Should you see a roastie therapist?

I've been seeing this sexy milf therapist for a few months who looks like pic-related. I thought it would help to have a positive female role model in my life. I've told her all about my hang-ups, my distrust of women and my incel beliefs. However, I don't believe a word she tells me. When she says that not every woman wants a badboy or a chad, I simply can't believe her. It feels like she's telling me what she thinks I want to hear and not the bitter truth.

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It is true, though. I am a girl and I hate those "badboy" types of guys and I couldn't care less if he has "chad" features.

>It feels like she's telling me what she thinks I want to hear and not the bitter truth.

Here's the thing, women SAY this. They want a funny/sweet/loyal guy, only to get pumped and dumped by one chad after another.

You need to move to different country, leave your shit behind. You'll become a crazy bastard in your own eyes, but that's the path to happiness.

Have you done this, because chads usually aren't here.

I think you and I both know the internet has permanently warped your brain into an unrecognizable hunk of wet tissue. I think its pretty apparent to all relevant parties that you wouldn't be so desperate to hold onto these views if you had any actual experience with women or close, interpersonal relationships.

>Incel, but chose a mommy therapist
>"I-I dont believe you! Prove it by having s-sex with me!"
Kek. If you wanted actual help and know you won't believe women, you would have chosen a male therapist instead.

Maybe thots. Normal girls actually do just want a normal, healthy relationship. The point of relationships is finding a life partner, I guess most people have forgotten that nowadays

Having close interpersonal relationships with women doesn't stop them giving into their base desires and sleeping with men who are superficially atttactive.

I'm a male and she is right is that more helpful or do you think I am just making it up?

>Roastie friend of mine is interning to be a psychotherapist
>Exclusively goes after Brads and Chads
>Tries giving advice like in the OP
>Calls herself a relationship expert when she can't hold on to a brad for longer than 2 weeks

are you from the future?

Sure, and I can die in a car accident when I leave my place in 10 minutes. Not gonna stop me from going in 10 minutes.

Okay in all honesty yes many psychotherapists just BS and don't even know what they are talking about. That being said come on man of course there are women out there that will be attracted to almost any man. Women worry about this shit like men too but usually they just buy a ton of cats and read books and drink wine instead of shitposting.

>Having close interpersonal relationships with women doesn't stop them giving into their base desires and sleeping with men who are superficially atttactive.
No, for some women it definitely doesn't. What not having close interpersonal relationships with women DOES stop, however, is you from knowing what the fuck you're talking about. This whole dog and pony show is just a distraction from the uncomfortable reality that you're an emotionally jilted, mentally ill guy talking about a subject he has absolutely no experience in.

>you're right
>you don't know what you're talking about

Pick one

>can't tell the difference between some women and all women

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Well either I'm partly right or I have no idea what I'm talking about.

Fuck no. Not if you're a male. Unless she's red pill, but even then, it's impossible for women to truly and genuinely empathize with men.

I thought it would help to build trust with a woman to help me overcome my issues with the opposite sex. But as soon as she denied the chad/badboy thing my guard was up. Because I know that as soon as women meet the typical badboy/thundercock they want to fuck him. They're like moths to flame

Exactly. Attraction is not a choice. Women all say they want a dependable, kind, nice man, but they won't really want to fuck him. Maybe young naive girls that are still really insecure will only go guy guys they think are safe, but as their confidence in themselves grows they will go for what actually makes their pussy wet and os exciting. Women don't know what they want and they're very fickle anyways, and hey bored easily, so most women just say the right thing. Girls under the age of 30, don't even take what they seriously. Women are only able to be some what logical relative to men after menopause because their hormone balance changes.

>itt only guys that either have no experience with women or small bad ones

user do you really believe that or do you just want to believe it? Maybe it feels easier if all women are whores or something? It isn't true but a woman won't make you happy you have to find that yourself. She could certainly be there for you though.

Can't the same be said to guys when they see a 10/10 or any attractive female? What's the difference?

>Well either I'm partly right or I have no idea what I'm talking about.
Incorrect. You have no experience with exactly what kind of women exhibits these behaviors, what to do to avoid them or how to develop healthy relationships with women that don't exhibit these behaviors because you have zero experience with women. The metric you're working with is either that you're 100% right or you're 100% wrong and that isn't how people work. There are no absolutes in the world of human behavior.

You refuse to believe your therapist when she tells you that not every woman is exactly the same because you have no frame of reference to base this opinion on. You make all these statements about what women want and why they do what they do but you've never actually had a relationship with a woman, have you? You specifically went into therapy with zero intentions of reexamining your ideals because this entire incel armor is the defense mechanism you've used to cover up your intense feelings of inadequacy and dysfunction.

The sad fact you're willing to go to the logical end of the world to avoid is that even if you were right and all women were the same you would have no way of knowing because you've never been close to a woman. Your crippling fear of never being loved or valued by a woman has caused you to reject all of them before they get a chance to reject you. Nothing I say will change your mind because you're a sad, scared little boy and feeling incredibly small is your curse.

This is an advice board. Where's your advice?

Nothing in the OP asks for advice. OP was looking to dialogue and got the best comment he'll ever get regarding his views.

OP didn't come here for advice so why am I supposed to pretend like he did? If what I've said gets through to absolutely anybody in his position then it was worth the 45 seconds it took me to type it. Inceldom is a disease of the mind. Treating it like anything less than a scourge does more harm than good. There is no benefit in gladhanding to OP or treating any fraction of his mental illness as a reasonable position.

99.9% of men don't have a chance with that 10/10

You got too brainwashed by Jow Forums, son. Do you want to trust other people, especially someone who studied for decades how the mind works, or do you want to trust shit-flinging monkeys in literal Jow Forums? Do you really trust Jow Forums more than a professional?? How idiot are you??

Also what said.

I hot a male therapist. I never have to deal with his bullshit.

I'm guessing that's because you've already done it enough times. Or maybe you have an instinctual repulsion towards them, from some trauma?

You're anonymous here, please do share some experiences.

Switch to a man so he can tell you that 90% of PUA/MGTOW is bullshit, so you have to treat every situation as an individual case instead of generalizing everyone and everything.

You're very close to the truth here, but there's one distinction.

Looks are everything. Not just in dating - in your career, education, social life, everything. Between two similar candidates, the more attractive one will always get the job, and be perceived as working harder/more charismatic/better at their job. Humans never were, and never will be rational. If you have your reservations then take it up with Freud, and the 100 years of modern psychiatric study since.

Good looking people tend to face less adversity while growing up, which in turn means they are more confident, but also ill-adjusted. Hence why the attractive behave like "chads".

But do not discount the large number of handsome cucks. Shy boys with good genetics, if you will. While less handsome chads can compete, the amount of work one has to put in to compensate is staggering. Survivor bias warps the perception, though, especially with social media.

Do not bring up chads with your therapist. Talk about physical attractiveness being a better predictor of success in life than IQ. Talk about you not even knowing what you don't know about dating, in addition to being at an attractiveness disadvantage.

Therapists are human, too, and she may take mental shortcuts to misunderstand what you're actually saying. She genuinely believes that she is not attracted to "chads", and can truthfully tell you that. But if you get her denying that she's attracted to attractive people then you force her out of autopilot.

>However, I don't believe a word she tells me.
I wouldn't. Women have very high ingroup think compared to men. It's one of the very many reasons why I would never go to a female therapist.

>When she says that not every woman wants a badboy or a chad, I simply can't believe her. It feels like she's telling me what she thinks I want to hear and not the bitter truth.
Statistically speaking, she's talking about the exception to the rule. Not the rule.

Personally, I would have not gone to such an emasculating thing called therapy in the first place.
I'd stop going user. Your time and money would be better spent at a bar.
If you stop going, expect some pressure from her for you to return.

This mindset is an incel cope.
>all girls just want Chad, that's why I get no attention, it's not my fault because I wasn't born a Chad

Then how come I've seen some really schlubby guys dating cute girls?

n e v e r , run away

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It's the only conclusion. I can come to. I'm not an ugly guy but I'm not anything special either. It seems that in order to guarantee success with women you need to be supremely good looking or supremely confident, and usually the two go hand-in-hand.

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A guy can say he wants a homely 6-7/10 gf, but he will forget her like an odourless fart the moment a 9/10 puts her hand on his thigh.

People are trash.

>I simply can't believe her. It feels like she's telling me what she thinks I want to hear

Now think REAL hard. Can you see the contradiction there? If she was just feeding you what you want to hear, she'd support and reinforce your prejudices, not argue with them. She'd say "You're right. Women are like what you think" because that's what you want to hear.

If she says you're wrong, it can only be because she believes you are wrong and it would benefit you to be corrected.

No, I said she's telling me what she THINKS I want to hear: i.e. women are all special snowflakes and they don't all want chad/badboy dick.
I just can't accept this. It goes against every logical thought. Why would girls want average, nice, boring guys when they can get fucked by real men?

Thread ended here.

Ok, check this out:

The average, nice, boring guy? That's a real man, and you do him a great disservice by limiting him to three neutral if not negative adjectives - but if you didn't limit yourself you'd be rattling off adjectives forever.

The chadboy, the "real man" in your eyes, is a uni-dimensional ghost dreamed up by man's need to make sense of and delineate a complex and ever-changing world. He only exists as a part of all of us, only as a role one slips into on the stage of life.

I personally think kindness, loyalty, respect etc. are positive qualities in people but I don't think women actually value them. In principle they do but in practice attraction is often impulsive and irrational. How often do you hear about women who have fallen into manipulative/abusive relationships or been pumped and dumped because they fell for a badboy instead of a genuine guy?

> I don't think women actually value them
This whole thread is you going "my feels > reals" and then screaming when someone tries to introduce reality to you

Because I've seen and heard it happen time and time again. Women fall for a guy who's superficially attractive and end up used and abused. Then they bemoan the fact there's no good men. They basically want a badboy who's not a manipulative, cheating jerk. But it was those dark qualities that attracted her to him in the first place. It's fucked up.

No, that's not the whole story. Chad isn't just any ghost but an ideal, and ideals require constant diligence to uphold, to live by. Can you imagine how taxing it is to be Chad at every moment of the day? Surely even he must cut himself some slack when nobody's looking.
So - why would women want to fuck nice, average, boring guys, when they could fuck Char, honor his integrity?

Why, because women too are nice, average and boring; because not every woman is Stacy, try as she might; because to come into Chad's sphere of influence is by degrees as tiring as it is to be him.
If one man in fact manages to consistently behave like Chad, then he genuinely deserves all he gets. You want to bed women worthy of Chad? Then walk his path.

You want to limit yourself, shoot at a level target instead? Then by all means do - did you truly believe all women's expectations scrape the sky? Maybe the ones that are that godlike.. or the ones who lack salt, lack experience of living.

But if you must sit there and bemoan fate, then at least allow yourself to be somewhat attractive about it - be patient.

We hear many things. We hear too many things to heed all of them, so we narrow our scopes, agree
and submit to having them narrowed for us.

>Can you imagine how taxing it is to be Chad at every moment of the day?
Lmao, Chads don't uphold anything, you fucking retard. They just do sports and go to parties, and end up at some minimum wage job because they don't care about anything else since they're already getting pussy. You must be a female to write all that bullshit.
>t. older brother is a Chad

That's not the Chad I know.

Yeah that happens. But the distinction here is that it's not ALL of them.

>Girls claim they don't want chad
>I'm a more "feminine" guy as in i don't wanna act tough, i don't wanna carry all responsible, i wanted to be taken cared of, i don't want to be the one hit on girls but the one being hit on.
>Zero girls had approached me and liked me so far
It's all a lie.
Women are here for alpha, and they will all stay the same way.
I already accepted being alone and miserable for rest of my life.
A women coming into my life and fixes me as a person? That's fairytale in storybooks.
Reality suck ass.
And the sooner you realized it, the sooner you can accept it and feels, though still miserable, but slightly better.

I am as much male as your progenitor is.

That's not Chad at all. You sell him short through a limited understanding. That is a Norman - neither man, nor not man.
Chad is essentially Confidence, Originality and In-the-Momentness - rolled into one moment, then perpetuated. A triangle racing along the earth as if it were a circle, by sheer force of momentum.

That's your opinion.

My bf of 4 years is a fat d&d playing chem major that im constantly having to force to shower regularly. You only want to be told its impossible for a woman to like you because it absolves you of having to actually try and justifies your projected self hatred onto others

And my bf is a 4'11, 300 pound balding indian guy who doesn't even wipe his ass after shitting. You just need to ask girls out, we will say yes to everyone. :)


>You wanted to be told it's impossible for a women to like you
I don't have to be "told", you silly billy.
I'm experiencing it everyday.

chads are here for kicks

How does one do this?

But you also never ask girls out, right?

>le get a gf meme
heh, the only thing more convincing of the despicable nature of the female than statistics is actually spending time with one.


>he describes females without rose-tinted goggles
>must be an incel

>Girls claim they don't want chad
Doesn't mean that they want a guy who is afraid to approach women. How would a girl even know that you like her?

>A women coming into my life and fixes me as a person?
Literally anyone could tell you that it's a horrible idea.

When you go in with the idea that its impossible of course you wont get results. The keyword is trying. I met my bf because of shared interests and we were friends for a year before i asked him out. Many girls need the man to take the first step because of cultural expectations, so you gotta nut up and try if you truly want results

>its impossible for non mega chads to get girls
This is mental sabotage that leads to your self fulfilling prophecy of inceldom

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I hadn't realized, thanks

>I asked my bf out
>Men have to make the move
Pick one

It's my opinion against yours, then, as it always has. Your telling me I have an opinion is akin to a boxer stopping midmatch to tell his opponent he has gloves on.

Well, duh. You have gloves on too, and they're breaking your hands by the sound of things.

Maybe after my injury, yes, but my hands are like bricks now due to knucke push-ups I've done. Once I can afford it, I will pick up boxing classes again and then we'll see who's stopping midmatch.

>it's not impossible to have a girl like you if you act not you
>Just act like a chad
Damn, you retards won't stop proving OP right.
You literally can't find any girls to like you as who you are unless you are some normie chad that girls are brainwashed to like.

even get the right idea
>cultural expectations

Yeah, yeah, blah blah
show, don't tell

>only a normie chad would ask out a girl he likes

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You are eager to pay back your injury, then? Bricks are insensate - they belong on the field, not a ring. A boxer is a sportsman first, a warrior second - the ropes demand it.
You walk in with your bricks looking to cave a man's skull, you'll get disqualified before the day's over. We're here to fight, not just to win, and certainly not just to maim and kill if that's the win takes.

>asking out a girl means she will be your girlfriend.
>asking out a girl means she instantly and immediately attracted by you
Damn, you guys are so retarded it's unbelievable.

>>asking out a girl means she will be your girlfriend.
>>asking out a girl means she instantly and immediately attracted by you
Never said that. It's just bizarre that somebody who apparently wants a gf would never ever do such an incredibly obvious, basic, simple thing as ask somebody out.

>LOL Just asks a girl out
>What u mean? I already did it.
>LMAO Just asks MORE girls out
Yeah, you people are so incredibly stupid, you result in strawmaning harder than OP did.
>A guy that couldn't find any girlfriend? He must never asked a girl out!
Man, i feel like i have to stoop down to your stupidity level to argue with you.
I'm not gonna waste more time with an idiot

ffs threads been hijacked by incels

Because my situation isnt the standard because most women think if a man doesnt move first then hes not interested and dont read between the lines much. Its social conditioning, either play along or wait on lower odds of being aske dout yourself. Stop thinking in absolutes, nothing in life is strictly black and white

You literally cannot get a gf without putting yourself out there and at the very least dropping hints if not asking her outright. Dates dont have to be romantic either, just spend time with a woman with mutual interests and see where things go fron there. A lotto with 1% odds of winning still has better odds of coming out a winner than if you dont play at all

Girl here, I can only speak for myself but I do like "badboys". This might have to do with the fact I'm degenerate and into BDSM but it goes deeper than that. Girls want someone who's on surface level "bad", someone they can fix and take care of like a misbehaving child but who is also assertive and not scared and can protect and fuck others up. The twist is that this ideal man is only to others like this and within the relationship kind, loving and romantic. Extra hot take that might come from the fact my bf is a bit schizo, is that they should really have an outside/and inside personality

To be fair, it doesn't matter what gender your therapist is, they couldn't fix you no matter what.

Just fucking tell her what you told us. That's what you're paying her for.

That's not actually true though, is it.

My ex wasn't a 10/10 and I was completely in love with her. Didn't matter if a physically more attractive woman was interested in me, I was happy with the woman that I had.

Women are the same. I've seen women in genuinely happy relationships where they love their bf. Even if he's not the most attractive guy. Looks only get you in the door initially, they are such a small part of an actual relationship. Women are all about emotion and feelings, if you ever actually spoke to one you would know that.