How to attract a 4.0 gpa shy boy who only cares about studying & games?

i'm just what you would call a plain jane.
but he's so attractive to me.

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First you gotta speak to him. Then you’re gonna want to ask him out, Assuming you find them. You could try tutoring people and eventually find someone but most of the people you meet will have low grades and try to raise them enough to pass. You could also spend more time in libraries, pretty much it’s a numbers game with say one in every idk 200 hours they’ll show up and the more often you can be there, higher chance you’ll have finding them, like buying more lotto tickets (although lotto is a shit example for good odds.) you could also join study groups.
Overall, think about what kind of girl a guy like that wants to be with and aim to be more like them. Doing this will definitely help with sealing the deal. Good luck.

thanks a lot for the tips. will definitely try those. i'm not TOO smart like him of course but i think my grades are good enough.
>Overall, think about what kind of girl a guy like that wants to be with and aim to be more like them.
does a female league character that he likes count? because that girl is a literal femme fatale, i dont look like her at all

I'll tell you something important.
If he is shy and introverted then you have to make the first step, and the second.
I know you're the girl and usually expected to be passive and wait for a guy to approach you but if you're into a shy boy that won't work.
Don't try things like dropping hints for him to pick up, he likely won't understand.
You have to be clear with him, tell him you want to spend time with him and actually tell him that you like him.

>tfw no Jow Forums qt to post about attracting a guy like myself
y even desu

>Wanting to be the fantasy girl
It's a bit more than that but I genuinely would deplore you from trying to replicate this in person

play games with him

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He more than likely cares about studying and games because he has no friends (or people he can identify with) so he went 'all in' on education and uses Intrenet as his outlet. You'd be surprised just how many people that are extremely successful in other people's eyes suffer from what I call "alone on the top of the hill" syndrome and just how lonely they are.

found common interest and ask him out based on that.

You really think it's a girl? Even if she was, we all know which guys she actually goes for...

He doesn't need a whore to lower his GPA. Leave him be

Just talk to him. Trust me he probably gets zero female attention and that alone will make his day.

Find out what he likes be that.

Why girls don't know? Any effort whatsoever and you will accomplish your goal. Maybe a little less true in a competitive environment but, you don't live at the dance club. You can totally do this OP. Enjoy!

I'm unironically right here OP. Just letting you know that all you have to do is go talk to him and he will like you. You basically can't mess up.

You're a shy gamer boy with 4.0 gpa? What kind of girls do you like?

Yes I'm done with school now though. I like quiet shy weird girls who have something they are passionate about. Video games, books, art, sports, or the internet, I value passion and dedication because that's how I am. I'd prefer for her not to be an extrovert and instead have me as her main friend, but I'd be open to her being an extrovert too as long as our relationship was her main priority and she'd be willing to tell her friends to back off if they encouraged her to talk to other guys.

I'd like her to enjoy the quiet simple things in life and be above the pursuit of superficial materialist stuff like expensive clothes or status symbols like cars. At the same time I value financial competence and a longterm wealth building mindset, but with the end goal that this wealth will be used for early retirement and donations, so that our free time can be used for activism and helping humanity once we get our feet on the ground.

Those are the type of girls I like, who knows whether this guy you're thinking about is the same.

Parks dept don't have all day. Boobs? Yes or no? Hoopw nimber. < heit? I mean whut? So what, im drunk. Aint nobody's here and iK, know.

Anime club. Chess club. Video game club. Library

Hm. R U me?

You think shy, studious boys can't be good looking?

Damn, I didnt think girls were attracted to intelligence.
Think I could pull out my 3.7 GPA and get girls to be interested in me?

op didn't specifically indicate that the GPA was the sole factor

Well yeah, but the fact that it's a factor at all is surprising.
Besides, I'm shy and only have games as my hobby anyway, like most people on this website.

breaking down the barrier of physical attractiveness is very hard, but it is doable.
i think the same mechanism applies to LDRs and romances online where people don't have to be seen to feel a connection (although sadly it may be rare for those to commit).

generally either Just don't be weird, or be yourself. and ask yourself if you're willing to change yourself so much to be able to woo someone, or will you just be confident enough to actually be what you are in front of others.

chances are if you show what you are and what you're passionate about in a genuine way you'll probably attract someone. but still, it is still a good thing if what you like is what's generally normal.