So my buddy says ive changed in the past few years and says he doesnt like being around me anymore...

So my buddy says ive changed in the past few years and says he doesnt like being around me anymore. Says ive got mental issues. i am in a position that if i go get myself checked out i could lose a promotion and/ or get fired. What do i do anons?

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what mental issues

Well... i get really aggressive, super paranoid, even more when drinking, and then theres episodes of what feels like demonic possesion such as feeling of wanting to murder everyone around me or myself. Theres always an arguement inside my head and when it stops i either hear a constant scream or a voice telling me to do something.

you need 200 micrograms of lysergic acid diethylamide

In a job postion where that would get me fired(routine drug tests)

they don't test for psychedelics, genius...

Do you play doom? I think doom would be a great way to get bent out the whole “demonic possession-like” episodes. But more importantly, don’t go off just one guy’s opinion. Try to get a second or third if possible and ask them for advice too so you can understand exactly what they mean much better and get ideas on how to help yourself. As far as the voices thing, maybe you’re slightly schizo? There is medication for that stuff and you should check but I think psychiatrists and therapists both have the whole confidentiality bit unless you bring up 1) you want or will hurt someone, 2) someone will hurt you, or 3) you have hurt someone. I think those are the only exceptions, had to ask my therapist once on that.
Good luck bro, hoping the best for you


Vent* not bent

I actually do, just started its super great. It doesnt really help fix the problem but it does help distract very well

Not sports, job just is very big on no drugs

What job is so absurd that medication for a mental issue could get you fired? Unless you get diagnosed with something from the psychosis range, hard to believe they would fire you.

Any unperscribed medication can land you either getting fired or severely demoted. And getting diagnosed with anything Psychosis related or delusional related is what im afraid of. Because thats an automatic removal

Get a girlfriend to agree on a BDSM, as her dom you will feel in control and let your range go somewhere

About that >.> Paranoia - all females are out to steal my wallet or use me. Can barely even trust my female coworkers

You have trust issues only with females? if so, where does it comes from, can you remember?

Early age parents fought. Father alchohlic mother pill abuser. Parents divorced around 8 or so. Mother constantly bad mouthed me and father. Father's girlfriend blamed me for everything wrong in her life claimed i was out to get her almost every week i went to go see my dad.

Do you have any female relative (sister, grandma) or friend you can genuinely trust? Maybe rebuilding that aspect of your life can help you mental health?

I have a sister and i want to trust her but every fucking time! I always hear it. The voice in my head telling me. Dont she's just like the rest even though i knows shes not. Hell even just thinking about this causes conflict and my body goes into a minor panic attack

If you have panic attack now, practice breathing in through your nose for a count of five, hold it for five and then breathe out through mouth for a count of five or picture your happy place

Thanks user. You've been very supportive. Besides possible schizophrenia do you think there could be any other mental disorders present?

What he calls mental issues are almost certainly attitude issues. Ask him for specifics and try to change

You just need to train yourself to be more masculine. Anytime a male has mental issues it's usually because hes allowed himself to slip into a feminine train of thought. Hit the gym, eat healthy, take zinc, and learn to just accept things for what they are and deal with it like a man.

>Thanks user.
I'm a femanon, I hope you will be more trusting of women in the future.
>do you think there could be any other mental disorders present?
It can be just auditory hallucination without mental disorder? Even if it's schizophrenia if treated it can be under control, it's sucks that job is holding you from it. Can you change place of work or your profession? Isn't your health is more important than your career?

So hearing multiple voices inside my head and/or incessant screaming is equated to being unmasculine? Also i do eat healthy and eat quit a few foods that contain zinc. Cant go the the gym right now because of health issue.

You know what "confidentiality" is, right?

This is a non-issue. Go to therapy. Get your shit straight. Otherwise those "mental issues" going untreated is what's going to cost you your job.

Im in a fair job right now with a promotion in the next two months

If you don't want to change job, do you even plan on going to therapy after two month?

I want to get help. I'm just worried that it will negatively impact my life and leave me out of a job and i'll still have the issues


After therapy at last you will feel in control, it's not gonna magically solve all you issues but it will help. I understand your fear of loosing job if you really love what you do, but if you have alternatives you would enjoy and get medication openly, you should think about switching. You should know that you worth more than just your career, you should feel happy and content with your life

And if i tell the doctor that the voices cause me to want to hurt other people and myself or the only way to keep them quiet is to literally bash my head with objects or against a wall.(truth) Doesn't the confidentially go right out the door?

>get really aggressive
>super paranoid
>episodes of demonic possesion
>wanting to murder everyone around me
>arguement inside my head
>hear a constant scream or a voice telling me to do something

Not mental illness, your just a newly forged world eater easing into your butchers nails.


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It's only if the doctor/therapist (you really should do both) believes you to be an immediate danger to yourself or others. Self-injury doesn't count (I used to be a cutter), and saying it makes you want to do something (rather than saying you will do something) should also be fine.

Again, the cost of not getting treatment may well be that you end up actually hurting someone eventually and going to jail, rather than just losing your job. That's much worse.

Had a good laugh at this one. Thanks!

This is true... maybe i shouldnt wait?

I don't think you should wait, but it's ultimately up to you.

You need to recognize the voices as part of your subconscious. Always refer to it as such never grant it the power that it is a demon or anything like that. It is part of you and you are it's master. And practice non-violence as well whatever you do do not justify a violent act to yourself always walk away from violence. This is a part of your subconscious it is the shadow which is your hatred and the evil side of you.