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Yall know the drill.

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K, if you're still here.
I want to tell you that im sorry for everything, I only said those words in order to protect you because you deserve someone who has the capability to love you wholeheartedly and im not the person for that as much as I want to.

Yes, I liked you in secret and maybe loved you at some point? idk
My method may not be the best when it comes to pushing someone to be their very best but im sure you're now doing a good job and im very happy for that. keep it up!

i've been trying to quit porn for 3 years now

should i just get a rope

I don't accept your apology, I don't forgive you.


I do accept, choose me over

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I'd rather die alone.
scratch that, im dying alone.

I want to be with you...

The truth on why you can't coparent is because you and I both know what really happened between us. You're a coward and can't face what you did. You need to be surrounded by people who can be manipulated by your version of what happened and can tell you I abused you, you only reacted. But we know the truth. And you can't handle it.

I didn't write that, never will, die already.

I know.
By the way I can hook you up with one of my friends.
not Nendou this time, I promise.

have a gut feeling we've met so I can become your wingman.

You know...after all this time, I still feel the same.

It's like this.

Get lost. I answered first.

You really need to put your attention on higher thoughts. Go read some philosophy or mysticism or quantum physics.

What do you want to do anyways? other than me dying.

The truth is you aren't strong enough or good enough for me.

My telekinetic matrix friend ha...
Nobody cares about your hookup stories.
With friends like that who needs enemies right ?

I know.

The truth is you are good enough for me. Even if you don't think so...

I like all my Illuminati friends. Thanks for your help.

Traveling makes quiting habits way easier . When I travel, I can easily do nofap for more than a month, but at home, I do it 2x a day. For me, it's boredom most of the time that pushes me to my addiction. New hobbies can help.

You can't handle me. Just go away and do us a favor.

>With friends like that who needs enemies right ?
Yup, all I wanna do is avoid trouble and solve puzzles.

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The only time I'm unhappy is when I try to fight them. When I give in to what I really am, I'm happy. It just feels right.

You don't even know who I am.

I'm addicted to porn, literally masturbate at least three times a day and can go up to six, i strongly believe this is because i was exposed to it at such a young age (kids at school, u know how it is) and it effected the way i viewed women growing up and was a pretty big factor in me becoming an emotionally manipulative asshole at 16 to the only girl i ever loved, fucked her up pretty bad. If you're a younger person lurking through this thread then seriously stop watching porn and don't buy into all the sexist crap you see online (MGTOW and the like), all it ever did was make me afraid of women and combined with the porn i'm ashamed to say i didn't even view them as people for a long time, just objects.

Respect others; respect yourself.

I can't fight the nature of who I am. I don't want to be who you want me to be. I can fly but you want me to hop, like you.

Lol typical female. Get over yourself. You're in denial. This nothing is ever my fault mindset is a typical female response. Women will always rationalize their emotional reaction regardless of how much it hurts or affects the other person. Women will never genuinely admit or think they're wrong if they feel they're entitled on an emotional level. This is why you should do your best to never take women seriously and treat them like children.

No, I don't. You're probably some asshole on this site that tries to hurt people though. Then laughs about it.

Hardly anything is good enough for you.

I know this. I have high expectations. Sometimes, some people get it right though.

I am the last person here that would hurt another. That description sounds like it belongs to you, though.

Good advice user. This is what I fear for young people on here. I'm female and I was messed up by porn as well, as a kid.

You don't know me and never will.

I don't want to. Stop replying to people who obviously aren't here for you.

was obviously a response to Now, fuck off and take your own advice and stop making it about you.

At this point, I don't care if he dies or not.

I don't think I have social anxiety anymore

You wouldn't understand it, even if I told you. That's the sadness that is my life. I'll be fine though, I always am.

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It wasn't a response. Similar, yeah, but if it was a response I would've directly replied ; )
Instead of this disappointing message, I wrote
....for my person who seems to doubt themselves a lot.

Back off with the cheap crap

I never should have sent you what I looked like. I just turned from an acquaintance to a doll for you to play with when you were bored. We ”dated” and then we became friends. More friends than we were lovers. And for a long time we were fine. But you kept wanting pics without any commitment and I am terrified of that because I have been left by so many people. I just wanted things to work out. I would have been fine being just friends but you wouldn’t keep getting pictures and you got angry. But instead of yelling, you tried to manipulate me and play with my feelings to give you more. Why did you have to be drinking? I guess at least you told me the truth. But I lost a good friend four days ago. I know it’s best for us to be apart... but I really hate being alone.

It's worded almost exactly the same. Fuck off and stop your bullshit on here.

>for my person
1. Your person is not here.
2. Even in the 1/(world population) chance they are, they
2a. don't know it's for them
2b. don't know who you are

I really only care about my mission, nothing personal ever works out for me. It's the way my life I give up on that part.

I hope you fail in every relationship you ever have, after you told me what you did. You deserve nothing but misery, and I hope you feel the heart crushing sadness that you gave me.

Grow up, just because you were hurt, you wish pain on another? What a fucking child.

>Forgiving your enemies
What a weak spirit you have

Not but you don’t know what they did. They’re not inflicting it so what’s it matter?


Worded the same does not mean response. A direct reply would mean it is a response. Both messages have entirely different meanings. Unless, though, you're one to make things about yourself.
That's not even the point. I don't really care if they're here or not. I'm getting it off my chest.

I didn't say anything about forgiveness but stewing in anger, bitterness and hate is weakness.

Love, relationships, feeling some form of affection to the opposite sex may be an evolutionary requirement to reproduce, but it is a weakness. When a man falls in love, his every task is done in consideration for the woman. He is weak and vulnerable. And when it ends, which it always does, he is broken, useless. With nothing to offer to society but depression. Perhaps a depressed state is the body and mind’s indication that the purpose of that person in this world has ended, and so they must kill themselves so newer, stronger men can arise in their place.

they're a child

You're a weakling and a coward. Vengeance upon your enemies is the way of the world.

Again, you wrote for my person. The words you use, reflect your intention.

Okay idiot. Spend all your time hating people, we really don't care.

I want to see Hillary dance again. This time, I want to see you apologize Hillary!

You rejected them. Out!

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is playing games. I don't play those sort of games that aren't fun.

Aargh! You God damn manic depressed cunt! Leave me the fuck alone!

All I do is talk a lot. All I do is constantly rant and I’m sure my s/o hates it. They always seem to be tuning me out or cutting me off short. I feel embarrassed, I’m sorry. I’m just gonna teach myself not to rant annoyingly

I fell for a LDR. 2 years of online stuff, a few visits and now we live together. I am miserable. I left my city for a town and while the environment is calmer but jobs kinda suck. Though I'm only looking to make enough to make what I need to for a comfy level. So where I am is not really the issue, though it came at a cost. I gave up a comfy job, and while I still lived with my parents at 30, it was nice to have my family around. It was pretty much my parents, my siblings, my nephews and myself. Yeah it was cramped but I had my space and people I love. Why the fuck did I foolishly trade that in or what I gained? I'm getting work now, which is fine, I think it's the gf. Damn it this girl fucking sucks. I'm pretty much just a toy in her doll house of a life and getting to see the inter workings of her family also sucks. They are packrats, and my gf can never do any wrong. Nope, as her mom puts it, she's perfect and great at at everything she does and has done, and any negative traits she has have only manifested in the last 2 years (aka. When she met me.). I'm pretty much really to dip the fuck out of here. My gf is lazy, does nothing unless I do it for her, if I don't do it she just doesn't do it. She doesn't eat unless I make and serve her. Sometimes even wants me to bathe her. Then God forbid I take sometime to myself to relax with a game or book becaus she gets immediately need my for my attention. She also dumped her puppy on me, and she dislikes that the pup likes me more than her. The pup dotes on me, gee wiz, maybe it's because I do everything for the pup. I take her out, feed her, play time and what not. She just wants the pup to love her, I don't think shit works that way.
I work for my shit, she gets her money from a full ride scholarship, here's the problem, she apparently can't deal with the stress of being a university. She doesn't really study and when she does she sucks at it.
So I'm saving my cash so I can leave as soon as I afford to eject. I'm done

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Why is everyone so mean?

I cannot cope with the cards i am dealt
Im 5'5 and I can already notice the hairline and big forehead short men get in their 20s and up. The fact that my prime is over and I will never feel the best again for the rest of my life makes me reconsider whether I wanna carry on.
Honestly it pains me. If you are short and wanna have kids, please reconsider it.

Being an Evil ruler of the Underworld is tough business when you have no money to fund your plans for world domination.

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I already have. Now it's your turn.

Don't you have minions? Get them to work

They just take the money for themselves. Anti-Slavery Laws ruined everything.

Quads of question.
Because people suck and don't deserve you.

I need you

I have nothing to get off my chest, I just wish you all a great day and hope you all get better!

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Love you too bb

Off to work to work I go. You give me an extra push

I'm a bisexual, not a cuck.

The thrill goes both ways but don't take my word for it.

I only fuck blacks and lesbians so you're shit out of luck anyways.

China being nuked means more to me than anything, even heteronormal values or racism.

Stay proud, Americans, no matter what!

I hate people I hate people I hate people

Life make me suicidal
The emotional manipulation and immaturity
The construction at all fucking hours of the day
The people who just have a loud ass conversation near my room where I have to literallt yell at them to stfu

I can't sleep
I can't get away
Every day and every night it's like this
I can't take it

I fucking seriously hate people
I'm so glad when they die

If you live in a place where you can drink Mtn Dew and Dr. Pepper please enjoy them to the max every time. I would do ANYTHING to drink one of those again. I haven't tasted any of those in 6 years now and they don't sell them in my country.

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God i would litterally execute feminists if i could get away with it

Try ginger ale

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Sounds like you got issues user

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They have some on amazon my dude

Thanks for the advice and yeah I love Ginger Ale, it's somewhat rare but still available in my country.
Importing them may be hard but I never really got myself to check that out so I will try, thanks!

I’ll have one right now for ya muh mountain dude

Thanks user

Thank you ;_;

Recently had a bad dating experience but I genuinely do not know if I did anything wrong. Only the day after we became sexually intimate on second date, did I realize that I was very uncomfortable with it and that my ideal relationship would not have begun like this. I needed some time to think about this, but in the meantime this woman comes up and questions me. I share my honest thoughts, and she proceeds to call me an asshole fuckboy who "took advantage of her" and "made" her like me and then left. Lmao what the fuck. Not true at all. The timing might not have been right, but my intention was never to "hump and dump".

The venomous way this woman went after me when I said that I wouldn't like to take things further, is making me wonder. But this same chick also said, in a passing comment, that she only makes out with guys on the first date when she knows for sure she'll never see them again. So I feel she isn't a great indicator of personality. I don't know what to think. Am I actually an asshole?

I just want you to matter to me and me to matter to you... You just want me to chase you.

Not if you told her the truth.

such a great song. weird choice for it to fade in though, that always bothered me.

The majority of this board is a fucking mess full of people who don't even want advice. It makes my head spin. I could actually help people here but there's so much blatant attention whoring it makes me really sad.
>omg so here's 5 paragraphs about how I just HATE communicating with people
>be my friend let's talk about it :)))))

Fade outs is general kind of bothers me but I love this song.

Most of us here are just venting our thoughts and feelings into the world.

Find another habit to replace it with. Alternatively, get a very difficult and exhausting job (mentally or physically, preferably both), and you'll be too tired to jerk it when you come home every day.

Forgive the poor grammar and punctuation I'm going off the cuff here.

I've been exchanging photos with guys online at a disgustingly heighted rate recently, and while in the moment it feels good, afterwards I the self-loathing begins to surface. I feel like such a whore. I share with them my body, and honestly they act like they couldn't care less about me, I guess that just comes with the territory. The fear also comes with it. Imagine all the photos they have of me; what they could with them. If I ever were to make something of myself I'm afraid that this will come back to haunt me. I'm disgusting. I can hardly even get off to idea of guys, it's just that I like the attention. It's more than women have ever given to me. It's unhealthy and most of the time I feel as if I'm lying, but it beats feeling alone right?
One of the major problems is that In all this sexual confusion I came out to a lot of my family as Bi, mostly against my will mind you, if it were up to me I would have kept it all under wraps. So now I kind of feel obligated to be Bi because that's easier than explaining that I'm not really sure about my sexuality at all.
So either I look like a liar, or I become a liar. I just want some kind of physical contact, is that asking too much? What am I saying? Of course it is. I'm looking for external recognition from wherever I can find it. It's pathetic. eventually it will escalate to the point where I will physically be having sex with another guy and I will definitely know then where I stand sexually, but then will that turn into a string of one night stands, and eventually death by STI? Probably. I'm just looking for a quick solution to a problem that requires a lot of work to fix. Inpatience, that is my problem always has been. I guess I should end this, not like anyone would read this shit. No one ever does. I'm invisible even on a site where there are no identities

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running out of money and no job prospects. really really hope one of these jobs look into hiring me or else I may be on the streets in a month's time

There's a fine line between being frugal and taking care of yourself.

>graduated from college
>doesn't remember anything from college
>afraid to apply for jobs because i am sure i wont get one. and if i did i wouldn't do a good enough job and get fired
great job dumbass