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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practising and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>Is it too late to start dating?

>Why is there no new thread?
Create one yourself. You can use these macros:

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Is pee stored in the balls?

No, dear. Pee is stored in the bladder. Semen is stored in the balls.

To girls: is it a bad sigh, when I told my crash my feelings, she got angry?

Women, how forgiving are you? I've done things I regret, and I don't think I'm a great person, but I'm trying to be better. I have good qualities too, but sometimes I feel like garbage because of my own decisions.

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Still looking for some decent answers to this 21283921

Yeah that's pretty bad

*Looking for answers for fuck me, forgot to link it

I can't tell if a girl likes me or is angry at me. What the hell is this?

Depends on what you did. So what did you do?

It's not really what I've done to specific people, I'm just kind of a piece of shit generally in some ways. I'm kind of perverted, but I keep it under my hat. I've never said or done anything inappropriate sexually, but I've thought plenty of fucked up things about people I know, and I go and watch porn and feel really gross after.

And besides that I'm kind of lazy and I feel like I should be way more mature than I am now. I just want to tell the world I'm sorry. Whenever I do something that isn't selfish I feel really good, but it never lasts.

Sounds like most guys growing up. As long as you can keep your shit together it’s not an issue.

ladies, would you mind posting a pic of what you think is a sexy woman?

I'm having a hard time figuring out what a MILF should look like without giving the impression of diabetes and future joint pains

Looking for advice for So we both went in to work, and kept texting quite often, then she invited me to a walk with her dog near the trail close to where she lives. We had a nice hour long walk and talk, she was asking questions, and the conversation kept flowing, we got to know each other better and I really started liking her.
While going back, she asked if I had any plans for the night, I said no. She said she's just gonna chill out at home. I asked if she wanted to go to dinner, she said she has some stuff to do and needs to cook tonight, so we just said our goodbyes and left.
Where did it go wrong? Does she not like me that way? She's been texting pretty normally after that though.

Just any soccer mom that has kept her youthful looks.

If you're in a relationship, and someone confesses their love to you, should you tell your girlfriend/partner, or respect the other person privacy by not?

This whole situation is complicated by the fact that I got a heart transplant last week, so everyone's feelings seem to be slightly jumbled.

I'd need more details. Does your girlfriend know the other girl?

No. Sometimes people just want to chill alone at home, without the idea of having to entertain, and she probably planned that walk as a thing to do before she relaxes at home. Just chill out, text her in a couple days or something.

Yeah, she does. I introduced her to that friend group, where she's become rather active, but the other girl and I have known each other way longer.

I'd lean towards no unless she keeps trying to talk to you about that. If it doesn't affect anything, and she just didn't want you to die without knowing it, I'd say just ignore it. If the problem persists then maybe you should say something.

Okay. It's not an issue, I just don't want it to come out (if it ever does) and my partner is blindsided. All I responded to that person now was that I wouldn't give them a response till I was sober, and not on pain meds.

Thanks user. Yeah she does a lot of paintings so she said she has to catch up with those, since we both worked on the weekend. She started opening up about herself a bit on the walk, so I thought she's getting more comfortable. Is it on me to initiate the next plan to hang out or should she be the one to ask?

>All I responded to that person now was that I wouldn't give them a response till I was sober, and not on pain meds.
That sounds like a mistake to me. Sort of like you're leading her on. If you're not going to leave your girlfriend for her I'd think you should've just told her that.

I guess it also depends on how close they are. If they just know each other a little then no big deal, if they're best friends then you might have a big problem.

Guys and girls:
>See girl for awhile, get pretty serious and I feel like I can commit to this
>we say we love each other, spend a lot of time together, already act like a couple, she gives me those "lets fuck" eyes and all that sort of thing so I feel pretty secure we're steady and exclusive without having to even talk about it
>she mentions dating other guys all of a sudden
>wtf, ok I'm trying to see whats going on, ask her ironically, "so what? do you want me to remove myself from equation then?"
>she turns that into an argument that ends up splitting us both up because it seems she's serious about it, or plays along with a lie, I'm not sure
>she messages every now and then since, and acts heartbroken, but so am I
>few weeks later see her clearly on a date with one of my friends which I thought was a shitty things to do but whatever
>she didn't know I was going to be there and I didn't expect to see her, so I "caught" her and they left once I showed up, guy ignored me
>then on my birthday about 2 months later she messages some long lighthearted birthday wish and intentionally says she loves me
>clearly not if she's already dating other guys
>try to be nice, say thanks and get on with my life
>one day we talk and I ask her nicely, because I hate being resentful, so I ask if she wants to be friends at some point again (we started off as friends of about a year but became very close)
>she says "no"
>I get it, so I move on
>few months later she messages and tries being all thoughtful and helpful and understanding and nice
>tell her I have to move out of my place
>she says I can move in with her
>what? after everything? no thanks
>later she messages and wants to talk about rebuilding something with me because she misses me too much, but she won't tell me the details until I see her in person
Does she want friendship or try to recover the "relationship"? I don't know how I should feel about this after everything and all the possible mind games and her indecisiveness.

Women, what gets you turned on? I think women, while they appreciate a good looking guy, aren't that turned on by looks alone as men are. It's more psychological/situational and I'm trying to get a better understanding at this. Help me out

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Good foreplay, seeing that he wants me...

women never forgive and they never forget. they will remember something you said that made them feel bad 10 years after you said it. they remember everything and hold it against you.

This may seem like a stupid question but it concerns me because her interests just may be too different to mine and we may not click.

I'm into my kind of music, I like rock mostly and heavier stuff when I feel like it. I also like going to concerts to see those bands, usually heavier bands. Music is that hobby that I'm most committed to and despite being open minded about music, I just don't resonate with club music or radio sort of music, at all. I tried giving it a go but it just doesn't sit well with me and for that reason I can't bring myself to enjoy clubs and dancing, its like its not in my nature and I can't pretend to like moving to that music.

This girl seems to like me, but she's on the opposite spectrum of my interests. She likes dancing, she likes clubs, she likes bands like One Direction and I just feel like on that, we're a world apart and it'll be almost impossible to try and "like" each other's interests. I like her though but I feel like we wouldn't be able to go to concerts together and stuff like that and that's mostly where I like going out to.

Now, I know that if you're with someone you tend to try liking what they like, and once I dated a girl and tried getting into her interests but that just didn't work out so I'm afraid this girl won't click with me either.

Is this an issue I should be this concerned about? should I just find someone that clicks with me better in terms of interests in this case?

You forgot to mention that he must be attractive.....

If you really fall for someone and you think you met your ideal. How do you act around them? do you ever play any "games" with them to get some reaction out of them, get them to ask you out or anything like that? like getting him jealous, to see how he acts around you and things like that.

go to clubs where the play your kind of music then and drink alot

do you know what a club is? hardly there's one where they play my kind of stuff. At least I've never heard of one like that. All I can think of are pubs that play my kind of music sometimes but you don't dance in clubs so she wouldn't be happy about it and I feel like this might create problems since she'll have to put up with me not wanting to go out and me putting up with her wanting to go out to places like that

No, that would be manipulative and what we refer to as being a cunt. If i like someone and think there is potential for a relationship i would befriend said person and/or ask them on a date. Although to be honest; rarely do we get the chance to ask someone out.

Be a responsible man. Have your shit together. No family drama and generally successful in whatever he’s passionate about.

few girls did to me what you referred to as being a "cunt". I know they like me because they act way too differently around me and even for an autist like me, I was about to tell those girls were into me. One would be passive aggressive, stop talking to me and then few weeks later reach out again. We stopped dating and she's still single and she sometimes casually does very flirty things like this one time I reached out for a high five and she just seductively dragged her fingers across my hand. She's way too shy and introverted to be doing that to guys so I know it was deliberate. Why the games then? the second girl, instead of being honest with me, tried getting me jealous with another guy and that rubbed me the wrong way because I expected better and it was apparently meant to make me ask her out, but instead it turned me off from dating her completely. I fear that I might've overreacted though, so I'm not sure if girls like that are just like that and its best to avoid, or if I should be more understanding about it and a mature, stable relationship can come out of that

>go out to eat and do errands with female friend
>stop by old job to pick up some stuff and because i miss the environment/people
>work crush is there
>he'd joke around with me and tell bad jokes to get me to laugh whenever i did work there
>talk to everyone and leave
>friend practically yelling in the parking lot that crush was looking at me the entire time and acted really awkwardly whenever we talked
>astounded at my autism and that i basically need a seeing eye dog for social situations

is this enough to try and shoot my shot?

i don't know look online maybe ? if you don't find one try one a bit less heavier than you would listen to but still hard y'know

I'm a guy but I think this is spot on.
My friend is one of those handsome autists, he could be a model if he wasn't so retarded. He got himself a very attractive girl who ended up breaking up with him because he wasn't responsible and always blamed others, he committed everything he did to please a girl and that can be overwhelming and desperate. His family is very brainwashing and he was on their side instead and he had passions that he put off because I think the thought, "whats the point if I already got a girl? I don't need hobbies", not to mention one of his biggest hobbies was playing some cringy vidya for 12 hours a day and not shower. At that point a guy's looks aren't enough and realizing that changed my life in a way.

I have my shit together in all that sense but I'm leagues below my friend in terms of looks. I'm actually a genetic mess, but I'm confident and have passions that take you places and his gf actually started coming onto me after they broke up because of those things and she seemed to be more into me than I was into her and she seemed to really admire my commitment to my own life. I think thats the biggest turn on for women, the guy's ability to be ok by himself and be content/confident that way, instead of chasing after girls and putting all your life aside just to please them and their needs. Initially it might be ok but soon it bores them and turns them off I imagine

If I have a crush on a girl I would try my best to make her laugh and I'd feel awkward talking to her because I don't want to say the wrong thing. I also tend to look at my crush when I know she's around but may not see me, or sometimes if she looks I look back deliberately.

I'd say go for it, what have you got to lose? you don't work there and I imagine you don't really go out with your old work friends since you only seem to go and visit them at work. So chances are, you won't see each other much at all so asking him out wouldn't be too much of a risk

People find different things attractive. I could never like a guy just based on his looks even if he is objectively attractive.

Okay, so guy:
>smiles and jokes a lot in my presence
>touches me and inquires a lot about myself and my hobbies
>seeks me out and goes out of his way to spend more time with me
>has tried to separate me from my friends (in front of them) for more one-on-one time
I maybe, MAYBE fucked up majorly when he previously invited me to outdoor conventions which I promptly declined only to realise that he may have taken that the wrong way. I'm very much infatuated with him and every time I think about asking him out (since he's obviously too much of a cuck to do it himself) my stomach clenches and my hearts starts racing. I've gone through the scenario a hundred times the past couple of days and the vegetative reactions never diminish. I'm afraid of: a/ rejection b/ spilling spaghetti. Judging by everything I've brought up, does it seem likely that he would reject me? I will handle it if it occurs however painful it might prove to be, I just need the final reassurance that it's very unlikely to happen and that I might finally be on the path to achieving happiness in my pathetic life.

Go for it, it sounds like he likes you and you're obviously aware of that but afraid because you're the same level of "cuck" as he is. Don't you think he wants to ask you out but is afraid of the same thing as you?

Why not ask him? just say it how you see it "I think we really get along well and I feel like you like me, I like you so I wouldn't mind getting a coffee together if you feel the same way" something like that, just be straight up. You have the right to assume he's attracted to you so its not like you'd make a mistake addressing it, otherwise you'd both be avoiding something you both want.
Personally, if I'm comfortable like this with a girl I have to at least be a little attracted to her, otherwise I'd feel like I'm being too pushy/touchy and that can put a dent on our friendship

the touching thing is almost always a green light when it comes to guys. they're not like women, where they can often casually touch someone if they're laughing too hard or something similar

the only exception to that is like handshakes or if he daps you up

so, i haven't asked anyone out in... well over ten years, i think. what's a way to casually ask a guy out in a no-pressure way, just in case of rejection?

Semen Is not stored in balls.

>what's a way to casually ask a guy out in a no-pressure way, just in case of rejection?
when you see him next time and you talk to him and you both get along, before you leave ask him something like "hey do you wanna get a coffee later on?" its innocent like that and if he asks why then say you'd like to catch up or something. Now, that may imply you just want to hang out, but with a bit of flirting and eventually touching and more coffee meet ups, you'd be able to escalate things and he should be able to pick up on it unless his autism level is too high

Wow that's easy. Just be born to the right family and don't be ambitious with your passions.

Since myself and this girl stopped talking, she's been using facebook a lot more (my suspicion is that because its the only social media I use and she's mostly into instagram) she used to barely use it before but she changed a bit so maybe that just came with it.
Before she didn't really tag anyone in anything, post or like anything. Now I'm seeing she was 'interested' in an event that's related to my interests. Then she shared a post about dating older guys exclusively, I'm an older guy so I felt like it was about me, but could be about other guys. Then she started posting more pictures on facebook but I didn't 'like' them. When I posted a picture she liked it a couple of days later so she must've went on my profile to see it since it would've gotten lost in the news feed. Then she'd strike up a conversation and message me with something like "I was just thinking about you, how are you?" like being oblivious to the fact we haven't talked in months and she told me herself to pretty much move on. Its been like that for about 3 months now.
What does she want? is anything I mentioned something girls would do to get attention from a guy? seems a bit childish so I doubt it since she's 20 but it did strike me as odd so I'm here asking if any of it implies anything

I'm horrified he might have been testing the waters this whole time, biding his time until he properly evaluates me to ask me on a date and turns out one of those guys that dislike direct and pushy women. Seems likelier he's just shy, but eh.

IF he agrees to go out drinking, are hugs acceptable as a greeting and is holding hands if we're not together allowed?

Ambitions are fine. And if you got a shit family, dump then and make your own.

When a girl goes to clubes, parties, etc from time to time ( not every weekend) she just go to dance, drink and have fun with her friends? Or there a probability that she might fuck some random dude she meets there? I am not very into this stuff so i do not know

Me and me girlfriends have never hooked up from going to a club. That’s girl time, we like the attention, but that’s as far as it goes.

if he's already touchy then he's past testing the waters I would assume, especially for a guy who isn't direct and pushy. I don't really like pushy and direct women because they come off too strong too soon and I feel pressured to make a decision and if its not a decision I thought about and I'm 100% sure about, I might be turned off by moving too fast. But if he's already touchy and is interested in you in that way, then he's a bit more than a friend. Unless he's like that with every girl, then I don't know but based on what you said so far, I think you need to take that chance. I think you're afraid he might say something like "sorry I never liked you that way, what made you think that?" in which case don't be apologetic because you had the right to assume something is going on based on how he behaves around you, but its unlikely to happen anyway, guys like attracting women so it'll be flattering to him if anything.

Hugs are ok but holding hands, I'm not sure, unless he goes for it himself. It might be a bit sudden but you'll feel it out and if it feels ok then sure, why not.


Female friend was really upset last night. She was venting to me about it. She said how she really liked the guy she had been dating for the past two weeks. But he called her a whore when he found out her past (she was very promiscuous). So she was really upset saying how he’s such a nice guy, but he called her a whore and it’s such a dirty word. I said to her “well.. you did have a lot of hook ups” and she blew up on me. She yelled and said hooking up is extremely normal and it doesn’t matter how many guys she’s fucked. She then said “I’m not even a whore!” And gave an example of a girl who is a whore.

Who is wrong here?

not the guy. But this girl that I know is into me and we've gotten fairly far together, goes to clubs and parties with her friends and I'm trying to not overthinking it and assume what you just said there so it makes me trust her and what she's doing.
But after the night out all of a sudden she has like 4 new chad friends on social media and they're all just guys, no girls. I think it might be liking the attention thing, but a bit too much for my taste. I never really met anyone on a night out and said "here's my phone, add me on facebook" especially not to like 4-5 guys in one night and the fact they all look like fuck boys. Is that something to worry about do you think? or do I just have trust issues? why does she feel the need to add them?

How many times have you let a stranger suck your boobies and where?

Yeah, but also will bring up the nice things you've done when you've horrible for a while.

Oh ok, thanks for the reply

Thank you, user, that was extremely reassuring as it brought up a point I haven't considered yet: I've observed him talk to plenty of female acquaintances and friends and he never treats them the same way he does me.

Also, is it straight-up better to tell him that I like him and I perceive he likes me back than keep that statement for later on when I know him a bit better? I obviously don't want him to reject me, but if he does, it makes it hell of a lot more awkward and impossible to keep in touch with him.

If indeed you are her friend and pointed out the obvious because of it and it was not intended as an attack then she overreacted to your comment.

Its cool. I would take it slow initially, maybe 2 dates like that and then you can tell him that you really like spending time with him and that you like him and wonder if he likes you the same way. But by that time I suppose he might say it himself. Just make sure the conversation flows naturally, this way it'll be easier to handle. If you just come out and say it, it might be too much to react to and he might say something he doesn't actually think, but was put on the spot. Like you said, he isn't forward and pushy so he may take time so be patient. Worst thing you can do is eventually get impatient and start playing games with him because in your mind, he takes too long. Just enjoy his company, no need to jump into labels if you both seem to like each other and like to spend time together in a 1 on 1 setting. Good luck, hope that helps

I speak honestly to all of my friends. It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, if they ask for advice or anything, I will give them an honest answer.

In her case, she was upset for being called a whore. I never called her a whore. But basically I was trying to tell her that she made the choice to put herself into that position by hooking up with many people.

Thanks, user! Talking about this with you has been a blast and you can be sure your advice was taken to heart! I just need to make sure I don't get a heart attack or spill my spaghetti too hard when I see him next time.

ok, I'll naughtily bite


>guy from another school at a party in jr high
>guy in a car in hs but he became my bf
>guy at the lake where my parents have a cabin, oh wait, there were two guys but different times
>guy at a frat party who purposefully pored a drink on my blouse and I let him lick it off my boobs and everybody was watching but I was really really drunk
>guy in a car met in a beach bar during spring break
>guy in a car gave me weed, but this was really my friends fault she let him do it too
>guy outside an apartment during a 4th of july party when everyone was watching fireworks
>guy I met during a conference in my hotel room

I can't remember any more

Girl I've been getting very close to asked me to come over to spend the night with her. So I said ok, I'll come over. Then during the same conversation, few minutes later she said this guy said hi to her and she is considering dating him. I was a bit offended, because I thought we're getting places but I played it off as if it doesn't bother me to not act jealous. Then she exploded and started arguing over nothing and said "dude, he just said hi to me..." but earlier she said she's thinking of going out with him? so it felt fishy the way she'd intentionally go out of her way to tell me that, then when I'd act indifferent she'd get into an argument how he just said hi to her but completely dismissed the other part.

Why explode like that into an argument and say it didn't mean anything where she clearly said she is considering going out with him on a date?

Serious question

Does being a slut make you proud?

I get the distinction and you did not call her a whore but she wanted to have the whore argument with you because she didn't or couldn't have the argument with the guy that won't date her anymore. So you're good but don't get in that argument with her just to prove you aren't wrong. If she brings it up tell her you are her friend and not having this discussion. Point out the guy she is angry with is him and if she wants to debate what he thinks then she should talk to him.

Don’t date her. You will get hurt. I fell hard for a girl who did that same shit. We were extremely close and I wanted to gf her so bad. She would tell me things like what your friend says. Once she even told me some guy kissed her

My girlfriend has options and has started to cancel plans.

I don't get out much and we don't see each other often... like once a month. How do I fix this?
I want to be more in control.

I'm not proud of any of the stupid things I did in my teens and early twenties. Like I snuck my dads car out and of course hit another car parking and the tire was flat so I had to call him.

Yeah I suppose your right. and I’m debating on telling her that for the future, she should look for promiscuous type guys to date. Because they won’t judge. The problem is she wants a nice guy

you probably said something with a snitty attitude and now trying to act innocent

To people who work 9 to 5 for years on end. Was it worth it?

any advice on this? If anything comes up while we talk, will I look too forward if I invite her for something after she's declined one invitation?

How do I get a gig titty got gf?

Ok well that’s at least a start. So, would you admit these things to a future boyfriend? Maybe not in full detail, but would you tell him you did some slutty things in the past if he asked about your sexual history?

you cannot save her buddy. heres what I finally had to do when a childhood friend started stripping. I told her honestly, like everyone else, there will be a stigma attached to her and that bill will come due. So when she finally did want to quit after meeting a guy she liked (she didn't tell him) and she tried to get a job she had no answer when potential employers asked what she had been doing the last two years. Months and months and she still has no job so the wonderful guy starts wondering wtf and she starts to get desperate for cash and started stripping again and the guy finds out. I stopped being her friend she didn't listen to a damn thing.

were you friends first or is it someone you dated for some time and then that happened? I was friends with her for a long time and she kept telling me she wouldn't do this or that, and then when she said what she said, it kind of went against the things she said earlier so I thought she's either playing me somehow or lying to me

I said nothing that would make a person jump into an argument. Even throughout the whole argument I was confused as to why she's arguing, I was just talking to her, it felt like a pretty one sided argument. Like I was being given out to. I think she might've tried making me jealous and the fact it failed upset her so she started arguing. Normally in an argument I also get argumentative because I'm fighting my point right? in that case I remember feeling like I don't even know what the argument is about and if I should argue back.

I don't remember exactly what I told her, but I think it was something along the lines of "what do you want me to do about it?" as in, why would she tell me that if I thought we're going somewhere? but then she went full on "dude, he just said hi to me..." and then kept drilling the point that she should be dating around right now because she's single and ready and I tried to not be offended by it, but if someone who says they love you and they get physical with you, and then they ask you to spend the night with them, and then few minutes later tell you they want to date other people, then argue about it and say how she should be dating around now... that feels pretty bad and I think I've a right to be offended by it, even if I didn't really show it to her, which leads me to believe the fact I didn't react that way was the reason she got pissed off because she was fishing for some reaction. Do girls do that? its either this or she was just being a shitty person to me

No details ever and I realize I am not due any of his details and I really don't want to know about the first vagina he touched and where or the first boob he sucked. Look, when I hit puberty my brain ceased to function properly, I didn't think of consequences, I kinda went with what other teens my age did or wanted, happens to boys and girls, and I hated everybody else, especially my parents because they were trying to save their child from themselves.

ANyway I still mess up but thankfully my parents hung in there for me.

>she was just being a shitty person to me
Ok, then you stop talking to her, FOREVER, issue solved. Don't play her game or be a punching bag

My female friend clearly likes me. She told me about her past about how she slept with these 3 guys (not together) and it was pretty slutty but whatever I like her so I can look over that, she was young and used so she did that, ok I guess. Then she told me she feels slutty about it and that she used to be innocent. Then she kept telling me things like, she would only have sex with a guy after weeks of dating and all that. Then her friend said how he fucked some girl outside of a club and she said that "men are pigs" but she knows I'm not like that and she referred to it. Once, before all this, when I was just getting to know her, she asked me if I ever slept with anyone, I said no and gave her reasons why, and she said "I wish more guys were like you".

...But, she has this thing for male attention and she acts weird around guys, like she's too friendly and touchy with them, but claims she doesn't understand why guys she's been with didn't trust her. She likes to surround herself with good looking guys and that worries me too.

What are the chances she actually changed from her past? its been 2 years since she last slept around, but the other behavior continued throughout. She also started to act like she wants to change after meeting me and finding out what I'm like. And what are the chances she just told me all these things because she wanted to seem more likable/datable to me? because she knows we work in different ways and wants to change to be more like me

As opposed to what alternative?

I've not been doing it for very long, but I think it's worth it. Of course, I have a job I love, so that's part of it.

But are we comparing to having a part-time job? Doing gigs? Being unemployed and stealing the money the government steals from me? Compared to having, say, a successful Internet career of some type? Because that makes a huge difference. Compared to being unemployed or not having income security you've no idea how much better it is. I'm not sitting at home being depressed and sitting on the Internet all day. I can finally progress my life. If I want to buy something, I can usually afford it! I've got probably almost 20k saved up since I started, and I should be able to buy a house in some amount of months. I bought a car. I have some amount of independence and respectability. Compared to being unemployed for 2 years it is so much better you can't even imagine. It's so nice to see the numbers on my bank account go up and to know that my life is going like I want it to.

But if the alternative is getting that money for less work per day? That's not as big of a deal. It's still worth it to have something to do, because sitting at home on the Internet causes depression. But the financial independence part isn't as big a deal. But if you've got something to do, like raising children for example, then it's fine.

thats jumping the gun, I don't know what she actually wants or what she's doing and what if I'm right and she is playing some game to fish for reactions? what then? I'd miss out, but I'm not 100% sure if thats the case. Not enough information to just quit like that

>she has this thing for male attention
This is the real her user not the one she tells you she is, you're gonna get hurt when you find out she fucked some guy she just met outside a club. For all you know she already has.

Ok so no details. But would you tell him you did bad things?

As an example of what I’m asking here. I didn’t do anything bad when I was in my teens of early twenties. Well I did one bad thing I suppose. I did 1 ONS and I regret it a lot. But that is my only regret. No other casual sex or anything else after that. I felt very bad about it so I decided to not make more mistakes. So for me being in a relationship with someone, I want to know how they carried themselves when they were younger because it does reflect on how they are now. I would be honest about my past too. But I think it’s very important that a future partner of mine is honest to me. In your case, I wouldn’t care to hear “I let guys suck my tits” but more of you admitting the number of people you’ve been lewd with I suppose

Come for advice
Get good advice
Say your going to do the opposite

I came for advice asking what she could've meant by what she said. You just straight up said "ok then leave her" based on what? I said its either she's playing some game instead of being honest with me, or she's using me. One isn't necessarily bad, but the other is, and I can't tell which one is true. Then based on pure guesses you tell me to leave her. I see it as a mistake because I don't have enough information

Whats a good place to meet and befriend nerdy.introverted girls?

I'm not that first guy, I'm a third party to this but I think he is spot on. She likes attention, you give it to her, when you withdraw it, she reaches out to get it again.

The internet. Introverted girls don’t leave home much

Why do girls do pic related so much?

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Because it’s common knowledge that girls are attracted to chads

>Introverted girls don’t leave home much
Thats why I'm asking.

Where on the Net though?

Saving your dumbass for when she needs a cuck for a husband

Jow Forums, Reddit, pen pal websites

But why do girls lie to us about it then?

How the hell do you befriend girls on an int website where most of them are on the other side of the planet?

It’s easy. You just talk about your life compared to them. Infact, it makes you even more interesting to them. Plus they will want to visit you

Doesn't seem to have worked for 2 decades but OK.

Any places IRL for meeting introverted girls?


and no. Just like how introverted guys rarely leave home. Introverted girls are the same

Why would you want to meet only introverted girls?

It's often better if your partner is extroverted if you are introverted. They can take the lead on social situations and keep you active, in terms of going out to places and doing interesting things.

My best friend is the polar opposite to be and is the life of parties and social events. If he wasn't my friend, I would do absolutely fucking nothing and have a miserable social life.

You are into tsunderes?