Anger management

I'm the anger guy from last night. I haven't slept I need help. Last thread didn't help at all. I feel worse.

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So you are angry all the time?

Only for the past monthy or so. I've barely slept. atleast 3 hours at the most a day.

Just punch a brick wall untill the pain overcomes your anger

Seems like you have problems with hormones. You girl or boy?


You drink? How old are you.

smoke weed
pet a stray dog

25 I don't drink much.
I can't stand the smell.

I tried camomeal tea it has relaxed me a bit but I still get some outbursts of anger.

>25 I don't drink much.

are you fat?

then cook it or get tinctures

Used to bee slimmed down a lot this last year.
How is this related?

Can't really buy it legally without prescription and docs here are strict.

Excessive estrogen from being obese can make you violent. As i said it's hormonal.

well went fom pant size 38 to 32 so not that fat anymore.

who the fuck cares about legality? god you're such a faggot
you haven't even said why you're angry

Depends if the fat still messes up your hormones with combination of alcohol. It can last for weeks. I would advise to do nofap for week and go lifting.

Did something change in your life?
Student, working, neet? Love life? Family? Friends?

To continue my post. I had huge trouble sleeping few months back (around 3-4h each day for a month), I was annoyed constantly by everything with few angry outbursts.
Finished college, the job i planned didn't go through, relationship troubles, everything piled on.
Is that similar to your situation?

hey dude I'm super pissed too, mostly at myself

when things get tough I just do push ups, it helps. If I'm still pissed, I keep doing random exercises until I no longer am or until I'm exhausted, at which point i drag myself to bed and cry myself to sleep. Shadow boxing used to help before, but now it just infuriates me even more. Hang on dude, one day it might get better

The nails demand rage

Mostky job famiky and love.

A mantra has helped me a bit. When angry, I think, "Instant forgiveness." It has been helping me. You can still have time to consider if you are mad later. It isn't faggy or anything.