How do I get bigger breasts? I'm 25 years old and only an A cup. Is there anything that can be done to make them bigger?

How do I get bigger breasts? I'm 25 years old and only an A cup. Is there anything that can be done to make them bigger?

I'm tired of being the woman on the left, I want to be the one on the right, or at least close to it. Just not flat chested.

No I will not have surgery. My boyfriend says it's not worth it as he's happy with them. He's just not against them being bigger (I'm not doing this for him he's never said anything to make me feel insecure btw)

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Get pregnant

You can't increase your breast size appreciably without surgery. You could try gaining weight but even that's no guarantee.

I know it's not what you want to hear, but surgery or gaining weight are the only way to get bigger boobs. Sometimes they get a bit bigger after childbirth, but that's not 100%.

There are no tricks or creams or workouts to make them grow.

You can of course make them appear bigger with push-up bras and countouring.

Both are hot, but left is hotter. Flat is no deal breaker, and right is larger than I prefer.

You could try to put on some weight. My GF lost some weight in the past six months, and her tits grew smaller.

Do workout on you chest muscles. It might make what you got protrude more.

weight gain pregnancy and their are some creams said to work. Looked into bovine treament would not do again

lol. Girl on left is not going to look like girl on right using some cream sold by snake oil salesmen. Pregnancy is only a temp method. And some women don't gain weight in their boobs. They're called flatsos for a reason


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Ask Jow Forums. IIRC some supplements like fenugreek help a bit.

>breast envy

I remember hearing a news story a long time ago about how some german soldiers were developing breast tissue, due to part of a rifle handling routine that had the men slamming their rifles into their chest. As it was a drill, I imagine they were doing it quite a lot. They may be something involved with physical stimulation that could cause breast tissue growth. Try doing some research, I wouldn't be surprised if there have been some studies done.

Drink IPAs, eat chicken necks that have been injected with hormones. There's stuff that traps do that should also work for you. A certain combination of teas and vitamins. Certain exercises. Check on lgbt to see if they still keep the info graphic up. There are also creams that might work, but haven't seen any.

Surgery is the only option. But fake tits will be as good as the real thing. Sorry.

False. This is the same as saying that penis pumps or some shady pills work to increase penis size

get fat and get pregnant. Really the only ways outside of surgery.

Please don't. At 25 with nice breasts you will have about 7 good years left until they sag. They'll be looking at the floor instead of your bf. Not worth it imo

Sorry, but where is that image from?

small breasts are underated. be happy with them.


Ignore brainlets like this. Pregnancy will make A cups into pancake-A cups.


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anyone knows the name of the girl in the left?

It's weird how some girls can have low bodyfat and still have huge natural tits. I guess it's genetic but does anyone know whos side it's inherited from?

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Exogenous progesterone
Weight gain
>That's really all you can do

I'm guessing the mother's side. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother all have large breasts, and I seem to follow family tradition with C cups (almost D).

No. My grandma has huge tits, mom has medium, and I got small handfuls. Not always the case.

So it's random as fuark?

Small tits are the goal, OP. On a surface cleavage level bigger breasts may appear better, but standing on their own they rarely look very good. Small breasts stand on their own, and you have the insurance of still looking good as you age.

You have a blessing. Left girl is significantly more attractive. Only knuckle dragging monkey primal brain men desire massive massive breasts. They just dont look good.

you already have a boyfriend? the fuck you need bigger tits for?

All my life, this.

Alow me to suck on them every day for 6 months, i had 2 successes before.

If you're that flat surgery might be the only choice but if you've got something to work with there's this girl on reddit, amwf_alice and she's been following this guide where she rubs her tits every day for 30 mins, chugs a bunch of things supposed to trigger breast growth (like zink or whatevs) and later also bought a breast pump to stimulate stuff. Her tits grew visibly since last I saw her so I was quite surprised and thought she was pregnant but it's all natural work.

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I went from completely flat to "now you can actually grab them in your hand" size by getting on birth control pills.

It's from the dad's side. My ex is a 32H, her older sister barely fits a 36J, and each of her oldest sister's tits is bigger than my torso but she's obese. I'm told her tits didn't change size as she got fat. Their mother is a 32B and almost all of the women on the mother's side were small too. Meanwhile every woman I met from the father's side had huge tits.

I miss that family

I'm tired of having a small dick, but what'r ya gonna do.

>How do I get bigger breasts? I'm 25 years old and only an A cup. Is there anything that can be done to make them bigger?
Breast implants, but
>No I will not have surgery
Failing that get pregnant, your tits will get bigger, then after your kid is no longer being breast fed you will have saggy breasts because they deflate.

There's no magic way to get bigger boobs without pregnancy or implants, if you want to look like you have bigger boobs when you are clothed get a bra which has padding in it.

Surgery only. It's like if you had a small dick. Nothing will help except for a surgery.
Don't listen to those idiots who suggest you to get pregnant. Preggy boobs get bigger, that's correct, but they also become much more saggy. It looks disgusting.

Big breast fill a man's hand.
Flat chests fill a man's heart.

Can i suggest that you read a little bit about stoicism? Many things are out of our reach and we should not focus on those things.
Plenty people (myself included) really like smaller breasts, and since you are 25, maybe you should be happy for the size because when every woman reach their 30, gravity ruin them anyways...

Tl;dr. My interest in your boobs is of no interest to me, although, I am very interested. (Post clothed boobs.) just noticed that nobody's mentioned lavender. Idk about onion estrogen meme. Lavender has been linked to boobs in the most inconvenient of ways. You can get lavender soap and air freshener, perfume. Probably tea. Whatever. Just want to help your boobs despite my drunkeness. Also know that all tits are special and there is no such thing as a bad rack. I'm sure you're lovely. (Post boobs.) I did you a solid. Keep purple lavender stuff away from boys and men.


You don't necessarily have to have surgery. There is a procedure that doesn't require any general anesthetic, but only local anesthetic. Parts of your body that does have fat can be numbed, liposuction can be done to harvest fat and then injected into your breast tissue. I don't recall the name of the procedure, but I'm sure you can look up the details.

Drink milk. Anime told me that it works.

Incidentally, you're not far off.

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I guess I should also add more context and address to the OP while I'm at it.

Pic related is Thai styled breast slapping that redirects fat to the chest. It works, but for some it doesn't.

>Have a job just slapping bitches breasts
Oh god


Hey what about some boob? This Is some of the most solid, heartfelt adv you got up in here.

Don't. It isn't worth it.


Man! I hope there's some boob posted up in here in the morning. In OP pic: the one on the right is going to totally get the elbow.

Smaller breasts are more attractive (at least to me anyway).

They are shaped by body fat percentage. You have to gain weight but there's no guarantee it will go to your chest.

They are boutineLA models.

Do you have any evidence to back that up?
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Boobs?... I mean, "BOOBS!!"
Who's with me?

Hell yeah. I want to evaluate some. I give them an 8 just for showing up. Anyone?

This, and you should have done it during first puberty to have a better chance. Second puberty tends to store fats in the hips/stomach/butt for child rearing. Though you may also get some into your tits if your body allows it.

More than a mouthful is wasted

Jesus Christ, I would fornicate with both and I would do it aggressively. Flat titties are so damn great.