's true user.

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