⟨Prayer Request Thread⟩

This thread is for giving and receiving prayer for each other.

everyone is welcome to ask, believers and non-believers alike.

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OP, what's your opinion on Trolls.?



bump, please don't let this troll die

it's not a troll, but thank you for the bumps

can u pray for me to find a phat ass hijabi gf? Thnx

Please pray for my mother that she accepts Jesus in her life fully instead of actively ignoring Him. She has since brought my father and my brother along with her mindset. I'm the only one still wanting to be more like Jesus and my family is getting harder and harder to live amongst.

Please also pray for my girlfriend that she finally makes her mind up whether to stay with me or leave. It hurts to have a girl unsure about you and would rather have her go either way- not in the middle and leave me hurting.

I've been battling these for months now and its hard to wake up feeling defeated. In Jesus name, amen.

Prayed for everyone who replied even the ones joking

Prayed for you, user. So sorry you're going through this

I'm not joking, but I dont have faith.

How do you pray? Is it like the daily prayer ppl do before eating or sleeping? Can i just pray like "thank you [god] for giving me a life i appreciate" or do you always have to ask for something? Is it okay that my personal view of who or what god is doesnt fit what the church or the bible says? I always wanted to dedicate myself more to god but the church and other religions dont fit my expectations for it, but i dont want to commit heresy/disrespect god either

I understand it's hard to have faith, I still have a hard time with it but it'll never hurt to try

You can definitely pray like that, if you believe in God you can simply talk to him in your mind too. He listens and knows everything you're thinking and feeling and why. also what is your personal view? I don't think it'd be blasphemous. the church and religion can be weird at times but I just go by having faith he exists and going by the bible.

>He listens and knows everything you're thinking and feeling and why.
Thats really reassuring in a way

>what is your personal view?
I think god is... i dont know how to explain. I think that we dont know what "he" is and we never will but "he" is like a loving and supporting parent that cant really talk to us but always tries to make our lives better depending on our circumstances. I dont think he would limit himself to one religion (as in "this one religion/group is the exact one that is mine and other religions/groups are all wrong"). I think he wouldnt really mind if youre from a religion or another or if you believe in more than 1 god, as long as you believe that someone is up there looking out for you and you can feel the warmth in your chest when you "pray" or are thankful, then youre doing it right, and he will love you no matter what, even if you dont really believe or are angry at him.

>I think god is...
>yada yada.
Thanks user. I needed that.

I dont unserstand what you mean but... youre welcome? I guess?

Don't try to understand. Im sure you understand thanks. So, thanks... oh, my bad. We are going in circles. You already welcomed me.

pray for my butthole

Pray for Lucifer.

Please pray for my best friend that she can get into the college she wants, the major she wants, with her scholarship pay much lesser tuition fees somehow or someone pays it for her, and she gets happy with all of those

Please pray for me to stop wasting away in this body the lord has blessed me with. He's already saved my life twice over in the last 2 years and I repay him by staying fat and lazy. More specifically pray for a change in me so that I can show God the respect of his property and treat my body and myself better.
Pray for my mom that she come safely back from her trip in another country.
Lords name amen

Please pray for my ex-gf to get happy without me. She has a good soul but we were just incompatible on so many levels that it made both of us feel terrible over a long time.

Dear Lord, please send a sign to him. I know I have never been the marriage type and I said I would never do it, but its gotten to the point where I am questioning our relationship and whether he loves me or not. He shows all the signs of loving me, but my anxieties are getting the best of me. He tries his best to calm them, which I appreciate to death. Its been 5 yrs of living together. I know its impossible to ask this of You considering he knows I would never want to get married, but please send him a sign to indicate I want to get married. I need that ultimate sign of commitment. I want reassurance that he wants to stay with me forever. Please send a sign that will push him to ask me about marriage. He doesnt even need to pop the question, but just bring up the possibility of marriage to indicate that at least he would be interested in that commitment to me. If he doubts himself because we are two men, then please reassure him with a sign of Your love. Thank you Lord.
I thank you for everything you have blessed me and challenged me with; both good and bad is to receive a blessing from You. Amen.

Please pray for my bf and me, anons.

Religious anons, please pray for your deity of choice to reveal the true faith to me, I believe in god but have a very hard time to take any organized religion seriously. Thank you

Prayed for you guys

And prayed for the jokesters too huehue

I'm praying for you too, j.

Please pray for me. I pray for you.

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Give that sweet user a good break, a stroke of fortune, and most importantly keep her convictions and spirit burning brightly as ever.
I know she’ll make it regardless.

free bump, OP

ty kindly

I pray for schizophrenic religious people who believe neurons in their brains have a magical ability to move molecules 100's of miles away against the laws of physics