Rape: how to be less useless?

GF was raped two days ago.
No, I won't greentext it or go into details.

We're going to the police today, but that's it. We know the guy, we have his name, face, adress, mail, facebook, you name it we have everything because we know him.

We are devastated, and I am furious. I want revenge, I want him to pay. But we're not sure the police will do anything, even if they'll take her deposition at all.

Me, I am a fat slob: 27yo,174cm, 120kg, never did any sport in any shape or form, never hit anybody in my entire life. And the guy used to be a regional pro boxer.

I am currently buying pepper spray and pocket alarms online, and I started running this morning so I can get in shape, start taking boxing lessons, and... that's it. I don't know what more I can do.
No spray is going to make her justice, and even if I manage to go through the weight loss and boxing lessons until I have a decent level, months/years will have passed.

What can I do?

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post his info

I know you said no greentext but you should really consider greentexting how this happened


Brick his house in the night. Bring around 20 with you or as many as your rage can handle. The art of bricking is pinpointing the most expensive parts. Go to the Liverpool window, see that nice TV? Brick that too and hopefully you'll smash that mirror there too. Be in and out at a max of a minute if it's a populated street and someone's inside

So we can jerk off to him utterly claiming your fuckmeat gf, you fat useless piece of shit.

Nice idea but he lives in an appartement in the main street of the biggest city of the region.

>Spoiler: she cucked you, but she needs a reliable aliby while fucking chad boxer, keeping fat slob betabux

Inform the local right wing burly men with family values that he raped a girl who's lodged a police report, and you're pretty sure you saw him taking photos in a local playground.

Now THAT is an idea !
That and spreading his infos all around the web, another user suggested it and even if he didn't said why I consider it.

Start working out and go on long walks every day.
Don't eat when you aren't around people who are offering food.
I was where you were at a year ago. (only 115 though) I lost 25 kg in the first 6 months and then I slowly lost the last 5 over the next 6 months. It is easier than you would think. Once you have reached a normal weight, you can do a lot more stuff and you feel better. For me, not eating is a lot easier than a diet as you can go anywhere and stick to it, you don't have to cook your own meals from a specific store every day for a year.

Ruin his life and paint him everywhere as a rapist, maybe someone else will even beat him up

Thank you, but I think I have 40kg to lose before I can function as a normal human being so... It will definitely take more than 6 months yeah. And I'm afraid that not eating + doing physical activity I've never done won't work well...

I want to, I just don't really know HOW to.

Are you sure about this rape thing? Maybe your gf drank a little to much and "accidentally" had sex with another guy.

Every time his name comes up blurt out loudly "he's a rapist". Any time someone mentions him. If any still seem friendly to him, ask them loudly "what kind of scumbag wants to be associated with a rapist?". If they disbelief it, "oh I see, you're scum who covers for rapists". Loudly is the key: make them publicly choose sides, and publicly denounce him like the public service it is.
If you have free time, follow him with a sign saying "rapist --->" in public areas.

Ok the first part of the plan sounds good.

The second part of the plan seems just too "american" for me, and would most likely just end up in me taking a massive beating.

>The second part of the plan seems just too "american" for me, and would most likely just end up in me taking a massive beating.
They do it with debtors in Spanish countries mon ami
If you take a beating, file a police report. If he was a professional boxer then his using that outside the boxing ring is considered an extra crime in a lot of countries, and it becomes more like an assault with weaponry charge. Just do not touch him and you are good: for him to sue for libel he needs to prove it's false.

Take a shit on his doorstep

Is it wrong that this was my first thought?

If following him is too much, then posters with his face and warnings to stay away from the rapist everywhere have a similar effect.

I see what you mean mon ami, you make very good points here, thank you !

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That is a good idea too ! I could print a handfull of pictures of him with the word "rapist" or some shit, and glue them to walls around where he lives at night. Thanks !

Are you willing to kill him?

>"And the guy used to be a regional pro boxer"
>"start taking boxing lessons"

No, stop. That's just stupid. You'd take a decade of your life or more in order to get a chance with this (and even then you might lose, which could only be another blow for you). Attack him through some other way. The brick suggestion, bricking his car, start some shit at his job, whatever have you

Yeah, these seem pretty viable lol. Waiting to see OP's response.

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I’d say get a gun or a big knife, fire is always good too. If you really want revenge then you’d risk your freedom to get it.

Let the police do their job.

If you try to do ANYTHING as personal revenge you will wind up in jail.

If I was sure I wouldn't get any trouble for it, yes.

You're probably right it would take decades, but even without that I still want to be able to defend her and myself if needed.
The car things seems a good idea, I'll consider it, thanks. Maybe doing something about his job too, thanks.

Ruining my life won't bring the sanity she lost in this. Furthemore, she needs me to go through it, and I won't be any help if I'm behind bars.

I don't know about the "let the police do their job" thing... Don't you know how easy rapists have it ? And even before that, they might even refuse to take her deposition, acting like the brainless faggot(s) we have in this thread: "huh but maybe she wanted it duuurrr maybe she was cheating huuuuurrrrrr"

Post his details


I will post his infos.
But not here, and without context: I don't want virgin betas to just go and warn him "the BF of the girl you raped want to do you wrong - pls let me suck your cock now"

Thanks to anons who actually tried to help.

>raped two days ago
>going to the police today
Weak bait.

I tried to force her to go to the police yesterday but she was in shock. She wouldn't walk, she barely could talk. I had to bring her to her mother so she could calm down, and only her mom was able to convince her to go to the police.
I don't even know why I tell you that: you just don't know what it is. You guys can differentiate your pinky toe from your dick, so you wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a girl casualy hoeing and a girl deeply shocked that'll need years of therapy. And I truly wish you will never have to face this. Nobody deserves to see the woman they love - would it be their mother, their sister, their GF- suffering like that.

hire someone to rape him like an ex-inmate, teach him some empathy

I had a similar experience with an ex. I have honestly never been so enraged in my life. It literally felt like I had acid running through my veins for days.

I gave her the option of going to the police or me disposing of him. She went to the police and they pretty much ignored her. So I went in and ripped through the cops and then took her to another station. That station took a report and sent it back to the other station who were quiet embarrassed.

He was arrested and taken in for questioning, however she didn't want to press charges as her young son would've had to have given evidence in court and she didn't want him to be traumatized by what he'd walked in on. (she told him that they were just wrestling)

Anyway, whenever I think back to that time I'm glad that I didn't retaliate, as I'd still be in jail and she would've been on her own when she needed me the most.

It's a fucken horrible situation to be in dude. Just don't waste your time on him when it's needed for her. Unfortunately, the only thing that helps with things like that is time. I know it's shit as we want the feeling gone NOW, but life unfortunately doesn't work that way.

I feel for you both man...

So is she dating him now?

Honestly, you should leave her. Maybe not immediately now cause if she was actually raped the double trauma will just make her kill herself.

But yeah, women are ruined after rape. She's never going to forget that experience, and the next time you have sex there's a high chance of her having an intense inner dialogue and might get ptsd triggers and tap out. That will happen repeatedly. Some women have weird ways of overcoming the trauma of rape by masturbating to that incident. Regardless of why that happens, you really don't want to be the boyfriend/therapist who has to deal with it.

Don't tell her you're dumping her because she got raped, maybe like 2 months down the line make up some bullshit reason and dip out. But there's 0 chance you'll come out of this intact emotionally. Leave.

And if she wasn't raped and was lying about it, well, then you definitely leave.

Tl;Dr real rape:dump the bitch, fake rape: dump the bitch

doxx him if I feel safe about it. I'm sorry for you and your gf man, I can't even imagine the way you're feeling right now.

no tf. I that happened to my gf I wouldn't dump her.

>my gf's son

And if it happened to mine I would.

I believe she was likely raped but do wonder why she was with him without you. She was up to something and for that you should dump her.

He should dump her because a raped woman is a woman who's soul was destroyed. It's a horrific crime that's akin to murder. While she tries to heal she'll suck the energy out of everyone around her.

Heavy hits harder. Don't worry about weight loss.
Pretty sure the cops are going to do something.


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OP here, thanks all for constructive answers

Thank you very much mate, I appreciate. When trying to get her to the police station I told her that I had to be the "calm, objective" voice that makes her take the right decisions, since she's unable to at a time like this... And so you just did the same to me, thanks m8 I appreciate.

Meh, dumping the girl I love when she needs me the most seems to be the douchiest move... If she changes as you say, then yeah maybe I won't love her anymore and we'll break naturaly. But I won't break up with her because "maybe at some point in time I won't love her anymore".

Thanks man

I hope they will.

>Meh, dumping the girl I love when she needs me the most seems to be the douchiest move

Welcome to putting your happiness and needs first. It's not always easy. Just know that in the end, your valiant savior efforts will amount to nothing.

Now bro this is just me but if anyone ever rapes my girl and I personally know the guy there will not be any police user. I live in the hood if you touch my girl I'm going to walk up behind you and start stabbing and I'll throw them in a back alley dumpster where they belong.

> am currently buying pepper spray and pocket alarms online
What are you, European? Those don't do shit. But, the getting in shape advice is great. Don't worry about not losing weight fast enough, the muscle you build is far more important than anything else. Eat right, and support your GF. She'll need you in the upcoming times. If you have the money, invest in a simple home security system to help her feel more secure at home. If this guy was your stereotypical violent rapist, he might come back for a visit once he hears he's been reported

Just shoot the guy bro wtf

Speaking from experience bro?

I'll never understand how people who go through this use the excuse "I'd get in trouble" to justify their own inaction. You won't get in trouble as long as you're never caught.

Then you spend the rest of your life in prison getting raped by niggers while she moves on and lives a happy family life with someone else

maybe that's worth it for you but fuck that

Post his details you moron.
If he is a rapist them people around him should be aware of it.
Also that would be the best way to get revenge; nobody likes rapists.


pay someone to beat him up for you in a dark alley so he doesn't even recognize their faces.

You should green text what happened. Believe it or Not but women lie.

>I don't know about the "let the police do their job" thing... Don't you know how easy rapists have it ? And even before that, they might even refuse to take her deposition, acting like the brainless faggot(s) we have in this thread: "huh but maybe she wanted it duuurrr maybe she was cheating huuuuurrrrrr"
If the police are taking her deposition now, that implies it wasn't done at the crime scene or hospital. Meaning, she waited and probably destroyed any DNA trace evidence from showering.
The reason why rapists have it so easy is cause most of the rape and sexual assault claims are bogus for the above reasons. The clear cut cases of rapists are treated like scum inside lots of jails and prisons.
I don't know where you live, but legally in the states they can't refuse to take a report for sexual assault or rape. They would be attempting career suicide. If they do, go to the local prosecutor's office.
Source: ex copfag.

I'm really sorry about this, user. Can't even imagine how horrible it is to be in this situation. I don't really have any advice in hands, but here's a bump on this (I hope the advices keep coming)

You know what, I'm in.

DON'T do anything expect deal with the police. Do everything you can to make sure they bring this guy to justice. Don't let up for any reason, and don't give in to anger.

I can already tell that there needs to be better handling of rape victims, and if your GF literally couldn't bring herself to go to the police, then we as a society need social workers that come to the victim. There's no reason we shouldn't have specialists like that.

But that's not why I'm posting. I could go do that on my own. No, I'm here for another reason.

I volunteer, OP. If the police fall through, then for one thread and one thread only, "I" will be her personal army.

Treat us as the blade we are; do not tell her the weapon she now wields until you are certain that she can handle it.

>Source: excop fag.
i was also a victim of rape, and reported it much later. a detective was treating me terribly and dismissive of my claims, even going so far as to insinuate i could of edited messages/pictures, my only proof of something happening that night and had an attitude and didn’t want to hear about what happened, about consent, prep, etc and questioned why anyone would use humor to cope with rape... what do? they refused to charge him, and said 8-10 seconds of penetration was an “immediate stop”

i feel terrible and devastated. what do you do if the prosecutor’s office is compromised as well? when the abuser has ties to others..

OP i hope your gf gets justice. it is so heartless and hurtful how survivors can be treated. it is often a retraumatizing experience.

Break up with her. I know you're fat and self conscious and insecure about ever getting a girl hotter than her, but you're here on the advice board and this is my advice. Your whole relationship is going to fall to shit because of this, and God forbid she's one of those girls who will say you're causing a rape flashback just cause you got a little frisky when she wasn't in the mood. You have to break up with her, your relationship ended two days ago the moment she was raped.

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Get a few of your boys, explain to them what happened.

Your boys are going to nab this guy one night in a van. You're going to video tape as you shank him in the asshole, and then you're going to shove a dildo in there at the end.

That video is now his life, which belongs to you. I recommend extorting him for money.

Keep your faces covered and use stolen licence plates. You know where he lives, so pick a good time of the week to nab him.

I'm not saying this is the right thing to do, but some transgressions are too difficult to bear.

I don't mean to be insensitive, but I'm not exactly sure why women take rape so much more seriously than men. When men get raped, yea they are hurt, but I get the impression they care a lot less.

why do you think a man would care less that they are raped? i think that’s very incorrect. there’s something wrong when people feel less and less like they can report it. men and women, should be able to report a crime and seek and obtain justice. it’s toxic and bad for someone to keep all of that in. let people know so they can help, so a man who was taken advantage of knows he is not alone in this world.