I was raped

Saturday night I was in a party and this girl that has a crush on me was hitting on my mercilessly. I was almost passed out from alcohol but I told her multiple times to fuck off and that I have a girlfriend. I remember her crying, everything went black and afterwards I was in a toilet with her, everything went black again and I found myself at bed. I asked my friends what happened and they told me that they saw her giving me a blowjob on the stairs and afterwards she took me and drove me to the bathroom. What do I do now? I think I was raped.

Worst thing of all is that the girl is a feminist in participates in the anti rape propaganda shit.

Go to the police with your friends and file a report.

Do women get busted for that shit as well?

Stay away from her. I never been in a situation like that, but if I were you I would stay away from her completely.

Follow this advice, even if there's nothing you can do now it's important to have this shit on record. Also stay away from her like Whatever happened, after the report, she'll be be the *victim*

Man people are laughing at me and shit, nobody's taking that seriously cause I'm a male and in the world's eyes "males don't get raped". Also what the fuck do I tell my gf?

good luck user

>everything went black and afterwards I was in a toilet with her, everything went black again

When you blacked out, you probably consented.

It’s not consent if he was drunk or coerced.

that's for women not for men

You mean molested.

Bullshit, he chose to get drunk. Deal with the consequences idiot, maybe blacking out isn’t a good fucking idea?

Neither is hooking up with someone while they're blacked out.

The backlash has already started. Don't forget we live in a world where Katy Perry is being accused of sexual misconduct by several people, and she's not getting away with it.

Most important question: Was she white?

Do you have any proof, OP? Also follow this , your friends witnessed it.
And don't get drunk ever again.

you were raped if she doesn't take that seriously break up, she might do it to you too.

>what the fuck do I tell my gf
That some girl tried to suck your dick when you were passed out. Maybe she believes you and doesn't dump you for getting drunk like that with another girl.

Obviously nobody should run people over with a car, but sprinting across the highway and people start to wonder why you would do such a thing.
You chose to get black out drunk. This isn't some accident that happens when you drink 30 beers instead of 1.
People have agency. Stop asking for the government to fix your problems.

By the way, ignore the bait that is When the roles are reversed, the same advice in would be given to the female, except she would actually be a victim.

Also, whatever the choices that led to it, when a person’s decision making faculties are incapacitated for whatever reason, even bad choices that led to it, legal dynamics change

I saw you say it but I didn't see user. Males don't get raped. Nobody's that drunk. Sure maybe you were too drunk, whatever pussy. Don't say shit to gf. If it comes up, downplaying truth in a comical manner is sufficient. Forget about it and move on with life and stop being a fag. Except when you want to remember it and think about it when you hump gf.

Was this in the US? If so I am sorry to say there is nothing you can do. Men can't be raped. If you try and make legal action you may very well be the one charged with rape if she was also drunk.

this. People arent going to take f on m rape seriously if they dont start getting prosecuted for shit like this.

feminism is such a fucking joke. were living in a society where simple minded women are brainwashed to think they're oppressed, then when something like this happens they flip the switch without any second thought.

you may or may not get your liberation from the U.S. judicial system, but the odds are not in your favor.

This is so amazing and undoubtedly true. It is well known, among channers , that grills reach extacy when raped and there's all the fee fees about confusion and the lot. Guys get stiff out of bio-mechanical obvium and whoa, whoa! If you weren't enjoying it, how come the hardon?? Still, cant rape the willing. Sorry OP. Wish I could take your place and make it all disappear 4U.
t. Live in pussy but the more the merrier.

In the wise words of Charles Manson, there is no wrong or right, only is and isn't. Once it **is** in the past it **is** gone forever. Try to forget it brother, and if you see her again, give her your best 'fuck you' smile :)

>and she's not getting away with it.
in what way? A little bit of temporary bad publicity?

>girl is a feminist in participates in the anti rape propaganda shit
the only type of girl who rapes guys, user

If this is not bait (actually a bit unlikely on this board knowing what I know of it), that doesn't sound like rape; it sounds like you got blackout drunk and had sex with some girl, just like if she got blackout drunk and had sex with some guy it wouldn't (at least shouldn't) be rape.
If it is a bait, which to be honest OP, I'm 90% sure this is though is not your fault if this story is true, then can you please not encourage retarded and detrimental discourse about what constitutes rape with inflammatory Jow Forums posts? Thanks.

I mean seriously, it becomes so fucking transparent when you say hurr durr anti-rape feminist

I'd bug out on the whole thing. Don't interact with her or else you risk her turning it around on you if she feels cornered.

Her feminist stuff is a weapon she has loaded in her lap, just take it as the warning that it is and stay away from her. If she pursues you publicly, then she'll end up wearing down the defense she's built for herself and you can move forward by publicly distancing yourself from her, but for now don't make a big deal out of how you're avoiding her, just do what you need to do to not be near her.

I don't know if you should tell your girlfriend. you're the only one with eyes on the ground in that situation.