So I go t rejected and I need help I feel angry every time I see her or her friends...

So I go t rejected and I need help I feel angry every time I see her or her friends. It's affecting me hard how can I get over this?

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I'm sorry that your parents fucked up your sense of self-worth and expectations for your value in the eyes of others.

Her lack of willingness to date you has absolutely no bearing on anything except her willingness to date you. Could you be better? Sure, we all can. Is it your job in this infinite universe to be the perfect person for some random chick? No. That was never the purpose of your existence. It means nothing that you weren't the right person at the right time for her to go on a date.

Just make something decent of your personal life. The interpersonal shit will follow on its own, like when you try again next time.

go after someone else user.
The very second she said "no" is when you completely disregard her.
She has no purpose or usefulness to you anymore.
Maintain no contact and focus on someone else

chances are, she is bland and utterly plebeian just like most people and would have brought nothing truly meaningful to your life

I left out context but the gist is she flirted and all I decided to ask her out and she said she had someone but keft it open for a fwb thing wich I hate.

Doesn't change my answer. You were not put on this world as a test to see whether you could get her to agree to a committed relationship. So it makes no difference whether or not you got that. You asked, she declined. The best part is that she then pitched an alternative which you yourself are going to decline. So are you really gonna get butthurt about a bf rejection when you're about to give her a fwb rejection?

well you get to fuck her
why would you get into a romantic relationship with this woman? If she's willing to cheat on her current bf with you, she'd be just as willing to cheat on you with someone else

I think it might be more the dissapointment I feel towards her that makes me mad. I'm not the type to get into fwb and before I realised what she wanted I thought she was diffrent.

Imagine how offensive it would be if someone to whom you had no accountability judged you on the basis of their personal disappointment. Shit's weak, bro. Sounds a lot like you're stepping out of your lane to cover the discomfort of having been turned down.

go after someone else. once you are sufficiently satisfied she will crawl back. women are like that.

Why can't I judge them when I disagree with them?

I didn't say you can't. I said it's offensive to be disappointed. That's a different set of standards than agree/disagree, moral/amoral, etc. Disappointment speaks to a level of accountability that absolutely doesn't exist between the two of you. I think that becomes a bit easier to understand if you consider the synonym for disappointment, "being let down." That's something one person does to another. Her sex life isn't something she does to you.

More dissapointed in her being willing to betray her current partner than being upfront. How is that offensive is expecting honesty is now wrong?

Her fidelity and honesty in her relationship are also not something she does to you. When it comes to you she's been abundantly honest and never tried to put you in a situation where she'd break a commitment. If you expected honesty from her, she delivered 100%.

I'm still not saying you can't judge her morality for what she proposed. Disappointment is not the right way to parse your feelings, though, trust me. The company you keep does not owe you a standard of behavior in matters which don't involve you. That part falls on you to decide whether you associate with them. If you choose to, there's no further obligation over which they can let you down. You took them as they are.

Great so I'm an idiot for expecting anything.

I feel confused and more upset.

From her? Absolutely. Didn't you see how the other Anons earlier in the thread replied? Your concerns with her ended as soon as you got the "no." They definitely ended when she brought up this whole FWB thing. So every ounce of energy or attention you expend toward her from this point forward is purely voluntary and totally useless. You can keep doing it but she doesn't owe you anything in return, and you'll keep being angry. Who's winning there?

I get that I just can't let go idk why. Been trying hard but I can't.

find somebody new. its the only way to get rid of it.

Idk after this i dont think i'll be able to trust a woman again.

And that's why I not-so-jokingly opened with an apology for how you were raised. Congrats, you're the 10 billionth guy in history who wasn't taught to separate his values from those of other people. Parents screw this up all the time by praising their kids and badmouthing other children as a way of enforcing morals.

You'll internalize this eventually. Just keep reminding yourself that your sense of right and wrong doesn't obligate other people to anything. Nor do you have to keep them in your life if you don't agree with them. Everyone gets to make their own decisions and their choices aren't for you to worry about from the outside.

Idk what to say i ferl worse now. I fucked up. Im confused.

Nothing really to say, bro. Cut her out of your life and bring that focus back on yourself. Calm your tits and then get back out there to meet new women. Make a conscious effort to not take people's values personally when they don't directly involve you. You've got this.

I just wanted to make her happy.

Then end yourself, we have too many of you breathing valuable oxygen.

Ehh, no, I don't buy that as JUST what you wanted. I think you wanted to realize some kind of vision you had where you two were mutually happy in love or some shit. That's why I think part of your disappointment is really about her having spoiled your dream. Nonetheless, she's happy. Her happiness simply doesn't involve you in the way you wanted.

You're both right.

Sounds like you need to revalue yourself and what this girl meant to you OP. One undeniable fact of life is that you can't change or force peoples' will or way of thinking.

sucks to get rejected, but accept it as an opportunity to learn more about yourself and how to improve yourself.

Nobody here needs that kind of advice bud, stop

Fuck her and move on you dumb fuck. Imagine being able to fuck the girl you're into but not doing it because she wouldn't get in a relationship with you. You'll have to move on either way so why don't you tap that ass and move on to someone better

I'd feel disgusted with my self.

I'm ttying. I think she was a distraction for some stuff im dealing with.

Don't beat yourself up OP, we're humans. We're never born perfect. You'll become a better and much healthier person, don't worry. Talk to a psychologist, maybe go for a walk and reflect why this made you upset. Just don't beat yourself up too hard, because that's not gonna help you get anywhere.

Gonna say it fuck it. I'm 25 and this was my first. Before I just focused on school so this crap is new to me thats why i feel confused when i keep getti g told the stuff on this thread.

Of course I am. This antisocial disease of the mind needs to die if we are to survive. If you only feel angry and not happy that she's got her own free will to decide her happiness, then please discard yourself into the trash directly.
No, it has to be said.

The guy literally admitted to being new to dating, his probably a KHHV. Cut him some slack, were he a 40 year old wizard that believes every man deserves a woman, then yeah, I'd agree. This is just some anti-social goofball that needs some practice dealing with people. No it doesn't need to be said user. Lmao the guy just has some issues talking to girls, survival is so far down on the list of related things to this.

I just wanted to get rid of the anger it hurts.

I guess im just a joke haha.

Literally none of that was ever said in this thread.
Stay in your lane.

I did say it. Not exact words but he is right.

-> "Stay in your lane"

Bold words coming from someone who literally told someone to consider suicide over something so trivial.

Doesn't feel like it. Hurts like hell.

Pain can distract us OP, that's why in stoicism Epictetus said that "Men are not afraid of things, but of how they view them". Obviously it hurts, but once you start tearing it down to its core, you realize it is something trivial. This girl is not the last girl you'll ever meet, nor is she gonna be the only one. Your opportunity to companionship never really ends until you give up. That's why its trivial. Don't fear girls my friend, just get out there and chat. You'll get better as you go along.

OP the right thing is to break contacts with her and even tell her that she is a dishonest person. The stupid fucks who tell you "But she isn't dishonest to you" have no idea what is moral or not. The question is: Are you strong enough to pull this off? Yes, women like her are fucking disgusting and you are absolutely right in being disappointed.