A plan

If I give MDMA to my crush and isolate her, will she want to have sex with me?

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not at all
have you even done it? you're fully lucid

Yeah and I had feelings for any motherfucker I talked to. Maybe this way she will get feelings for me.

Do this with alcohol. Far more cheap.

You could put her in the hospital from the side-effects. Are you planning on trying to convince her to take MDMA?

ehh maybe if she's slightly interested in you it could work
really bad idea anyway, just ask her out

Yeah she's really dumb. I'll talk her into taking it cause she has never done it and it will be a great experience.

don't drug people fucktard


if you give someone a drug, and don't tell them, that is poisoning. if she finds out, she can call the cops and put you in jail for quite a while. If you drug a girl and have sex with her, that is even longer.

where the fuck do you guys get these ideas? why is the world so fucking scary? I am so glad I was born a guy

if you do it hidden, you will become a sex offender. she will notice the comedown, the jaw clenching. if she takes it willingly, she will regret sleeping with you when the comedown kicks in. hope she doesnt have a brother, cause if that was my sister i would fuck you in the ass and break your legs you little psychonigger.

Not necesarrily

No, but you might get accused of rape a few days later.

Clonazolam is what you’re looking for. After you give her the MDMA (or even without it), slip her about 3-5 mgs of this stuff in a drink. She will 100% black out and not remember a thing. It should be noted she may die if she’s been drinking alcohol when she takes it. I’ve done this several times, some to random women in bars and such. I just take them home and pretend like I know them when they start acting crazy at the bar, fuck the shit out of them, then release them back into the city dazed and confused.

It’s legal to buy it online too, and cheap. Look around and you’ll find it easily.

sure you do, user

>OP wants to date-rape someone
What could go wrong

T. Bitter virgin

You aren't her. Maybe you juxt have a needy emotional disposition and you like her because she's not like you? Bit of a reach but I've had very platonic trips and even rejected advances because it wasnt the mood.

Also if she's not into spending time alone with you it will probably end badly or dismally.


There is only one way to know user.
I mean, if she willingly takes it, and then gets all empathic and horny and wants to have sex with you I don’t see where the legal or moral problem is.

literally rape.
I think OP was hinting at convincing her to consent while high

No. But the big man named Bubba who you will soon share a cell with will.

user I’ve tried this. Md just makes whatever your already feeling more intense. If she’s not interested, 100 x 0 is still 0. Don’t think you can force it to happen, it’s just going to tear you to shreds when she’s comforting you and patting you on the back while your rolling off your face too.

This is one step short of date rape

Wtf dude no, first of all she will probably have a panic attack because she won’t know what she’s feeling, unless she has done it before, but even then the mdma come up is fucking intense

she will get clingy and accept back rubs, but mdma doesn't make you feel aroused so she won't jump on your dick unless planned beforehand

so.. you want to rape her.
not the best idea..no.

Kys you evil shit. Have no problems hurting fags like you.

It is date rape.

This nigga tryna bill cosby everyone

No she will scream that you drugged her, have you ever taken mdma. You can recognize the change in cognitive abilities.

Let me add on to this, you can let her know what it is, so it isn’t “rapey”. She will black out though and it’ll be super easy to fuck her. She won’t remember a single thing, I guarantee it.

Pretty much, yea. MDMA makes you wanna fuck anyone.

Lol. great idea user. You will definitely get laid

Enjoy prison poundings, powder puff

You think doctor's won't be able to find that shit in her system?

Just don't dude. You don't wanna be that guy.