In love with a sociopath

I met and hooked up with a very intriguing guy that my friends knew. I've heard things about him including that he had a criminal record. Anyway, it's been a year now and I've fallen madly for him. The thing is that he's probably a sociopath.
He has :
>been arrested multiple times
>is sadistic to people
>is a narcissist
>he uses silence as a means to punish me
>gaslights me to the point that I don't know if things happened or not
>makes me feel terrible about myself and lowers dramatically my confidence
>refuses to commit and keeps seeing other girls, while I'm loyal to him
>ignores me frequently
>burrows money from me and never returns it
>he's a leader in a minor gang like group
>makes me feel inadequate and jealous

The thing is that I have fallen in love with him and cannot detach despite my friends telling me to do so. Every time he does something bad to me he promises to change, and after a month he starts doing the same thing all over again. I really want to make him treat me better. What can I do? I also tried reddit for advice but it didn't really help much. When I am away from him it's like he inhabits my mind and I cannot stop thinking about him and when I'm with him I feel happy. Help me.

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Good luck.

He'll fuck you up big time

Realize that the only reason you were attracted to him was the "love-bombing" or seduction phase of the relationship. He has successfully prodded you for your inner mind and has created a mask specifically-tailored to match you only. You are in love with a mask he created. That's it. You know for a fact this dude is mentally abusive and is faking everything. He laughs at your folly.

I know this. I am going through this but in a female version. She is almost inhuman, incapable of feeling emotions or normal human feelings. They always think they do nothing wrong and should be treated as being above you. They never admit fault or say sorry. They word salad in order to stonewall, gaslight or just outright ignore your issues you bring up. Its super toxic and eventually he'll throw you away once he's done using you.

It sucks and like you, my heart yearns for her like a victim. My brain tells me it isn't real, but my heart still goes for that first year or so of the relationship- but we both know it can never be that way ever again.

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What race is he and what race are you?

We are both white. I'm nordic european with blonde hair blue eyes, he's southern with blonde hair brown eyes.

Yeah that's accurate. But I cannot stop my emotions for him

Can you post a picture of yourself? You can blackout the eyes. And damn, you got the ultimate Chad for yourself then.

Here's more info. Better quit it now if you see flags that he does have that particular personality disorder.

It really sucks. My girl is one and in the beginning was amazing. The sex was mindblowing, she was super hot and seemed to match what I wanted 100%. But later she threw me away- for no reason. Maybe she got bored. But I'm trying to save you the heartache later. Plenty of men out there.

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I came.

Of course you cannot stop your emotions, duh, they are emotions.

But you can tame them, you can suppress them, you can subdue them, you can tough them out.
Would you bite on a delicious-looking donut that you know has shit inside? No? What, even though it looks so appetizing? Are you serious, denying your emotions? Come on, bite on it, it looks great!
This is your situation.

The important thing to remember is, you're young and there are millions, literally, millions of men out there. You're not going to miss a lot if you bail out.

How is it possible to develop feelings for someone who is so very clearly toxic?

You can't make him do anything. Looks like he'll always be this way in some regard. You gotta get out and save yourself - it's tough to leave because of the time and energy you've invested but you gotta cut your losses and leave before he drags you down or hurts you

Listen, gal.
You're probably in it for the excitement and savior complex. Either that or he caught you at a very sensitive moment.

Imagine the best moment you had with the guy. What memory with him sparks joy?
Now imagine that with some other dude...
Chances are you're gonna cringe, but investigate that feeling and you'll find out what's keeping you tied to this ego-inflated fag.
Maybe you are very submissive? Maybe you need drama because of where you grew up? Maybe you are trying to prove something to yourself?
You'll find out.

Good luck,
A guy who probably had a post like this made about him at some point

Thank you for proving every incel right about women and their fucked up dating habits.

Sounds like someone had a shitty dad and you’re turned on by shitty people.

What if I told you it’s an incel larping as a girl?

He's not a sociopath. you are a fool. He sees other girls because he can, not due to mental instability. loyalty is for dogs and servants. Partners can trust each other, my dog obeys me or else. He's been through "the system" so he's simply not afraid of jail.

Leave him if you want a partner, otherwise enjoy that handsome (I hope) mans dick.

And they complain about there never being any nice typical.

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Been there, done that.
It was incredibly hard but I'm glad I broke up with him. Date a guy who genuinely loves you.

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I hope he rapes and murders you :)
You deserve it.

For not choosing your limp dick over an interesting guy? lol

Your boyfriends sounds like is from the Balkans, is he from there?

It's common knowledge that bitches get wet over criminals. See Or do you want me to pull up all the other posts on Jow Forums too where cunts bragged about their bfs being from jail and how hot they are? Or should I post links of all the real life cases also? If you really think they are all incels larping then you're severely mentally retarded and should kill yourself.