Should I try dating her again?

A month ago I got denied by a girl I had hung out with a bit and talked to, we got along pretty well, but she told me she didnt feel anything for it. Its been a month now, should I try again? Since I talked with her, I have been with a few other girls, and become better and more confident with girls since her. So should I try again? I don't know if she is with someone right now though, but I guess I got nothing to lose, right?

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Fuck no. She had her chance and missed it.


She knows you're there. She knows you're interested. If she changes her mind she'll come to you. Don't harass her

I guess, but its just been a long time since we chatted/talked, should I try just contacting her and talking about it?

bad move, avoid contacting her. If you end up in the same situation without setting things up you may do something about it but you made clear your intention and she turned you down.

What do you mean with getting in the same situation without setting things up?

Absolutely not, have some self respect.

I just struggle with it, every fiber in my body wants to try again. How do I prevent it?

without making any effort (it won't happen)

So I should never try contacting her again? I really enjoyed the time i spent with her. Am I putting in effort if I ask her if she wants to talk over the phone?

OP I am in the same situation but its been 3 months for me

So what do you think about doing? Are you going to contact her?

>been with a few other girls since

No you fucking gross used up disease dick. She deserves someone who would have had more self control.

Why did she then not want me, even though we got along pretty good?

no, cut contact and find someone else.

But will I ever find someone as good as her?

better than getting cuck

Getting along =/= romantic interest or sexual attraction.

Don't pursue her again. if she wants you, she'll come to you. Instead, you should look elsewhere. Not only are you more likely to find someone who actually is attracted to you, you won't be stuck waiting around for a girl who has said she's not interested. That's not fair to you or her.

How am I getting cucked?

Its just rough moving on, how do I do it?

I'm yet another person in the same situation. We were at second base, one day she just randomly says there is no chemistry. Been no contact for 3 months. I never wanted someone as much as I do, her. How do I reboot this?

No only new girls