Had sex with another man

I am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend and love him. The thing is I kinda liked this other guy and I gave into it. It was a one time thing only. My boyfriend has said that if I have sex with another guy that I should tell him and that he understands that since we are all human beings with impulses. But I believe despite what he said that he will be very hurt and upset with me. Should I tell him?

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You should tell him over the phone in a secure location. He will definitely not be calm about it, and no one wants to find your body in parts in a river/lake.

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I cheated on my ex boyfriend too, I did it though not because I didn't love him but because I felt a lacking in him, a detached emotional lack. I don't regret it and he will never know

No. Do not EVER tell him. Not even if the guilt eats you alive. You will hurt him beyond repair, and if you really gave a shit about him you'd just let him be with better, deserving people.

Accept that you fucked up.

In a relationship you literally have ONE job. One. Single job. Stay committed.

You fucked up pretty bad cheating in the first place, but honestly it's just selfish to hurt his feelings and try and prolong something he doesn't deserve to be in.

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Two jobs. Don’t cheat, don’t get fat.

loving that rationaliztion, but you're no better than any other trash that cheats.

Cheater once, cheater twice. Sorry but if you did it, you'll probably do it again.

Break up with him he doesn't deserve you (like... he deserves better, not the other way around)

lmao if he told you that he been banging chicks on the side, so yeah sure just tell him

Break up. Nobody deserves to be with a traitor. If you """""love""""" him end things at least. Have some fucking decency.

>Should I tell him?
You should kill yourself you dumb whore, I hope that you literally die

>Should I tell him?
please do, so he can dump you and get a better worman

this is rude

This, you can't keep it secret forever, so you may as well tell him now, and give both him and you a chance at a clean break and a fresh start with someone else.

I dont think its a big deal to tell him if this isnt a serious relationship. Then again, what is? I was in love with and constantly fucking a married woman who swore she was getting divorced. She ghosted after years and it broke me, i showed the husband whom she ran back to everything, he wanted to meet me and talk, i accepted, then he chose to ghost me also and not only stayed with her, but rewarded her. I just now assume every guy is a stupid cuck when they feel validated by the relationship label.
But if you really wanna be with the guy no, dont tell him. And for the sake of womens reputation as manipulave whores, dont do it again

Cheating is even more rude

OP, dunno if this is bait, but coming in to a mostly male-single-and-upset-about-it board is not the place where you'll get the friendliest advice.

Tell him. Some couples live after the confession, and it'll be worse if he finds out on his own.
If you part, he's going to get the short stick twice, but at least he'll be free to decide.

I know it's rude, it's intended to be. Some things don't deserve coddling words

To be more serious though OP, you have to tell him yourself, he HAS to find out from you or else he will NEVER believe that you ever intended to tell him, and will assume that you intended to keep cheating longterm

Tell him now, what happens after that is when you decide what to do, but it's a given that you HAVE to tell him if you actually want to stay with him. Please trust me on this

cheating is natural, displayed as an evil act in society. I wouldn't be surprised if her boyfriend has had sex with other girls

you're delusional kill yourself

nice bait faggot

the fact that you're doubting him wanting you to be honest about your failings proves something wrong. (apart of course from your cheating).

he did tell you he'll take it (maybe in a good way), so take a chance. either you'll be dead if you do it the wrong way( worst outcome); or if he's really genuine he'll take it well and leave you because of how scummy you are (and thankfully leave it at that) (realistic outcome); or (unrealistically )it may mend whatever failings your relationships might have had


You kids are fucking lame. I'm outta here.

>My boyfriend has said that if I have sex with another guy that I should tell him and that he understands that since we are all human beings with impulses.

Pretty sure he's into it. That sounds like a backdoor way of coming out as a cuckold. I'm not slinging it as an insult or anything. I think your bf literally has a cuckold fetish. If you're into it enjoy, if you're not, run far away because he's going to continually push you to cheat.

cannibalism is natural and yet most people don't do that either

Break up with him. He deserves better

you have to tell him to take your relationship can go to the next step. definitely tell him. he'd want you to.

The fact that he said he would ‘understand’ is proof he’s a fucking idiot. And you are, too. How is it possible to be so controlled by your lust that you broke a basic law of human nature wherein we form partner relationships? If you’re gonna do that shit, break up with him before hand, you fucking dint.

You’re what’s wrong with relationships in modern society. You and your retarded boyfriend. No romantic relationship functions without restraint and trust displayed between both partners, and fucks like you grow up sheltered, where you aren’t taught the discipline necessary to not be a fucking degenerate. So now, instead of carrying on steadily with this boy—whom I actually doubt you sincerely love, and are likely just in a relationship for the sake of your own desires and comfort—you’ve fucked the relationship and have probably brought it to an end, too.

Fucking why?

Do you actually even care? You’re probably only worried about losing this source of income and secondary comfort in your life, not even his feelings. You’re only worried he’ll be upset because you either don’t want to deal with his emotions, (because you don’t actually love him) or you’re afraid to lose this relationship and having to deal with the break up (again a selfish reason to be upset.) If you actually ever even cared about him or his emotions, not because of how they affect you but the emotional trauma it causes him, you wouldn’t have ever cheated on him in the first place.

It boggles my mind that he would even say something so cuckworthy as “we all have impulses.” The fucking thing that separates us as human beings from goddamn animals is that we can RESIST and overcome our impulses with will. You ever heard the saying that conquering yourself is the greatest victory of all? How can you actually claim to be an adult when you go and fuck some other man like a possum habitually digging in trash?

You deserve this.

>don’t get fat.

Unironically this.

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All I see is quads

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>My boyfriend has said that if I have sex with another guy that I should tell him and that he understands that since we are all human beings with impulses.
Your bf is a bona fide cuck, no harm done

You should consider yourself lucky he didn't kill you .

Fucking quads again.

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I'm... I'm staggered. Well fucking said my man. You must be a professor or a therapist or something.

Break up with him.

I think user is on to something.

OP, it is highly probable your bf wants to hear about your sexual tryst, in detail. He was hoping you would eventually cheat and feel comfortable enough to tell him because he becomes sexually aroused hearing about you with another man. You must tell him for your relationship to progress, you have a willing cuckold, you love him so give him what he desires.

You are a whore and you don’t love your boyfriend. You deserve to never get in a relationship with anyone. If you want cock, you might as well prostitute yourself and enjoy the time you have left before you hit the wall. What makes a woman desirable is her chastity, which you clearly don’t have.

Why do women cheat on their loves every time they feel "sad" or "detached" or "alone" and all that shit. How do you deserve to be loved when you can't even follow the most basic principle of a relationship, stick together during hardships and work things out.

Why do men cheat every single time an opportunity arises.


Women have biology too and if the man can't satisfy those needs someone else will. Btfo.

Of course there is the option to rationally talk it out or call it off but hey let's act like teenagers

If this was about a guy cheating your post would have been "Shut up and never tell her, or you will lose the relationship and all its perks", lmao. If no STDs are transmitted, it's not a guy's business.

I would never say that. And if you really believe it's not the partner's concern if his loved one doesn't give a crap about her/his feelings then I don't know how you will ever be in a healthy relationship.

Apparently OP does give a crap since she is second-guessing if she should actually tell him and crush him. Although frankly her boyfriend speaking of "totally natural impulses" is a clear sign of his own values, i. e. keeping a backdoor open to fuck around by giving her the same option.

Naive of her to believe he wouldn't mind if she actually took that option. But also naive if she ever believed he'd be faithful, hence why more women are having little qualms about acting on their whims, too.

You're ok. As long as you didn't mean to hurt him then it's not really cheating.

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I wouldn't desu

Pretty much this. If you truly value your relationship don't say shit.

I am a guy and I cheated on a previous gf with my best friend. It was awful, and two weeks later I told her and we broke it off. It had me depressed for a year and a half.

Can you give us more context? What was your affiliation with the guy that you slept with? He knew that you were in a relationship and kept flirting with you? Does your bf really satisfy you? Did you and the guy meet up to consumate it, or you happened across each other? How old are you, bf and the guy? How serious is your relationhsip, and are you still seeing the guy?

Give us the deets girl

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based quads

what if hes a cuckold?

You think 'biology' is a valid point?

Do you?

When men use it, it's "sorry had to spread the seed". So why is it so hard to believe when a woman goes "sorry had to find better future mating prospects".

I'm too spiritual to think in that nonsense, sorry. That's shallow.

You sound like a bitter teenager who blames the opposite sex. Don't leave r9k next time.

It's both sexes. But only women get the blame, which is laughable. Men had their fun for decades, now women can too. More love all around, no?

Your opinion. But none of the usual "it's biology mate sry" crowd would rebuke it. Even chimpanzee females have infidelity in their repertoire of reproductive fitness.

You are not a chimp....I hope not anyway

Fucking THIS

>My boyfriend has said that if I have sex with another guy that I should tell him and that he understands that since we are all human beings with impulses.
Relationships are built on trust, if you want a future with him come out clear now, if he finds out about you cheating from someone else (and 99.9% he will find out) problem will be not only your cheating but lies as well.

This is so on point.

hope he find out while drunk or high so he can kill your subhuman cheating whore ass

wow, just wow.

break up with him.

You are just a slut honey

I thought I was happy but really just content and didn't know that until I had sex with another guy. It changed everything and I began to see things about my bf that weren't attractive, actually boring.

I didn't understand this and was confused and 3 months later had sex with the other guy again and that gave me the strength to break up with my bf. I didn't want this new guy but there was such a contrast between he and my bf I realize I need a guy someday that is a combination of both.

What was the contrast? I know you are trolling, but I want to see how creative you can get with it

Pursue prostitution, you will test a lot of guys and make money, you are a slut anyway, you can make money from you whoring at last.

Over simplified. bf was predictable and I had been the somewhat capricious one but I over time settled into my bf's life style. To be fair I know part of what he liked about me was the capriciousness so maybe I was boring to him too.

The other guy I don't know well but he is never on time, he won't confirm anything so I am constantly on edge and other women were after him constantly and if he didn't show up or call I have to assume he is with another woman even thought he may have just forgotten.

Leave your boyfriend slut.

I am not desperate so would never sell myself for any amount of money.

Predictable in what sense? Why do you favour chaos too? Most chaotic women favour stable men...

Give it away for free then

I don't get the mentality that ONS is ok but having sex for money is degrading?

Where do you think that's going to get you? A disease? Mental issues?

No wonder men are not marrying anymore.

hahaha, if I want to have sex with a guy then I will have sex with a guy and why I don't need to be in a relationship right now

What are you talking about? If I meet a guy and we have fun and I like him then maybe I sleep with him or maybe I don't but if I do its because I want sex with him. A prostitute is a hustler that has sex even when she doesn't want to, with a guy she doesn't like and he pays her to pretend she does.

I didn't love the other guy, just interested and he is fun and it was so different from my bf. I didn't know for sure I would sleep with him again and that it would make me take a hard look at my relationship, hard enough that I couldn't deny how unhappy I really was.

If you can live with not telling him, don't.
If you want to change the relationship in a way that it will never be fixed, tell him.

You tell him because you don't want to carry the hurt and instead give it to him. If you love him, don't tell him and let things carry on.

If you are not too broke you can have sex for money and choose man you sleep with idiot. You may even have fun with him on communication level, no one will force you, just take money for sex from man you like, you are doing it for free now it's more pathetic my darling than taking money for sex.

If she gets pregnant from someone else she shouldn't tell er boyfriend? carry the "hurt" by herself and make him rise someone else's kid? (don't be delusional and answer she is not going to do it ever again)

>unhappy I really was
Yeah because being stable is peak of unhappiness.

I didn't say she wouldn't cheat again, I've probably given the most honest response.
If she gets pregnant and doesn't know who the dad is she can choose not to tell the dad but she alone is responsible for that child, especially if it all goes tits up.
If the guy is stupid enough to not realise she is seeing other people, he probably won't notice it isn't his kid unless it comes out with another skin colour.

I feel so sorry for every cucked man

raping is natural. bashing heads in is natural. molesting children is natural. fuck you you cunt

false equivalency retard

Feel sorry for french men even more, they can get sentenced for getting their kid DNA tested.

Spoiler alert: it was bait all along.

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hey ur walking down the street and its 12
i brutally rape your asshole while i smack your head on the pavement

biology. needs satisfied. btfo.

oh i forgot, in that case its bad

Appeal to nature is a fallacy to, inbred cunt.

wut? there was no appeal to nature. lrn 2 read

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How do i follow strings on this website?