So im in uni and trying really hard to get a gf but all the girls travel in packs...

So im in uni and trying really hard to get a gf but all the girls travel in packs. How to I approach one girl when they're in a group??

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You're saying there isn't a girl who is alone?

have you considered going to library or literally every place a stacy and jock does not like

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>All the girls are in packs, how do I break one from their pack?
There not animal op

>walk up to group of girls
>point and one and say "you"
>"you are the one who I am taking on a date tomorrow"
>ignore all the other girls
>if they say something don't even look at them
>just stare your chosen girl in the eyes
>she may hesitate but she will say yes

This works because of several factors. Firstly by approaching the entire group you are showing that you have (or at least seem to have) supreme confidence, which as we all know is very attractive to women. Secondly your girl will feel chosen. Out of all the other girls there she alone has been selected. This makes her feel special and who doesn't want to feel special. Thirdly it will make all the other girls jealous. Even though they may try and deny it women love when other women are jealous of them. And finally this puts her on the spot. There is no "oh gee I don't know I will have to think about it" All of her friends are right there. She can only answer yes or no and as shown by the previous reasonings the answer will undoubtedly be yes.

You of course have to at least capable of faking confidence. If you go up and stutter or look at your shoes then you are going to be laughed at.

You ask her out anyway. Takes balls but if it works, the girl will appreciate it even more. Otherwise, try to find some time when she's alone and ask her out then. Might take some time though and trying to isolate girls (at least actively) sounds kinda creepy.

it's called social approval. First you have to be presentable publicly; an outward appearance that women will view as being "acceptable." Meaning, if a woman is seen with you in public, will she gain attention and approval from her peers and friends when they see both of you together? Will they say remarks like

>he's the right guy for her
>they're definitely right for each other
>they look good together!

or are you NOT socially-acceptable? Do you not have a modern fashion sense? Are you unkempt or with bad hygiene? Do you look lesser in status or value to the women you choose to approach?

Fix your social approval first and women wouldn't be so embarrassed to be seen talking to you. Then learn something called "social proof." You have to PROVE to a group of people why acting a certain way around you is acceptable. You don't just go up to a group of women and try to single one out- you're going to get rejected fast. You have to go up to a smaller group of people (men and women maybe) and talk to them first. Then try to "merge" that smaller group to that bigger group somehow because it builds you validation.

>this guy has a bunch of people excited to talk to him
>he must be personable
>this guy has two girls with him
>he must be comfortable to be around

Learn these two things. Social acceptance and social proof. Be acceptable to be seen with. Prove that you're someone worth talking to as well.

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do you have to be attractive to do this. Else I am seeing a 1 in 10 chance of this working out for me

The truth is this OP, if you want a gf you have to be compatible with her. Like other anons said, if the girl you like looks like she's out of your league there's nothing you can do. You can takes years to improve yourself but by this time you'll have to fish somewhere else or you can lower your standards and look for a girl on par with your status. Keep this in mind, a lot of women won't even settle for a man of equal status if they think they can do better. In the end it's your choice to make, think of what I said as you will.

Girls hunt in packs! But remember user, even in numbers a weakling is a weakling still!

its not fair bros, but I wouldn't mind lowering standards

If you're going to do this you don't have to lower them too much. Get a feel for the kinds of girls that look like they might be interested in you and you'll get an idea where you stand in the scale of attraction.

Go up to the group and say hi.
After chatting to turn a bit, they usually start going towards somewhere else and you ask the girl you want to ask out if she has a minute to talk. If she does, ask her out. If it is complete strangers you might want to practice some good ways to open a conversation. I personally like "can I get you girls oppinion on " but there are many ways to do this and it might not work.

It is good to talk to a group though.
Normally, a girl would talk to her friends what they think of a new guy and they will either approve or disapprove. If you have presented yourself to the group and made them like you, she will have nothing but yes men tell her what great as guy you are and that can remove some doubt.
It is a lot more scary for you, but as you claim, they all travel in packs. You might as well adapt to this.

The girl sitting next to you in class
The girl living down the hall
The girl next to you on some line

Is it acceptable to sit down and talk to someone in the library? I thought that would be rude or no?
Not often, still looking though
Im just an average guy who wants to talk to an average girl im not gonna stop and psychoanalyze every social situation wtf
not even my question, I know who to to after

this, how do I approach a girl studying/reading at the library

Pick off one of the sick ones

well that's why. You're an average guy, so why should high-status women be seen talking to you? They won't. Average guys don't pass, you have to be exceptional.

That means fixing your fashion sense. That means reading up on how to talk to people, let alone groups of people. What to talk about and how to deal with other people trying to shut you out of the group. You have to look presentable on the outside and at the same time, also be able to talk to women when you finally get in.

If you refuse to learn about this stuff, it's called "game," you will always just dream about women, not get them. Learn the techniques on how to "approach." Then do it to a lot of women, get rejected a lot. Cast a big net. Eventually, you'll attract someone and it would be a lot easier for the next time a good girl comes about.

Most women who are at the library are either casually chilling, or intensely-focused on their study. If you approach women who are seriously stressing out, trying to hit them up, you're going to get rejected. A way to do it is to strike up a conversation with a question and see if they are open to a break and would like to speak to you. Again, this has a lot to do with your outer appearance, demeanor and your confidence. Smile and be approachable. Go up to one and ask if they know anything about subject: x, y, z to break the ice. If she's interested, the conversation will continue smoothly and would move on to other things- take it outside and isolate. Close by getting her info for the next hangout and don't talk her ear off. Be busy or looking like you have to be somewhere after you get her info.

I don't live in dorms and lines don't exist at my school.

Most of my classes are a sausagefest because I'm going for IT, but in hindsight, one girl that always sat next to me in a business class last year was flirting with me, but I was too oblivious to see it.

It's definitely difficult when there's a lot of girls together, but sometimes you just gotta go for it. Just the other day I asked someone out when her friend was standing right there. It was awkward for sure, but I just had to go for it, and the first date went well.

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its going to be hell nerve embarrassing to confront a girl in her group, fine I'll try

>literally every place a stacy and jock does not like
can you name these places for me thanks

''Game'' = a politically correct term for PUA

>If you approach women at X, trying to hit them up, you're going to get rejected

People say this about LITERALLY every single public or private place on this planet Earth where you likely to see a woman

Not angry at you user or anything, i'm just dumbfounded by this bizarre meme

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>How to I approach one girl when they're in a group??
Wingmen. You don't take on an entire enemy squadron at once, you bring your own squadron and split the enemies off into smaller engagements that you can each win individually. A good wingman can engage the entire rest of the squadron while you peel off and engage your target, but multiple average wingmen are enough thoroughly devastate any semblance of organized defense in their group.

Some very few guys are socially competent enough to simultaneously flirt with a girl and engage with her whole group but you're seemingly not there yet.

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You can talk to them through social media if you think it's too nerve wracking for you.

If theres 2, introduce yourself to both of them, then ask for one of their numbers.

dating app or approach group and see if one wa
nts to come with you.

"Game" simply refers to the social or public-speaking kills necessary to facilitate a desired result with another human being. PUA or not, if you don't have game (knowing how to speak to people), you won't get anywhere in the social sense.

Likewise, you can get rejected just about any place on Earth. You will get rejected because people aren't robots and no two people are alike. You can't attract all the women, and you can't attract all the woman in all places. I specifically stated if the woman is busy studying, you probably should meander your clumsy ass trying to get her info.

You don't do that- didn't you read? You need to bring a group with you so you can talk to her group. Eventually, other people in the group that WOULD push you out would be busy talking to other people or they will see you as valuable enough to let them talk to the girl you want. It's like a hivemind of sorts.

this guy gets it. The best "wingmen" however aren't met at all, maybe a mixture of men and women or just women altogether. You can't just go up to them alone like a dweeb. You'll be made fun of, worse, ignored and you're done.