Why do men always come back way too late after a brake up?

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Why do women always move on too quickly after a break up?

evolution gave women the ability to move on from tragedy faster. due to their husbands and children dying often in past times, they evolved to handle these cases easier than men in order to function well daily. also explain mens' 4x suicide rates, etc

From what I've seen it's usually the guys that move on quickly.

Women usually grieve it out faster and move on

I love how my stupid rhetorical question got the replies while no one replied to op's question.

there is an answer, you just ignored it

Generally, men where never taught how to manage their emotional feelings and never really taught to self identify behavioral problems. So it takes them far longer to process these things.

Why would you want them back at all?

This is the most intelligent post itt. Including op.

I’ve never seen or heard that to be the case. Guys tend to move on instantly, women linger in a emotional wake for a long period.


I've seen it quite the opposite, women grieve it out and then move on fairly well and men tend to put it off so much they end up coming back, men fake moving on by not processing the emotions and dealing with them but then come back as if nothing.

Thats nice. Purely anecdotal though.

Men will put up a wall to make it look like everything is fine. But internally it is all on fire and they dont know how to act, so they go on business as usual. Because its what men do. They do not appear weak and they do what they have to. Until the internal lid pops off and they feel like they have to act.

Im not saying every man is like this. But they generally are in varying levels. And the level of this toxic masculine trait varies depending on where you live.

Ex broke up. She moved on ASAP, AKA got other dude.
She was already a toxic person, that move just made me feel like she was a complete piece of shit and I never wanna see her again. This kind of move fucks shit up. A break up would be an opportunity to re-think if you liked that person or not. She blew up the relationship and blew up any chances of anything useful ever blossoming between us again. I ain't saying this is your case, but girls have a tendency to just go on dick carousel and expect guys to beg them to come back, only a very low quality man would go back to such kind of woman.

When’s way to late? My ex girlfriend put some closure bait love letter in my mailbox 1 year after the fact.

So what happened exactly? And how long did it take for her to move on?

That was a long time to say something, sorry man

We've been together for 5 years. I simply started to focus on myself and stop listening to her demands (she constantly sucked resources of me, my problem is that she was very childish and hard to handle). One day we had a fight, and I did not hold back from the argument I told her some angry shit, like how she is so quick to be aggressive but never care about what i was feeling. She went silent for about 20 days, why? Cause i was so fed up that I thought this time I won't go after her, I will wait for her to come apologize.


I decided fuck it, and texted her to see what the hell was happening, she told me she wanna break up. So this piece of shit, says she talked to everyone she needed(excluding me of course) and will not reconsider, she essentially broke up a 5years relationship by text. She had no time for us to talk that day, not tomorrow, she wanted me to await 2 fucking days to go to her city (which is near) and just DUMP me. This is insane right? I politely called her on the phone asked her why, she said she doesn't misses me anymore and I decided to just stop asking questions (she probably cheated me to do such shitty act and not even have enough brain cells to ELABORATE why she's done with me).

But I have friends very near where she lives and also that go to the same places of her, not even a month after she was already out with another dude. She doesn't know my friends but they know her.

So yeah, my body was not even cold in the casket and this bitch couldn't even care. It has been 90 days already and she never texted me or talked to me. It's like I'm dead to her. To be fair, to me the relationship was real, but after this horrorshow I feel like she was just a horrible person who leeched me for 5 years ( she had a hitty family, no father figure, kinda poor girl, makes me feel pity for her stupidity).

I’m not, I broke up with her and never gave her closure. I blocked her on my phone and that letter was some sort of grab for validation

Oh wah you cuck. 5 year relationships end slowly and with clear signs. You probably just didn't see it. Good on your ex for finding someone else so soon. There is always someone to replace you so don't forget

Girls move on to other men usually due to hurt from their boyfriends/husbands. To find comfort and love from somewhere else because it's not given with the exception of the cruel women out there.

No excuses for being a piece of shit. I don't get the mindset that if a girl is shit it's your fault.

Been there. Radio silence brother. Don’t message her, block her on everything. Use that fucking anger as fuel for improvement. It’s going to take time but know in the future all that hurt you’re feeling will be gone, and you’ll be a better man for it.

Because women are more emotionally mature than men and know how to recover from trauma faster.

Thanks bro. I'm currently reading Rollo tomassi's books, to avoid the bluepill nightmare again. Working out, doing a mofoking diet, working on my masters degree. I'm working on being a better man in all the aspects I can improve.

>Why do men always come back way too late after a brake up?
What is the acceptable timeframe after a breakup to "come back"? My understanding was that if a girl breaks up with you, she doesnt want to date you. Or do you mean to ask why men dont rebound as quickly? If the latter, it's probably because women have men asking them out all the time, whereas men have to make the first move; it's easier to say "yes" than to approach another person.

FYI Rational Male 2 and 3 felt useless. They had nice statistics and overall information, but I felt like at least half of each book goes on mindless rumbling.

What would you recommend then? The first book looks somewhat useful at least.

First contained most of the info. Honestly Im on the same boat as you. Regarding to male-female relations Ive only read Models, The Game and three rational males. Models and RM 1 were the only good books out of those. I havent heard of other life changing game books except these two anyways.

One of the biggest sources of information on women is experience. Real hard experience gave me more information than any book Ive read.

Okay, thanks for the info anyways.

Also Book of Pook if you haven't already. It's just a bunch of forum posts you can finish it quite quickly and it contains some good rules for men. I reread it every now and then.