There are people following me

this is an update to my last post that has since been archived there are strange men wearing cleanroom suits stalking around my property I dont know what they want or why they are here but I fear for myself and my family since my last post I have been able to get a photo of one of these guys following me and enhance it since it was taken from fairly far away

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I wouldn't worry about it.

heres another photo I took before he noticed and ran off

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Maybe they are some kind of pest control?but in case stay safe and vigilant op

I dont think exterminators carry assault rifles and these guys have been here for months

Looks like a really weirdass mag and mag placement on it. Seems almost too small to be 5.56 but too big to be an SMG. Either something vague or a prop gun.

Maybe you live in a paintball camp?they could have already shot you if you are just with your family and they have guns

god I hope it is a prop gun because I dont want a bunch of armed lunatics near my children

ask Jow Forums, I'm just a casual Jow Forumsmmando, they would figure it out immediately.

I doubt they're looking for you if they're out in the open.

they are also veary iffy about me taking pictures and they try to stay out of sight but they also seem to be waching me and my family closely ive seen them using some expensive looking army cars so this is ether some elaborate joke or I'm part of an experiment wich I am inclined to believe I keep getting a whiff of a metallic smell kind of like hand sanitizer and 2 heads of cattle went missing I think these folks are up to something and Im not keen on finding out what

and because camouflage MOPP gear is a thing.

All signs point to LARPers

>using some expensive looking army cars
I'm a milfag. We don't have expensive cars, we have cheap shit.

If they broke down 3 times on the way in, they're army.

I agree
Maybe you can ask Jow Forums. These may be paintball faggots or veterinarians.

Take this to /x/ and Jow Forums OP


Call the police and ask? I think that's what a normal person would do

Look like G36s. Unless OP is a eurofag, you can't get a G36 in the USA so its airsoft.

Indeed an elaborate joke, good one op

I was definitely thinking airsoft is more likely than paintball.

Except MOPP gear is hot as hell and they would need to be retarded to wear it.

They always fall for this one over and over again.

I tried to call the police quite a few times they even sent people over but that was before I started seeing so Meany of these guys at first there were a few here and there each time I would call the police they wouldn't do much im also pretty sure they are listening to my calls since they seem to know when I call the police and they book it to no mans land

Fuck. That guy who answered you is a perfect replicant of me. That's what o was gonna say.
Thanks bro! I did mean to say air soft.

I'm pretty sure that's some kind of G3, not a G36. You can get those in the US. I am aware that the G3 is 7.62x51mm but 1. that could just be a really big guy holding it and 2. 5.56 versions like the HK33 were made.

Wearing a fireman's mask? Whats that all about?

Get a better camera, OP. You're not photographing Sasquatch

I dont think those are airsoft guns since I dont understand why a bunch of men would dress in hazmat suits and stalk one person around with airsoft guns or maby your right maby they are airsoft guns and they are only carrying them so I perceive them as a threat and dont mess with them

He ran away from you dude.

he was waching me the entire time and didnt run away until I started taking pictures of him

another point towards larping

Ok I just wanna say that I used to live in an old house ”in the middle of buttfuck nowhere” and spent copious amounts of time alone there and the thought of something like this happening is fucking terrifying

Ok. Still though.

Get a big tripod for 25 bucks at Home Depot and shove some shit that looks like camera on there if they don't like cameras. Leave it in the yard.

maby thats the experiment maby they are trying to drive me insane

>Ok I just wanna say that I used to live in an old house ”in the middle of buttfuck nowhere” and spent copious amounts of time alone there and the thought of something like this happening is fucking terrifying

Just have guns in your home, one in bedroom, one in shower, one in living room by TV, one hidden on premises.

Get laser beam pointer. Every time LARPer shows up, shine it on his body armor. He will see red dot and freak out.

I have a gun but I dont want to confront them with it as I dont want to take ant chances since they outnumber me 20 to 1

and I dont think these people are larders either I saw them setting up some pretty expensive looking equipment on my property line weather monitoring stuff and a radio antenna

larpers I mean

Since its your property they are trespassing.

yes it is

Why you no wanna call cops? You have a poppy farm or something to hide?

Just get a bullhorn and tell them that they're on private land and they should vacate immediately.

I tried to tell them the first time I started seeing them but they just ignored me and tried to run I fired off some warning shots and a few days later they all have guns so I dont know what to do

I wonder if pic related dude comes to Jow Forums.

Bullshit. Any rural person would be well aware that someone armed and dressed like that on their property is fair game for a self defense shooting.

I dont know what kind of psychopath you think I am but im not going to shoot an unarmed person just for trespassing


anyone from Jow Forums would've systematically captured and sodomized all of them by now

I kept reading up until metallic smell

What the fuck is this thread
Reverse image brings3 nothing

Do you not leave your house? You said they've been there for months right. Take your kids and go into town, then go to the police station and talk to them about it.

I'm pretty sure your larping though

Those are clearly idiots with airsoft toys.

we're coming for you
don't lock your doors tonight.
it makes it easier

How the fuck is this funny? Come back when you're not a twelve year old girl and let the grownups talk right now.

user this whole thing smells like a fucking larp
if OP provides legit proof that these guys are fucked up, I'll treat it seriously

I would believe that if he answers Still, Jow Forums gotta be here for the craziest user.

You're posting pictures of them with guns, gotta keep your lies straight, man.

Funny won't go unrecognized.