Anxiety Med Suggestions?

Anyone here have any suggestions for good anxiety meds that aren't the addictive kind? Also I just tried Lexapro a couple days ago and it made me way too sleepy and ache all over and felt weird as hell. Made anxiety worse. Please, if anyone has good recommendations, please share them. I have had chronic anxiety for 4 years and refused medication out fear and denial because of shame and family problems but now I'm on weaker stuff from amazom that's working a bit but not nearly enough. My anxiety IS one of the rarer actual extreme anxiety I swear I'm not just a little bitch. Gives me extreme headaches, feel like I get a fever, get confused, can't think, get really scared of everything and hopeless, sick to stomach, can't remember shit, clammy cold hands and I become super exhausted and fatigued.

I'm starting college very soon so I want something that won't knock me out or make me super slow. My anxiety is so bad it is difficult to listen to anyone irl or to focus on any normal task. Can't relax or enjoy anything and it's to the point anyone would start to fantasize death and rest. Thank you.

TL;DR Just tried lexapro and I had a horrible time with it. Are there any good anxiety meds that come to mind you recommend or many people do? Also any supplements or teas if you know of are very welcome. Thank you very much. God bless you.

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please help

Nice trips, idk have you tried cutting out caffiene, exercising and sleeping enough? Ive got a similar situation and its worst when im not exercising and or eating well.

Another thing that helps me get through it is telling myself to feel the feeling, but dont give any power to it. How long do your episodes usually last? I was on the shittier version of lexapro for like 6 months and it helped for a long time but i just wanted to get off of it. It was pretty difficult at the start but i adjusted and now my anxiety is not nearly as bad as it was. Just always have something to do, start making good food too.

Talk to your doctor about your problems with lexapro and see what they recommend. I'm pretty sure most drugs like that can take about a month to actually start helping though and tend to make things worse before they make them better

I did try a very good and struct diet plus exercise for about 2 years and it did not help me at all. I was militant as hell about it all too and nothing helped. Only doing nothing and dropping all college courses have helped.... It's really bad

>How long do they last
It's chronic enough that when I have like a college semester coming up, they're consistent from morning till night sometimes everyday. Life feels like a nightmare when it's like that.

I've heard good things about l-theanine. Haven't tried it, but I'm about to. Maybe try looking into that and seeing if you think it'd help you.

Also, there's kava, which I love, but it might not be the best for college. It can very much be a recreational drug and I tend to get sucked into the feeling of it instead of doing the thing I'm supposed to be doing. But tha's just my experience.

Just wrote it down and will be looking into it. Thank you. As for the second drug though, I want to try to stay away from recreational or too strong drugs like that unless I end up getting desperate eventually.

This is an area in which you MUST NOT self-prescribe and self-medicate. Side effects from wrong choices can be catastrophic. Work with a doctor, even if that means trying a few - under supervision - to find what works for you

While I have been talking with her and she's the one who prescribed me the Lexapro I tried, I just wanted to hear anything good from others then ask doc about it unless it's weaker stuff. She even asked me at the beginning "is there a certain drug you prefer?" and I didn't know anything.

You can try 'Lasea' lavender oil capsules. It's a natural product and worked pretty well for me.

I take the beta blocker Propranolol. It works for me and seemed to work after the first 2 or 3 doses. I take 50mg twice a day but can increase it up to 200mg. I can also take extra before an event I know will cause anxiety. My doctor was very understanding and prescribed it.

I might try those then. Fuck my headache just from anxiety is extremely bad right now.
I'll keep it noted, thank you.

Yeah, I emailed her. Waiting for a response. But I don't want to end up just going through a shit ton of meds if I can find something better to ask her first about.

>any suggestions for good anxiety meds that aren't the addictive kind?

Okay but in all seriousness their meds are bullshit. They do not really help with anything, not saying they have zero effect but they don't help. The only reason they give you meds is because it is cheap and easy to mass produce and now you have a "solution" to mental illness that you can cheaply create and sell to people. Real help would come from people and not just therapy it would come from people who genuinely love you (so maybe not your parents just throwing it out there).

Sorry user you are in this alone but you can get out of it, but it will be extremely hard much harder than you deserve.

Try modafinil



That's what you have to say? Why?

In my experience, I tried absolutely every drug the doctor gave me (Mirtazapine was the best), but the only thing which ended up helping was cutting out sugary drinks (only drinking water), sleeping enough and exercising regularly.

Anti-anxiety/depressions drugs aren't going to make it all go away by miracle, you need to put some effort in on your end as well. Cognitive behavioural therapy is extremely helpful for anxiety paired with drugs and exercise.

>but the only thing which ended up helping was cutting out sugary drinks (only drinking water), sleeping enough and exercising regularly.
I exercized for 2 years every other day a good amount and did the same, cut out all sodas and drank only water and green tea and cut out all sugary sweets and desserts and ate fruots and veggies and fish and none of that helped.
>Cognitive behavioral therapy
Load of shit. Tried it for 2 months with a girl who dragged things out like crazy like she just wanted to milk out all the time and slow everything down. Wasted my time.

Yep that is true. But guess what drugs are completely fucking useless! And if the drugs don't work you know what the final boss is? Fucking electrocuting your brain bro! WOOOOOO! FUCK YOU FUCKING PSYCHIATRIST SHILL FUCKS. Sorry I just needed to vent.

Look they don't care about you they will not help you they don't know what you have been through and they do not know jack shit about the brain they don't know why you are depressed. You can find out why though just be honest. Were you abused as a child? Did your family treat you poorly? Were you bullied? That's where you start, with all the trauma you went through. Depression is a natural reaction to extreme pain and misery. If you experience enough dread you WILL get depressed not because you are imbalanced but because you are human. To heal you have to find it in yourself that is the only way and people will not be accepting they will judge you so you have to reject them as well and just be with yourself. I am not saying this to hurt you it is just reality but you can see it isn't so bad eventually and there are people out there who understand.

What’s wrong with food ol’ fashion Xanax?

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Find what in myself? I know what's wrong and why I'm like this but what exactley is there to find? Give me a step by step guide on how to fix this shit please. I'm not OP btw.

I don't know only you can find it. I know it is vague and hard to understand but that is how it is for me. I have found paying attention to my dreams to be helpful but understand dreams are symbolic in nature rather than definite. But seriously it is more of a feeling than a step by step process. A great place to start is with your origins, how was your childhood? Work up from there. You do actually have a narrative to your life there is a history that led you to this point.

Cleratin and benadryl are also anti anxiety meds.

also if you have any delsym you can take half a cup (measured dose cups) of it as long as you aren't on MEOis or bad things happen nigga.

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Cut out caffeine, exercise regularly, and maintain good diet. I’d also recommend 5-htp before bed.

If you’re still having issues (and it sounds like you will given the severity of the symptoms), work with your doctor to find the med that works for you. They usually take a couple weeks to kick in. I went on low dosage Prozac a month or two back and it has helped tremendously. Haven’t had a panic attack since

This, psychiatric meds are generally horseshit. The brain is too fucking complex to expect them to have any consistent or overwhelming positive effects. It's basically throwing shit at a wall and hoping something sticks.

Nobody can give you a good suggestion, because those meds can work very differently for different people.

Talk with a psychiatrist.

Seconds this, it really works and isnt addictive its a concentrate found in green tea.

I'll look into it. I just have no idea about it much.
I thought that was for allergies and allergic reactions??

It’s a really great drug, minimum side effects

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I also like Valium because of how much longer it last, but Xanax kicks in quicker

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This is not generally true. When my anxiety and panic disorder started, I didn't know what it was. I thought I was having a stroke and I am going to die all the time. Also I hat this numb feeling in a part of my brain and I couldn't concentrate at all. After a some visits to doctors and the hospital I finally found out that it only was panic and anxiety that was occupying me. At first I was suspicious of the medication they gave me. One time I took it anyway and the effect was overwhelming. All of a sudden all of the anxiety and all the psychosomatic symptoms were gone. I just felt normal and that was completely awesome because at that point I have long forgotten how it felt to feel normal.

The medication they gave me at first was Temesta (Lorazepamum). It is not a long term solution, but it opened me up for considering medication as an option to treat my problems, since I was very suspicious before. I'm now in therapy and take other long term medication and I'm feeling pretty well

Sorry for not greentexting

>Oh boy I sure do love blacking the fuck out and rebound anxiety

>I thought that was for allergies and allergic reactions??
Yeah, but to me, in large doses, feels very similar to benzos. If I am feeling really shitty I just take enough to pass out and sleep for like 4-5 hours, which is great. I really recommend it, but abusing it can give you temporary ED