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How do I tell my girlfriend this?

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Why the need to tell her goy?

I'm all of those things and had a gf that was feminist,antifa and anarchist. I just waited till she fell in love. After that she accepted anything.

Tell her as much as she needs to know, mold her slowly into your Nazi waifu. Don't lose her though, because she'll say you're a small dick Nazi.

How did you find a girlfriend?

don't say anything referring to it in those terms
just be honest about particular topics and explain it in a way she wouldn't immediately dismiss
e.g. saying how you think it's weird Jews have so much influence in the West or how there are some benefits to traditional gender roles
my gf has shifted quite a lot towards my views since I've had this approach to the point where she'll openly hate on trannies despite most of her friends being full on SJWs
lol you'd be surprised just how many young men in western countries hate all the degenerate shit thats going on, not even just white or cis guys either
even Brett Maverick (male model and somewhat famous ig/youtuber) used to have a bunch of anti Islam and anti feminist videos on his liked videos playlist on youtube before he privated it and Rob Lipsett (fitness model, somewhat famous ig/youtuber) has collabed with the Golden one (Jow Forums sperg youtuber) and said he agrees with him politically
desu if anything Chads are more inclined to this way of thinking than normies are because they can get away with it and still keep their social status intact and get whatever pussy they want

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*straight not cis
trannies are all fucked but I know some fags who agree with Jow Forums tier stuff

What's witb everyone believing that you can just mold anyone into another you? Doesn't really work that way unless you're a master manipulator sociopath.

You can only shift your gf's way of thinking if you have a gf who's dumber than a box of rocks.

Don't. If she notices, address the particularities. If she doesn't, labels will only make you a toy of some progressive narrative.

You can't mold anyone but women in general have very little agency.


And I don't think that's an approved way of spelling Nazi

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Yeah, your average normie women and stacy thots, but i think you'd be surprised at how many women aren't impressionable idiots.

Just kill yourself so you don't have to tell her. Inject antifreeze in your vains, and put a plastic bag over your head to make sure don't have to tell her.

You don't or you just say I'm flawed.

Show her your IQ test results

But my iq score is 70.

that's the point

you don't have to wear your political stances on your sleeve, that's why people fucking hate religious nuts and gays. Stay towards a more right-leaning moderate stance on things. Example

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If Hitler was alive I'd suck his dick. It's not gay if it's only in my mouth.

>you don't have to wear your political stances on your sleeve
Yes he does. There's literally no point in being a hate-monger unless you shamelessly advertise it. Its impossible to develop the victim complex and delusions of grandeur necessary to foster unrepentant racist views if you don't go out of your way to manufacture it. Also, for the record, promoting the terrorism, oppression and genocide of other people is not a "political" view, its a moral one, and it makes you pile of human garbage.