Why do I hate the working class?

I've worked many jobs, with pay ranging from minimum wage to a liveable 2k a month, and back to minimum again. In all that time, I've spoken to so many different people, that I've come to the conclusion that...

People who work service jobs are less than human. I'm talking restaurant workers, cashiers, laborers of any kind. Every one of them I've spoken to has turned out to be borderline retarded, and despite being in the exact same situation as them, I can't relate to them. I simply feel that I'm better than they are, just because I am.

I'm too good for unskilled work, even though I've done nothing to prove it. And the people who work entry level jobs are all inexplicably beneath me.
I don't want to hate my fellow man, and yet I do, because they allow themselves to be degraded by menial work, for miserable pay.

When I worked at a restaurant, I felt nothing but shame every time I put on the uniform. It got to a point where I would wear a jacket to work in the summer, just so that no one would see me wearing it, despite it making me completely drenched in sweat by the time I got there. I would refuse to talk about my job because I was embarrassed to have it. It's a feeling I could never shake, despite everyone's assurance that "you have to start somewhere."

I can't help but disagree. I don't want to, but I do. I'm more valuable than $8 an hour. I'd much prefer to hire on directly into management than to climb the proverbial ladder. Why?

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Send this to Asda or Amazon and they'll make you a general manager of a depot and give you free reign to shit on those you hate.

Sounds like you have issues with insecurity and pride

If you want to feel superior to others, you gotta have something to show for it

Every one is underpaid, the nature of business is to get the most for the least. Your Co workers feel the same as you, that everyone else is an iddiot. They are actually dumbing themselves down to fit in more. If you think moving in to management is a good idea you are much stupider than you realize. You can get a higher paying job, with less responsibility. You don't want to be on salary, because they will work so much harder for not much more money.

Without nothing to show, you are simply one of those people you hate except you also have a shitty insecurity complex to go along with it.

Same, bro. At the same time, easy jobs are easy. I will work shitty jobs part-time until a decent one comes along after college. And if one doesn't come, I'll either continue being poor with thousands in debt or I'll go homeless with thousands in debt

You sound like a fucking asshole OP. honestly you can't really teach empathy but you can fucking once and awhile. You are most definitely /not/ better than them based of reading your post.

Yep, for a lot of people they can't afford to to anything, but that. Their are tards, and weirdos, but that is only a portion of people that have just been delt a shit hand. Fuck you OP suck my asshole.

You can't be intelligent if you're poor. Fuck off, retard.

try harder for a reply, faggot.

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>wear a jacket to work in the summer
>I'm smarter than everyone

I know I'm not better than them, that's the whole point. I treat people decently I person, but it's a kind of secret hatred. I don't like it. I want it to stop.

It's a feeling, not a fact.

Its actually an opinion. You being a retard is a fact

Currently living off my parents as a neet after having probably failed at being an adult. I have more objective evidence against being superior, yet I feel superior anyway. Definitely not poor.

don't worry OP, hoi polloi love to humiliate anybody among them who aspires to greater things.
these faggos
say you need something to show if you want to feel superior, but the reality is that they don't want you to succeed, they want to drag you down to their level.

Maybe we're not referencing the same topic. But I won't deny being retarded.

No, you missed my point: if you are actually intelligent you would figure out how to not be poor or smart enough to not complain about it

You probably are superior. Anyone smart enough to NEET *and* make it work (as in, have enough money for food and hobbies) is objectively intelligent.

yeah you say that because you want people to feel stupid and shut up, even if they actually are smarter than you
I know the psychology of proles better than the texture of my own scrotum.

So how are you objectively superior if you are in an inferior position? Explain how this works

First off, is the cost of living in america that expensive? I live on asia and we consider $2000 a month a hefty amount.

objectively more intelligent? there's a thing called an IQ test, you know. there are plenty of working 70s and more than a few 130s in homeless shelters

sometimes smarties are too smart to live

Hahaha delusion

>too smart to live
You know, I've never taken an IQ test, but I once tried to sign up for the army out of desperation. They told me, after I took their placement test, was that I had scored exceptionally well and could get any job in the military I wanted.

The same thing happened when I applied for community College, they told me I had scored surprisingly well, and only needed a refresher course on maths to be able to proceed in earnest.

There is legitimate credibility to the idea that I could be genuinely be smarter than most people, which is... more depressing than you might think.

you are working class
essentially, you hate the image in the mirror. why not embrace this contradiction and become a bootlicking wagie by joining the police or the corps? this system keeps on going and keeps being the best one there is because of guys like you

Depends on the area. If you live in some overrated city area in California or New York, that'll barely get you by. If you live in a flyover state, $2000 is very handy to have.

>not poor
Jesus christ, if you live with your parents YOU ARE POOR. Your parents money is NOT your money.

You ain't gonna like the corporate world that much either. I don't got a bachelors degree to boot, but It's sooo much more money than the service field, but people here aren't as professional or respectful as I thought they would or should be. Egos clashing and such.

Self loathing. You're ashamed of yourself and you're pushing that shame off onto other people because if they're subhumans you can be the temporarily embarrassed millionaire.

This is only true for unskilled labor. I'm salaried and I actually put in maybe 15 or 20 hours of effort a week. My boss knows it, but she also knows that if she pushes me I'll leave and she'll be fucked.

I charge $1500 a month rent for the condo I'm not living in. Its a 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, less than 900sqft (83 sqm), without parking, recently renovated but in a questionable neighborhood. I'm probably undercharging, but my tenant is reliable and easy.

He's exaggerating about the 70s (they're probably more like high 80s, low 90s) but you'd be amazed how many people with clinically significant intelligence deficits get by in everyday life. You'd also be amazed how many seemingly intelligent people fail completely, although life on the streets is going to grind that 130 down pretty quickly.

Of course they told you you did well and could have whatever you wanted, they were trying to sell you on joining. They weren't offering you a commission, they were offering you entry level jobs.

The community college you "applied" to is similar. They're going to cheerlead you, but you have to understand they have a 100% acceptance rate. They didn't tell you you could take whatever you want, they said you needed a remedial class in math. Thats average.

Tell me about it. The further I get in my career and the more qualified I become the more I realize that the whole "professionalism and respect" schtick is for the bottom of the pyramid. I roll in late twice a week, walk out of meetings if they become useless, blast music in my office, watch movies with my door open, as long as I fulfill my actual responsibilities nobody cares about anything else. That becomes especially true when you reach a position where you could literally walk and find another job by Monday.

If you fail to succeed in life, your intelligence is of little use.

You my, for example, have a better car than everyone else, but if you can't drive it then it was a waste for you to have it.

Wasting intelligence and complaining that others are beneath you is childish.

>8 an hour

I'm a wagie unskilled loser and i make close to 3 times what you make. You aren'y worth 8, you're worth about 5.

I do have my own money, I'm not purely leeching off of my parents

I'm currently unemployed because I refuse to work for less than $12, after having made SIGNIFICANTLY more in the past

>They're trying to cheerlead you into joining

That may be true, but it's not like that was the only precedent set. I know it doesn't mean much, but just look at the language I use when I write and tell me I'm not at least well-spoken.

As I've said, I don't enjoy feeling smarter than other people, but when I talk to people who aren't as literate as me, I tend to find their goals and beliefs to be... Just mundane and meaningless.
I can't relate to people who's only aspiration in life is to have sex and a job.
I've always felt it's our duty as humans to create, and advance ourselves culturally, but the average man seems to only care about getting their dicks wet.

I didn't make this thread to complain that others are beneath me. I made it so that I could resolve WHY I feel that way, and attempt to change it. My goal here is to be a better person, but without context for my emotions, I can't begin that process.

I don't believe in subservience. Every man has has the responsibility to choose their own fate. Choosing to service over freedom is a cardinal sin in my book.

You sound like someone who's young and highly invested in their own intelligence because they don't have much else going for them.

You don't chose your own fate, you make it. You're not making anything, you're waiting for someone to come along and hand it to you. Wanna be a man? Man the fuck up.

Please explain how you came to that conclusion.

Honestly, I don't even think I'm that smart. It was other posters who suggested that was my motivation.

I'm acutely aware of my inability to affect change in my life. All I want now is to be able to relate to other human beings in a way that doesn't make me despise them for not living up to my standards.

god i hate this fucking board... you're actually right OP work is cringe as fuck and everybody who works is dumb as nails. It's the truth, and yet you're going to get dogpiled by these wagie faggots making up little excuses "waahh youre just insecure" and the pathetic college-bound faggots "wahh youre poor and therefor not smart" or something of this general extraction... god I hate every single human being in this first-world cage of a country and every other capital intensive country... everyone's just so fucking stupid I want to blow my fucking brains out because of it! How do I get away from the stupid people? Nobody really gets it, they're all just putting up little excuses here n there, and bitching incessantly when someone espouses the idea that maybe being a literal slave isn't such a virtuous position to be in... god im gonna blow a fucking hole in my chest before i turn 23 or so, i'll work up the nerve

oh god kill yourself dumbass pronto... fuck you... yea he's just projecting his shame onto others... you'll never comprehend anything outside your stupid little squabbles and youre proud of it arent you you little worm faggot... kill yourself

Holy shit man, are you okay?

>Of course they told you...
yeah faggots like you will come up with anything to avoid believing that someone smarter than you could be in a lesser economic circumstance you classist wagecuck faggot kill yourself...
if there's one thing people don't want to believe it's that poor people aren't poor for any particular reason, because, in the same vein, the proposition that they themselves aren't not-poor for any particular reason becomes apparent, and this, scares the living shit out of the classist wagefaggot...

first you must learn to pull an oar, only then can you take the helm
save money and live off the grid if you despise bending your knee, you already got the misanthropist, hermit-like mindset
sadly since you're not rich from the get-go (nor a wildman) you gotta pay your freedom with sweat

no im extremely not okay

$20/hour in Canada is basically $10/hour in America.

wages are representative of the value of the work to be done not the individual doing it you snide classist retard.

Do you want to talk about it? I know I'm not exactly the best guy, considering the thread, but if I can help I'd like to.

What country are you from that you think "classes" exist? Funny you think you are better but you don't have any skill. Typical for the brainwashed, I guess. Of course you want to think that you are something.

People in service jobs absolutely are retarded, but so are you if you can't find a better job.

I agree but I'm just going to try to make enough money that I can live how I want to.

You sound exactly like them, lol.

>everybody who works is dumb as nails
You are as dumb as the Buddha himself. If everyone begs for food, who will feed them?

Yeah dude I'm a trash man and I honestly feel like I'm not dumb enough to do zero skill labor for much longer. But on the other hand I like the peeps I work with. Some of them are fat lazy fucks and tards but most people are just comfy doing shit work for shit pay. And where the fuck are you that 2k a month is decent pay?

I live in Indiana where average rent ranges from 600-800 a month. 2k is enough to live comfortably with money to spare, especially if you have a roommate.

But yeah, I definitely understand not being dumb enough for no-skill work, but even I don't see that as a reason to attack them with anger. I'm trash too. I've already unofficially changed my name to Nobody.

By your words, I'd say you already have an advantage over me, in that you actually like the people you work with. Keep them close.

I meant "class" in a metaphorical sense, only to refer to people who perform manual labor in order to earn an income.
I am not physically incabable of menial labor, which means objectively I have no stature over them.

However, doing such work causes me extreme shame and depression, which I project onto others as confusion and prejudice.

I honestly, genuinely want to change. Please, criticizing me for the beliefs I know are wrong is not helpful.

Maybe it's my fault, but I haven't spoken to anyone with higher values than to strive for comfort. Please, I honestly want help. I want to be better. Give me advice, not animosity.

The jobs industry is cruel and unfair. I understand that some people are unable to escape their poverty, and I recognize that I'm privileged above them in that I get to choose what jobs I accept.

Maybe that's put me in a position to think that everyone has that same power, but I suppose that isn't the case. I haven't found a better job because I haven't looked for one.

That doesn't make me dumb, that makes me lazy. I've relied on intuition my entire life, which has left me unprepared for the little thing called trying. I give up easily, and obsess over my mistakes. Intelligence has little actual practical value when it comes to what jobs you actually have access to.

I ask for guidance, and this is what I get. Maybe I was right to dislike people all along.

You're young and idealistic. Contribute to human advancement? Don't you need your literal shit taken care of?
I've worked as a taxi driver for five years ,so i've met all kinds of people. Upper and working-class are the most "human". Middle class is so busy playing their pretend-game that it's almost hilarious. The real normies of this world. Besides, hardships, suffering awakens the best in you. A metaphorical slap of awakening
And I would be ashamed to hide what i do for a living. Especially from strangers. You are ashamed of yourself, basically. And you care what strangers think of you. That's weak.

Dude you make under 30k/year. You ARE the working class. You think you're more valuable than $8/hour? Sounds like nobody else thinks so.

>criticizing me for the beliefs I know are wrong is not helpful.
I beg to differ motherfucker. I will help your stupidity however I see fit. There is no metaphor. There is no class.

forget all this class rat race bs and just find something you can genuinely get passionate about, do something you like and funnel any additional income into a savings account. I'm working in the service sector as a dog groomer, and I get shit pay, but I love what I do, and I'm building a skill that I can take anywhere with me, which in turn makes me feel like a more valuable individual, even though most corporate chains and ma and pa shops still pay me barely above minimum wage. My coworkers love their jobs too, and I've made so many real lifelong friends.I also run a side hustle where I paint people's dogs for commission. It also really helps that I only really work 3-4 days a week, so I get more time to go into my art and build other aspects of myself like fitness. I just have to live frugally. You need to really look inward and discover what it is that /you/ really want from life, not what you think you should do / what society has programmed into you. I've learned that having a job you don't love will always be awful no matter what, the amount of time your superiors take from you will never be worth the money to make the rest of your life bearable. I would straight up rather be a homeless nomad than go back to retail. Also, many people working shit jobs like fast food, especially younger people, are just putting up a facade and are really dissatisfied with their lives, not all people are as stupid as you've imagined them to be.

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Alright I guess you're just an asshole then. Don't need you on my thread.

I don't make any money because I'm voluntarily unemployed, you inattentive fuck. I'm living off of my copious savings until I can find something really worth my time.

I literally don't give a shit about what's weak or strong. All I fucking want is a human connection. All you people seem to care about is this "class" bullshit, which was a fucking mistake in the language I chose to use. I can't believe I'm actually being justified in hating the human race here. Suck a cock.