Tell me user, what makes you fall for a girl? Is it purely looks or is there something else?

Tell me user, what makes you fall for a girl? Is it purely looks or is there something else?

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If she makes my life better than if I didn’t have her

I just know.

When I was younger it was always looks. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that personality is king and looks are just added benefits. You go for somebody who you share interests with, who you can actually have a connection with.

I will fuck you if you want.

Looks get them noticed.
Purity next.
Hold a conversation.
Not completely dumb.
Not a whore, literal or figuratively (e.g. dinner whore).
Kind of all works together.

They will light your internal fire

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It runs a lot deeper than that. Purely sexy girls are absolutely something that I want to fuck, but I don't catch feelings for them.
I think my last crush got to me so badly because she talked about her ginger niece with me. She had a really warm smile talking about her, like that little girl was just the most precious part of her day, so being a redhead, that little fantasy kinda crept up on me when I was in a vulnerable time in my life.

She shot me down, of course. No sober woman is going to sleep with me, and even the drunk ones need to be in a spot where it's either me or someone who's even more of a dork. Last I heard she was getting ready to pop one out with a guy who's been living off of his woman since they started dating.
Sounds like he has it made, lazy piece of shit.

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Being 3D will get you disqualified

Femininity, intelligence, expressiveness, modesty (hasn't had her ego blown out of proportion because of instagram likes), probability that they're faithful/loyal

i usually only fall for girls if i've known them for a while and think they're a good person - the type of person i think i could spend lots of quality intimate one-on-one time with. after a while something triggers a thought along the lines of "hmm, she's pretty awesome, i could see myself with her." looks definitely accelerate that process but i've fallen for girls who aren't all that attractive just because i thought they were nice to hang around.

Any fucking semblance of affection, even if its fake. Im drawn to anyone who shows me even the tiniest sliver of interest or care. Of course, its always just me being me because they're never interested.

Looks are definitely something I notice first. But what really gets me is the way someone carries themselves. The way she acts is the most important thing.

I really don't fall for women. They're either good company (in bed or otherwise) or they're not. We're just people. "Falling for" someone is, I think undue veneration.

Someone who when i talk to time seems to fly away. Someone who i would do anything for to make smile. Someone who is intelligent and career driven but is ok with laying there head on my shoulder after a hard day. Someone with a sense of humor that makes me smile so hard that all my problems seem to just vanish. I could go on forever describing my dream girl

Thankfully i found this person and i love her more every day, and one day i hope and pray to god ill be able to marry her. I'll ask her father and mother for permission and i know they love me already- but im still desperately scared of losing her. Because she's far too good for me, but ill try and try again every day to show her how much she means to me.

Looks make me want to fuck a girl. Personality makes me want to spend time with her before and after.

she makes me be a better person
not so much in the Jow Forums mentality of going from virgin to chad to fuck girls
but she makes me happy and I enjoy spending time with her, I became healthier because of her both mentally and physically
shes such a strong person who has gone through a lot that I can connect to
I love her and wish I could spend every day with her
and her being cute is just a bonus

If she pays attention to me and has a nice face, literally it. Ive fallen for girls who were dumb as rocks so many fucking times because ive been pussy depraved for so long, just a simple friendship will do it for me, maybe its biological or something (since im potentially seeing a sex partner and child bearer in that girl). Love is the biggest meme ever, you put your entire being, your entire soul on someone and disregard anything else, I say that we as humans are inherently addicts, we get bored so fucking easy and we get into meaningless hobbies because it makes us feel good, love is the best (and worst) high of them all, goddamit why did we evolve so much, we shoulda stayed as fucking tadpoles or some shit.

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looks (having a great and unique style helps a lot)
she must have hobbies, ambitions, doing something useful and interesting
intelligence. She doesn't have to be a walking wikipedia, just show some general knowledge and everyday thinking.
Having a fucking personality
Yes, I meet to many women who don't have any interests, they don't care about anything, just drink wine and watch some shitty TV shows.

the one time I fell for a girl, her looks drew me in and her personality hooked me. She was about a 6.5, 10 years ago.

I stop myself from forming attraction or attachment to particular girls anymore. One of the best methods is to simply imagine her in a porn video.


Boobies, softness, long hair in different styles, mysterious expressions, tattoos, strength, skill, long tongues, fat asses, round thighs, piercings, glasses, sexy looks, bending over, cooking, small bare feet like Wilma Flintstone, redhair, blonde hair, dyed hair, dark skin, light skin, vitaligo, albino, veins, big nips, little nips, attached earlobes, weirdos and strangers, dresses, coats, shorts, jumpers, and yoga pants, drugs, meditation, nursing and healing, singing, rapping, playing an instrument, drawing, making clothes, make up, clowns, gaming, doing voices, occult stuff, schizophrenia, blindness, sign language, wheelchairs, missing limbs, dwarfism, struggling, showers, pools jacuzzis, sex, good smells, flirting , kind eyes, crazy eyes, various colors of eyes, really full lips, short noses.

first post best post

Looks at first, personality keeps me around