Should I contact this woman again?

I don't know if it's a cultural thing or what. I am Swedish and I approached an Asian woman in the street. She was Korean and is studying here. After talking for a while I asked if she wanted to join me for a smoothie. I bought smoothies and then we were headed to a place to sit. On the way there she asked about how many days vacation we get per year in Sweden, but she said something like "you in the working class", even though she hadn't asked what I do for a living. I don't know if pretty much everyone is considered working class in Korea. I know in America pretty much everyone is considered middle class, unlike the European definition. I also don't know if she thought she herself is working class or not. I just thought it was insulting to say I was working class when she knew next to nothing about me. I got her number and I asked if we could meet next weekend but I don't know if I want to contact her.

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Haha this again . You really hate women, stop interacting with them. You need therapy.

Fuck no. Some foriegner tell me I'm "working class" while asking me how many days of vacation I get is not only obtuse as fuck, it is straight up disrespectful. If you got her number, you tell her this and ask if all korean women are as rude as her.

Man! Bitches are just dumb. They don't make sense or mean anything by what they say. She is Korean. If she is even talking to you, that means she is willing to fuck

Oops I think actually she was from Hong Kong. I talked to several Koreans lately though, including one today, but yeah I think she was from Hong Kong.


The smart thing to do would have been to make a joke about it.

In America working class would be considered blue collar, professional jobs are considered white collar. She might be rude or it just might be a cultural thing. I don't know. I do know that you got her number, so if you want to pursue her then call her if not then don't call her.

Yeah but she had just told me she was a student, implying not blue collar. Although she did say something about how it was hard to get leave after graduating or something, which might imply that even with a college degree you're working class in Hong Kong. I do have a working class job and I didn't use to like women who were students or had a college degree, but a) they are so many and b) their education is meaningless garbage for the most part, is why I try not to care anymore. Of course most of THEM care fucking much though.

Dude. Wtf. Just date fat slags. You are spiraling here.

Same shirt but more ... Some kind of word. But same shit

Dude. She is down to fuck! Any questions?

>having the hottest women on the planet
>going for a korean


Lol. He must be one of those 6'1" Manlet swedes. He is also very sensitive about being a working class guy and probably had a lot of trouble with school considering how he talks about education.

I feel it bro
Feel that OP?

I'm not sure. I think she was giving mixed signals. I once had beers with another woman and we were talking for over an hour, but I don't think she was sexually interested in me. This woman might be the same. She hardly asked any personal questions at all other than my name, or at least I think she asked my name, not sure, but we exchanged names, very early on. Then on the bench she was sitting on the edge, pointing straight out, not a little towards me. She didn't want to go to the park I suggested but wanted to stop before that at another place. Etc. And if she meant she thinks I'm working class but she is not, then she is has a fucking shit personality.

>I am Swedish and I approached an Asian woman in the street
First things first: MOTHERFUCKING BRAVO, you make me regain some hope in Sweden. Turns out it's not all basedboys.
Secondly: people say all kinds of weird wild shit. You may have dressed in a way she didn't recognize, you may have had very robust and hard hands for a Korean, whateverthefuck.

Go for her.

cont. Jow Forums re-writes onions b0ys into basedboys haha funny

As I said, she's from hong kong. My hands are skinny. If she thought I'm working class from my clothes she's an asshole, really no matter what the reason she thinks I'm working class she's an asshole, only exception is if she think's like 99% of any country is working class, including herself.


Okay, Hong Kong, whateverthefuck.
Skinny hands can still be hard enough to be distinctly working class, check out some car mechanics (not the fat ones obv.), their palms are solid carbon.

>If she thought I'm working class from my clothes she's an asshole
Okay, you're losing me on Sweden again.
Clothes are a very obvious communication tool, she is correct to judge your class from your clothes.
The saying "don't judge a book by its cover" which you might bring up refers to the book's worth, not its source. You may very well guess a book's origin by its cover.

>no matter what the reason she thinks I'm working class she's an asshole
what the fuck are you talking about?
why do you hate the working class so much?
mofo, chances are you just gave the impression of a working class fellow, big deal. get the fuck over yourself.

Plus she broke the date off after a while saying she had to go back. I think I asked what she was doing, or she told me unprompted, I don't remember. Either way she said she was going to meet a male friend who lives in her dorm and help him with cooking or something, she had already mentioned him and how she helped him cook earlier. I think she told me her dorm was in that area where I met her. It didn't sound to me like she had planned to meet him but she just got the idea then and there. Plus I hate women who have male friends. She is quite ugly too. I fucking hate my parents for putting me into a world where all decent looking women reject me and treat me like shit and only ugly shit women want to talk to me.

When we were parting ways she said something that I didn't hear. I regret that I didn't ask what she said. I guess maybe it was a reaction to her English being so bad, after a while I sometimes just nodded and pretended to understand even though I didn't know what she was saying.

>Clothes are a very obvious communication tool, she is correct to judge your class from your clothes.
Doesn't matter idiot, she's still an asshole regardless of what my clothes looked like and regardless of whether she judged me correctly from my clothes or not. She's a student so if she thinks of herself as middle class and then blurts out that I'm working class then she's a rude dumb fucking bitch.

>She's a student so if she thinks of herself as middle class and then blurts out that I'm working class then she's a rude dumb fucking bitch.
Unless she's actually middle class and you actually look working class.

I just had jeans and a t-shirt, not work clothes. Fucking retard.

What exactly do you think working class people wear, my dear?

Only a swede cuck would take too seriously what somewhat he barely know says about him.

doesn't fucking matter

I should have asked her if she thinks of herself as working class. If she said she was middle class I should have asked what made her say I was working class, and then I should have walked away. I guess I didn't ask because I didn't want to give the impression I cared. But later when I thought about it she was a complete asshole.

Like middle class people never wear jeans and t-shirt. Your are unbelievably fucking stupid.

No no no, it doesn't matter, all that matters is that a blonde baby got upset over being judged as a manually working person awwwww
You have no dignity and you're more emotional than the girl you asked out.
Consider not reproducing.
Greta advises.

well both my parents and my sister have college degrees and better jobs than me so yeah it's insulting, and it's a fucking stupid thing to tell somebody a few minutes after meeting them

In my experiences, asian women are worse than white women when it comes to finances. White women will either let you do it or learn to do it if you want them to. Asian women want 100% control over the finances, no exceptions. I don't know if it's a cultural thing or an interracial dater thing or what, but when they date non-asian men it's not just for the bigger cock.

Okay yeah, definitely that's a Chinese women thing. The insectoid asians (Chinese, Phillipino, etc.) do this shit, most Japs and Koreans I've known have a better sense of ego than to pull shit like what you're talking about.

If I were you I'd try a different type of asian or just stick with regular white euro women.

>well both my parents and my sister have college degrees
ohhh I'm missing someone in that sentence. you. you don't havea college degree.
when the fuck will you accept that you might have looked working class your entire life?
i thought lefties like Swedes liked the poor and the working class. turns out they will cry for 2 hours straight when told they might look like one

you are clinically retarded

I guess I can't ask her about it over text. It will look beta.

If I do contact her and she eventually asks what I do for a living I really don't feel like telling her the truth. I mean I already have the policy to tell the truth every other time and lie every other time. But after her obtuse remark I don't see how she's entitled to know. After that I would probably try to fuck her and then dump her as soon as I had fucked her, maybe even tell her to fuck off right after I came.

Really almost all if not all women I have had dates with have been rude in some way. Sometimes I try to just not care and just fuck them anyway, because I feel like I would never fuck any women if I didn't fuck those that were rude or unpleasant.

why are you so insecure user

many women have rejected me for my job so telling me I'm working class is an insult

If all women you date seem rude, might it be your expectations that are off and not all of them?

>she had just told me she was a student
You are a townie.
You are not white collar.
You signalled this in ways without telling her outright. Some people are just perceptive.
She phrased it weird by "working class". I can understand not liking that term, but it doesn't sound like she knew that term would bother you or anyone.
My advice is to stop being so thin-skinned and sensitive over your employment or terms about it, you working class schmo. Blue collar money spends just as well.

As for her, if that one word choice was your only problem, then get over it or just leave her alone.

>many women have rejected me for my job
TheRapist work is tough too.

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>t. fuckwits

the only intelligent person to reply to this thread

The only intelligent person is an oversensitive cunt who would call someone up to talk shit?

I texted her. Three and a half hours later the fucking cunt still hasn't replied. I think I was right about her giving mixed signals yesterday.

Now 4 hours and no reply. I hope she burns in hell. And I hope my parents burn in hell.

Just now she replied. Still not sure I want to meet her.

Stupid fucking whore

Should I ask her what makes her think I'm working class and whether she considers herself working class? And if she eventually asks what I do for a living, should I lie or give a joke answer?

always mame the contact if you don't have shit worth stealing. Not everyone is middle class in the us, everyone thinks they are the middle class.

>always mame the contact if you don't have shit worth stealing

>I know in America pretty much everyone is considered middle class,
uhhhh, no, our middle class doesn't exist.

Most Americans, even many of the poor, consider themselves middle class, which is I think what he's referring to.

I don't speak europoor, so thanks for the translation.

Fuck off