Holy Shit I fucked Up and I Need Advice Now

Oh my God, I’m so fucking stupid. Why am I like this? Why did it have to be this way? I didn’t mean for any of this to happen!

I was so lonely, anons. I finally had. A chance to sleep with a girl but the girl I found was only 14 and I knew I shouldn’t have but I was so weak I couldn’t think about the consequences of my actions. God, I’m so stupid why am I like this?! What if my family thinks ima pedo? What if she tells her parents? Then I’m fucked! I’m straight fuckd, bros. I knew she was only 14 Andy I knew I should never have gotten her drunk but I was so lonely and thus was my chance. God, I don’t want to go to prison. I don’t want to be raped by Tyrone. I wannna live my life, I don’t wanna live in a prison cell for the rest of my life.

I don’t know what to fucking do. I feel like my hearts gonna explode and I can’t stop breathing fast and I’m standing over the overpass of a highway and I don’t want to do anything stupid.

Please anons help. God help me I’m looking for. A Hail Mary

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Calm the fuck down, did you meet the girl before you were 18?

Jesus fucking Christ someone somebody fucking tell me something! That’s it, there’s nothing else to it. I fucked my own life over by screwing a 14 year old and I can’t gobbavk. That’s it, IM gonna jump. I’m gonna fucking jump. Please, anybody, give me anything that can help me out here.

I hope this is a LARP. I'm sure your friends and family will be thrilled to see you on the news. Most inmates don't take too kindly to child rapists so I doubt you'll have to worry about it for very long. Even if you do make it out of jail after however many years, you'll be on a sex offender registry for pretty much ever. What exactly do you want help with? Avoiding the consequences of your actions?

What are your country's/state's laws on that? In germany for example you can date/fuck 14 year olds up until you're a 21 year old.
Also just to make it clear: i despise you OP. You're lower than the dirt in my boot. Attack your existence.

No. No nonono I didn’t. I didn’t know she was THAT young. But then she told me she was that young and why did my retarded ass stil, fuck her? Why? I shouldn’t have done it. I knew I shouldn’t but I did it anyway and it’s all my fault!

Certain regions provide laws that dont sentence someone who doesnt know the age of their partner before sex

You know what? I can’t run away. I feel like I’m choking on my own breath. I’m gonna jump. I know I’m gonna jump. I’m gonna do it.

In case this is real don't talk to the police without a lawyer present. If they show up there is no talking your way out. Just shut up ask for a lawyer and go with them. Again do not talk to the police. Unless she gets you DNA tested you'll be okay.

Fucking relax bro. Nothing is likely to happen at all whatsoever. You motherfuckers watching too much tv or whatever you do these days. It ain't really like that relax. We are here for you including those who call you pedo because they received the same brainwashing as you. Maybe a hint of pedo but nothing I haven't seen before. Relax. Relax.

Do it you fucking disgusting pedophile

Fucking sexual predators. I hate all of you. Here's the thing, if you get away with this you'll do it again and again and even if they lock you up and you have to register as a sexual offender you'll still groom some young girl and do it AGAIN.

Move to a new country

>tfw all of this is legal in Europe
Sometimes I enjoy being yuropoor

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It's not legal here.
I can't even legally fuck someone two years older than me atm and she won't do it because it is illegal :(

Cops and courts aren't all that interested in teenagers in lust. They're too busy chasing the 50 year old perverts grooming 11 year old girls.

Bro it's not that big of a deal, just wait until something bad happens to kill yourself. There are too many uncertainties right now.

I hope you get what you deserve. Getting a 14 year old drunk just to sleep with you? That's sick man, and I hope the girl speaks up. That little girl deserves justice, you have traumatized a little girl forever you sack of shit. You'll have your day in court.

He is a pedo you dumbfuck. Nasty fucker will have his day in court and spend his nights with tyrone

This way everyone.
Here in this thread, we have a pedophile who's found what he thinks is a clever way to trick anons into assuring him that getting a fourteen year old girl drunk and having sex with her is okay.
Yes, it's quite amusing what people will do when they know hey are just wrong but refuse to accept it.
Let's break for some food. I believe there's some drinks and cheese pizza waiting for us.

And that he doesn't deserve the full brunt of his immediate society's reaction?

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Unless you were drunk as well, you did a horrible crime.

You got a 14 year old drunk to have sex with her? You're a disgusting person.

hello this is fb-

i mean right on dude. what's her name? when and where did this hookup take place? zip code would be helpful. its a fetish of mine I have to know exactly where the sex happened and the names of the people involved.

btw im totally not outside your house in a blacked out van. whatever you do, do not open the curtains.

What you have done isnt pedophilia. 14 year old girls are pretty much developed. If she consented then it isnt rape/abuse, i dont care what the law says. Now, if i were you, i would be pretty scared for my anus, so i suggest you flee the USA ASAP.

OP here. Ah, I feel so much better. She lied to me about being 14 cause she had the unholy combination of being petite and being into age play. She showed me her license and it said she was born in 1993.

Ahh, I am very very stupid. We broke up very violently on the spot because what else could I have done? How could anybody expect me to stay calm after being lied to like this? Should I kill her, bros?

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Forgot to mention, I’m not gonna be dating anybody for a LONG while.

be nice to this girl. Don't try to initiate any more sex contact. Tell her you will always be her friend.



you ip and address are logged and you should expect a visit soon

This is all fake, bro. I’m just practicing do an ARG I’m planning.

I will say , tho. I commend myself for faking someone being frantic by my use of run on disjointed sentences, punctual/spelling/grammatical errors, and run on thoughts. It does bring out the feel of someone genuinely in panic. Then again, I had to listen to actual voice recordings to get the real idea of how I need to fake “panic” but I think I did well. You were all played. Now then, what should I do next?

that was the most autistic thing i've ever read. you were better off keeping the larp instead of saying this weird shit

I got bored. I’m not gonna bother continuing this story. I don’t know, let’s say that our pedophile in this story actually did jump. Splat, alright, that’s a wrap. I’m gonna go /soc/ and pretend to be an incel. Let’s see if I can come with an interesting character.

>What if my family thinks ima pedo?

They would be right, because you are a pedo.

You fucked a 14 year old girl and didn't see anything wrong with it. YOU ARE A PEDO. How many times do you need it spelled out?

At some point in life, everyone must learn that actions have consequences. Unfortunately for you, you are going to learn this lesson in the most brutal and unforgiving of ways, But it's the punishment you deserve.

Your only hope is that she enjoyed it at least enough to not want to rat on you. If not, then there will always be a chance she will report you or expose you eventually. Even if nothing happens to you in the next year, the next 5 years, even the next decade, this shadow will always hang over you. You will ALWAYS live knowing that as long as this girl is alive, she can end your life in an instant.

Tough luck, pedo. Should have thought about this first, eh?

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You're still a pedo idiot. You went thru with it when she was 14 in your head.

You know what, clearly I didn’t think this story through enough catch that. Thanks, user. I’ll try something like this again (not the pedo story) but maybe using infidelity instead. I’m going back to /lit/.

Tyrone disagrees.

Or maybe, I should pretend to be one of the other hundred angsty, virgin faggots on this board. I’ve seen them enough to copy the way they usually talk and respond. Pretending to be a panicking pedofag was definitely out of my comfort zone but I think I really sold it with the self victimization.

Basically, I’m OP and I’m not a pedo. But I am an passionate actor and I wanted to see if just my dialogue could sell this peedophile persona. Judging by the response, I did well. I’ll be back to make another thread soon but I think I wanna pretend to be a 27 year old emotionally stunted manchild that likes being pegged but doesn’t want to admit he’s gay. Now that would be interesting.

Also lol at you believing this bullshit. “S-she lied about being u-u-nderage even though that makes no sense and is wonderfully contrived”. Are you retarded?

You didn’t have any subtle personal quirks in your writing, it made it easy to figure out you’re full of shit like two posts in

>t. user

I’m still learning. Certain types of people tend to share certain similar traits. Their speech, their posture, their body language, their use of eye contact, their grooming, their aesthetic, their philosophy, morals, and ethics, et cetera et cetera. Chads behave similarly, roasties behave similarly, virgins similarly, niggers behave similarly and pedos behave similarly. But I’ve never been around enough pedos to know those quirks.

If you know any, please have a seat while Chris Hanson watches you.

You truly are the lowest of scum. I've met fucking incels with more self control than your degenerate ass. Take the rope.

That's because incels have no conviction. They are the definition of "all bark, no bite".