Can people look past your mistakes?

I've done despicable things throughout my teenage years. I've cheated on 3 guys, I cheated with a guy who I was extremely in love with on his girlfriend and hurt her terribly. I'd flirt with him in front of her too. I've told secrets about my best friend that I shouldn't, broken so many promises. I honestly feel like puking when I think of that crap I've done.

I've learned from my mistakes and I know to never do anything like this again but I feel like I don't deserve any friends or lovers because of my past. I feel like no one would accept me if they knew about it either. What do you guys think?

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no, kill yourself this instant.

no one cares about your shitty personality and no one is going to care after your death. move on and ignore it, not like going on Jow Forums is going to help you change.

We think what you think!

All you can do is go on with your life.

If I cared, I could not trust you.
No one ever could.
Maybe you only want to be trustworthy because the fact that you're not pushes people away, maybe even if it was the norm to celebrate your actions you'd still feel guilty, but how could it possibly be guaranteed that you won't follow whatever eager impulses led you to your mistakes in the first place?

Ok OP if you changed circle of friends and they somehow come to know this,you just tell them that you were a very big douchebag and an asshole and you actually regret what you did but learned from the past,everyone makes mistakes man,i got some shit in my past that made me want to obliterate my brains,just realise that whats past is past the future is now you can change it

Sounds like you’re just an inherently malicious person. You should embrace it rather than pretend that you’re never going to do that stuff again. Of course you are, this is who you are. It’s ok, there are worse ways of being evil, at least you don’t physically abuse people, just emotionally.

I know because the pain I've felt of hurting is too much, I could never do it again and won't ever.

Thank you so much I really appreciate that. You're right

you will do it again. Women love to cheat because it makes them feels good. You are addicted crack whore but instead of crack it's cheating.

>I've learned from my mistakes and I know to never do anything like this again but I feel like I don't deserve any friends or lovers because of my past. I feel like no one would accept me if they knew about it either. What do you guys think?
Stop acting like a martyr cause it comes off like a form of virtue signaling. Just don't continue your shitty behavior and you'll be good.

It never made me feel good, my hormones were crazy and they were bad decisions that led me and my SO to heartbreak. I don't feel the urges anymore and even if I did, I would never give in.

Thank you I hope

Just lie to future boyfriends about your past, I think that's the norm these days.

>my hormones were crazy

What does this mean? You was horny? Im just mere male peasant let me understand women more so i can pick up teenage girls (of legal age) to have fun times with.

Lets say you did manage to get people's trust again, probably by keeping a lid on your past. You'd feel better about yourself, wouldn't you? And the longer you feel good about yourself, the more distant the memory of the time when nobody trusted you is. Maybe you'd forget, or worse, even deliberately ignore all the pain you caused, thinking it doesn't matter, because "whatever, I'm happy now". But knowledge of dangers to me, like you would be if we ever met? That lasts. But you can forget, because people will always put themselves on a lower threat level than other people.

I need to be honest to them and can't keep something that big from them or that could ruin our relationship if it was ever found out later

how do you plan to convince a guy to trust you? I sure wouldn't. I mean I'd still date because I'm a desperate loser but a decent man wouldn't.

Once a cheater, always a cheater

That's what I'm unsure of and scared about. I know he wouldn't but how do I prove I've changed? Have these mistakes forever doomed me?

So, you've dabbled in being a bitch. As long as you aren't currently engaged in bitchery, most non-victims can easily ignore past bitchcraft.

epic words, thank you

There's no way to prove it unfortunately, people will judge you on your past. I actually think it's very decent of you to be honest and upfront about it but that kind of honesty comes at a cost. I feel much the same way about it, I did something about a year ago that I think would digust most women to the point they'd never date me, but at the same time I couldn't work in a relationship where I lied about it, I'd rather pay the price and move past it with someone who can accept it. Maybe that's nobody? Again it would be sad but there's a price to pay for your actions.

The only way I can see around this is if you only have long term committed relationships going forward, so future partners can see that your most recent past is evidence of your change. It's a catch-22 though because you have to get a bf first.

>Have these mistakes forever doomed me?
Repeat after me: "I was young and I was stupid."
This is a cleansing mantra.

>be young
>fuck around
>be old
>seek stable relationship

You whores have biggest nerves in this universe. Dont you.

thank you so much and you're right it's hard to work in a relationship where you aren't honest. i'm sure someone will accept the past for both of us

>Thank you I hope
Being an emotional martyr for your whoring past by proclaiming it for all to read and hear won't make you less of a whore, simply only a whore who won't shut up about it and her backstabbing ways.

Since you may not understand, cause most women are dumb, I mean shut up about this topic and get back into the kitchen. I like apple and cherry.

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i want pie too

I'm not so sure about me but good luck to you. Just keep on being honest about it and you'll never have to worry about getting into a relationship under false pretences.

if you feel comfortable sharing, what did you do user? I'm sure things will work out for you too. Don't worry

Yeah, that wouldn't be so bad just because generally people really bad shit in the course of their lives. Inb4 some blown up small treason
Also op, you know you don't have to share your past life to new bf, right? Definitely don't think about it before things go super serious

Talked to a girl online and agreed to meet up at a local hotel where I would pay to be dominated by her. She actually turned up, I paid her and proceeded to spill spaghetti really badly before she left without doing anything. In retrospect I'm thankful nothing happened but I know how most women feel about paid sexual acts and particularly something as humiliating as this. At least it wasn't harming anyone else but I left feeling like the most dirty person in the world.

oh user i don't think what you did was that bad at all, that is something that could definitely be looked over. don't worry

Thank you, it's nice to hear that from someone. I just think it makes you less of a man in most people's eyes. Maybe it's just my personal perspective being too warped but I feel OP's issues are more "normal" and likely to be considered acceptable if that makes any sense. No girl wants a guy who paid a girl for shit, no girl wants a guy who's sexually submissive.

no guy wants a girl who cheats either. but what you did wasn't considered wrong, also i know a couple of women who are dominant. there are girls out there who like that. perk up

dominant girls are like a needle in a haystack, and you're competing with a hundred other guys to find it. Thanks again though. People may not want a cheater but cheating seems to be one of those unfortunate processes everyone goes through at some point in their lives. If you're honest and open about it a guy would probably look over it as long as you connect well enough.

>cheating seems to be one of those unfortunate processes everyone goes through at some point in their lives.
No. That's not true at all. Pretending that it is does no service to anyone.
Some people never cheat and have never been cheated on. Their lives might not be all noodle salad, but cheating is not universal.
But it's also far from the worst thing in the world.

The first step is of course acknowledging your problems and faults. Admitting to them and learning from them even if it takes you 3 times. This pain you feel will only help you to never make those same mistakes ever again especially now that you've awoken to your past.

It's like that Gurren Lagann quote,
"Everyone makes mistakes, it's to be expected, but when you do make a mistake you should be slugged by someone, there is no need to punish yourself. At the time you might think that it is a mistake you can never undo, even if it is if we kick and scream and fight like heck, we'll move forward a little bit."

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thank you so much, that's a beautiful quote too, my best friend loves gurren lagann so that means even more