Is being a woman really that dangerous? Talking about first world countries

Is being a woman really that dangerous? Talking about first world countries.

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Probably, but then women cross the road to be away from men, at night, whenever they can.

Hard to think its not a self imposed issue.

I've never been jumped or attacked or worse whilst walking about in the middle of the night, but where I live is more suburban than urban. I am the only woman I know to not have had a problem too, so YMMV.

Kek imagine seeing someone cross the road out of anxiety and thinking they deserve to get attacked for it.

I'm not interested in your patriarchal fantasies, m'kay? Keep it on gaia online.

You very much are

Im sure there is an actual problem underneath, but the media spreading panic and telling women constantly that they have to be deathly afraid of men at all times doesn't help

What do you need advice on

Yes. White men believe if they can catch you alone you deserve to be attacked.

No. Statistically, men are more often victims of violence and they don't fear walking around at night.
It all depends on where.
In the middle of the city, everything is bright and there is people everywhere. You are perfectly safe.
In the park? If it is very populated, maybe it is fine, otherwise it depends on the neighborhood.

Some women are terrified because they have been brainwashed by feminism to think women are inferior to men in every way and there is an evil cabal of men who are holding them down.
In reality, most men will protect women and prevent anything bad from happening to them. Attacking a woman is never considered righteous.
If you look at homicide statistics worldwide, the homicide rate of women is either much lower or just as low as with men. I think it is much more likely for a woman to get murdered by their husband than by a stranger in a park at night.

Or that if you walk away out of nervousness they deserve to attack you because of their hurt feefees, like this guy

In this aspect you shouldn't consider America a first world country

I walk around at night a lot in the quiet suburbs and parks. It's kinda funny to see women avoid me. I'm like 5'7 and skinny. No one avoids me in the daytime. I guess the dark freaks people out.

I do this frequently in Denmark

I don't see where he implied that anywhere.
Sure you aren't projecting your insecurities in some weird way again, user?

I never said anyone deserve to be attacked. Not even the feminists who want to start a war deserve to be attacked. We can battle their evil rhetoric with sane ideas.

Yes. I really like walking but I always avoid dark streets,there is that bus stop that is closer to my house than the other, but from it I have to walk thru dark underground, sometimes there is a light there but territory has no households, because of it I avoid it like a plague

You never know when someone is holding a knife or a gun. They dont take your skinny build into account, just the possibility of you hiding a weapon

>Is it really that dangerous to be a woman?
>probably but then women cross the road to be away from men, at night, whenever they can. Hard to think its not a self imposed issue.
This back and forth explicit says that he understands that it could be dangerous to be a woman but really, they only have themselves to blame for crossing the street. He directly compares them and says that he believes it to be a self imposed issue, which means he's laying the blame for the attacks on the women crossing the road. If you can't see that, you're either being deliberately obtuse or you're simply illiterate.

Are you fucking retarded? Who said that?
This guy fucking said "Attacking a woman is never considered righteous". I am starting to believe that whoever mentions the word "statistics" is automatically considered a murderer nowadays by leftiesluts.

>he's laying the blame for the attacks on the women crossing the road

Not even this guys says that women deserve to be attacked you fucking cunt. Stop projecting your fucking rape fantasies to us.

Google self imposed and learn to understand the words you use and listen to.

Self imposed in this context means that women believe that men will rape them when they will not. So they create a problem which doesn't exist. They impose it on themselves.Not that men rape them and they are to blame. Fucking retarted cunt.

>midnight jog
>see woman in front of me
>slow down because i want to give her space so she wont freak out and be scared
>She starts to sprint
>Sprint towards her
>Catch up easily because she runs out of breath 20 second later
>She squats down and awaits her worst
>pass by her and return to my normal jog tempo

Dumb roasty

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Just don't dress like a slut and you'll be fine.
I walked home after a concert around 3 am and the only bitches who got catcalled were the ones in some short skirts with their tits almost hanging out. But the guy who catcalled was very friendly and the girls were cold to him. Maybe don't be a bitch and nothing will happen?

No, he was asking in relation to genuine, physical danger to which the other user called it self imposed. The context is clear, just because you are illiterate doesn't mean you're right.

T. Hasn't left his house in days

Absolutely based statisical thinker.

You retard. He just means that women sometimes are paranoid, and see a problem where there isn't any.

In the question:"Is being a woman really that dangerous?"
He answers probably.

The part "but then women cross the road to be away from men, at night, whenever they can."
"Hard to think its not a self imposed issue."


Unless you were the user, you have no way of knowing that outside of your feelings. His meaning in context of the question he's answering is very chat and he gives no evidence of shifting what he's talking about mid sentence. I'm sorry to have triggered you so badly but maybe if you think that because a woman crosses a road she deserves to be attacked (or you could see why other men would attack her), you're exactly the reason she's crossing the road.

That’s actually assault. You can go to jail for that even if you were only jogging.

>Unless you were the user, you have no way of knowing that outside of your feelings.
And you do? FUCKING CUNT

Attack by others cannot by definition be self-imposed because it is not something " voluntarily assumed or endured". So he can only be referring to the image.

>I'm sorry to have triggered you so badly but maybe if you think that because a woman crosses a road she deserves to be attacked (or you could see why other men would attack her), you're exactly the reason she's crossing the road.

Did you come here from the recent shooting scandal thinking that all "white men" here want to rape and kill women? Because you sure sound like it.

>And you do
Yes, from the context of the conversation and what's actually being said, which I've put forth as evidence several times for you to only respond with "I FEEL DIFFERENTLY", unable to actually refute any of my points.
Attacks from others can be self imposed, such as preaching negative diatribe in public and getting punched to "looking at someone funny" - self imposed is only when the blame can be lain at three victim's get. Please learn more about English before you try to debate connotations and denotations.
>Because you sure sound like it.
Well as I'm , no. You sound like a someone who would do anything, literally anything, to discredit the person you're speaking to other than actually refute the points they're bringing to the discussion.

you can't but good fantasy

No but,

A study found that women tend to react to fear in situations that men would react with anger. So they are getting scared of shit men dont even perceive as scary.

Also, women perceive 30% more stuff in any given space. So they perceive 30% more ahit to be scared of that a man might ignore.

So no, it isnt that dangerous. But they are wired to perceive it as so.

>You sound like a someone who...
No he doesn't.
Your points are dumb and now we can all see how dumb you are.
Go be dumb somewhere else.

>Yes, from the context of the conversation
You literary said YOURSELF that "Unless you were the user, you have no way of knowing that outside of your feelings" now you are telling me you have evidence of something that you think is based on feelings?

>such as preaching negative diatribe in public and getting punched to "looking at someone funny
And also these attacks are not "self-imposed" because there is not a "voluntary" part.

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It’s assault if she felt threatened by the approach. It doesn’t actually even matter if you were just jogging. All the elements of assault are there.

That actually makes sense. You’re most likely right. I should be more careful when jogging next time.

no. It's literally safer to be a woman than it is to be a man, but modern women's victim complex means they have to always make comments like the OP pic.

No, men have a much higher chance of being attacked or raped by a stranger

I'm a skinny white boy that looks like a woman from far away I've never been confronted.

That's retarded as fuck we should change the laws.

>It is assault if she got threatened by the approach.

I do not believe this is a law.

It's called gay psyops. Trying to scare men away from trying to get girls.

Minor assault is when you threaten someone with your behavior and it covers behavior like punching you and you didn't get hit, showing a weapon but not using it on you etc.
Running past someone when you are out jogging isn't a threat. Following someone for 20 seconds isn't stalking either. If I met a runner that increased their speed as I was running the same direction, I would increase my speed too. That is an invitation to a race. It isn't legal to do in a car but that is because it isn't safe for everyone else, not because it is assault to the one you race against.

it's not in law. He/She is making shit up.

I read and hear guys all the time blame the victim. Like she was asking for it or was too stupid to protect herself and why is she alone in the first place. Force is always the final resort. She declines you attack, she's easy you attack for her being easy and choke the life out of her, you assume she has rape fantasies so you creep into her home at night.

I had a guy do this to me but I was still running so he hit me with his fist in the back of the head and called me a cunt but thankfully he kept running.

What race was he?

Fitting vengeance for trying scare men away from each other

white guy

yea. I dont belive you.

Of course you would never believe a man attacked a woman, I must have done something to deserve it. I just feel fortunate he didn't keep punching me and raping me. I reported the attack to the police but all I saw was the back of him as he ran away.

Yea all of this happend 100%. Sure sure.

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A girl from my church got trafficked found her two weeks later drugged up in somebodies yard, also live in columbus which is big on trafficking. the very thought of it makes me angry

I have a really mean look on my face when I’m alone so I’ve never been bothered by strangers. I do know girls who are more meek than me who have tho. It’s more dangerous via people you know and thought you trusted, than strangers. I’ve also never been drunk in a public place which I’m sure has a lot to do with it

Look, I do not know about your personal experiences. In the society I live these views you are telling me("blaming the victim","she was too stupid to protect herself") are considered extreme and are ridiculed. Even here, these opinions would be ridiculed by the majority.

You are either living in a 3rd world shithole, had a traumatic experience which made you hate men, or you are a leftie and have rape fantasies.

Which one is it?

>all I saw was the back of him as he ran away
>he was white

??? you sure you are not making shit up?

I live in the US. You can't make one simple mistake or a woman is dead. The student in SC got into a car mistaking it for her UBER and she's dead. Men everywhere blamed her. A month ago a 17 yo girl goes to a concert and a guy nearly decapitates her and post his work and all you guys laughed about it.

So the US is a 3rd world shithole. Sad.

USA is goblin country. 56% white? More like another Africa.

It really is tho unironically. The economy is shit here, fucking loads of people unable to get jobs and are homeless. The medical field is years behind some European countries- nearly inaccessible by most USA citizens.

I could see his hair, pale legs and bare arms.

You know you guys confirm what I already know. You victim blame or deny any attack on a woman happens. I can't get my mind around this because it could happen to your own mom and you'd still process it the same way.

What if he was mixed race? OR really pale nig nog? Or pale mexican? Did you just assume his race?

When it comes to attacks on women it is.

You’re right dude, these triggered guys will just keep denying it in an effort to troll or whatever

These things are horrible.

But you do hint at a good question. The data shows that this stuff actually happens to men more than women. But men do not walk around scared. And no one seems to care.

Why do men seem to care less about random murder even if they are more likely to die? Why not more sympathy for women? You would think if more men do die of these sorts of things they would care more, but it does not appear that way.

Should have had gun and shot him in the back. If she want to play victim so be it. Us men are victim of manslaughter/crime far more often. Can't count how many times i had to defend myself against deranged animals.

And attacks on men. Stop being sexist.

I don't know, perhaps, but what does that have to do with a man running up behind me and punching me in the head? It made the local news and the police warned people about jogging in this area.

>all you guys laughed about it
Look, telling that all the posters here are laughing on a decapitated 17 year old is at least a generalization if not a lie.There are some sick fucks that are hiding behind the anonymity but these are not the majority.
If this really happened to you, you have to understand that no one will believe the claims someone makes in an anonymous board, because of the nature of the board which is ANONYMOUS and you not giving any EVIDENCE, not because they are evil guys that are blaming the victim. You are acting emotional and are not seeing the FACTS.

>all the posters here
Only on Jow Forums and other boards infested with incel cancer.

Maybe race is related to crime? I dont know? You live in America. So i dont give a shit. You are retarded anyway.

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So I guess you don’t really have anything to say to the people who attack others for no reason. No solution there. You’d much rather sit online and argue that women shouldn’t complain about being randomly attacked
Nobody is saying that men never get attacked. Yet you still don’t have a solution to men being attacked.

I have solution for it.

If you’re the guy who says women should be complaining, why didn’t you just lead into this solution to begin with? It’s because you wanted to specifically silence women, so you’d rather say that women should stop complaining and that men have problems too. When the actual problem is “how do we stop people from randomly attacking others”

You are so stupid it hurts my face. None of what you have said have any logic.

Do you want to hear my solution?

National Socialism. Hail Hitler.

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>npc became overloaded with information

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Men are not attacked because they are men. Women are isolated, stalked and attacked by men simply because they are women

There probably isnt a solution. Nothing practical. I guess we could have a police state with flying camera drones and ed209 robots patrolling the streets. But I'm not convinced the police wouldn't secretly abuse their power and have low ranking members abduct and rape women after they acquired so much power. Hell, cops do that now.

Stop being sexist.

This doesnt really matter. Either way you're dead. Doesnt matter if you were stalked for your wallet or your vagina.

Men are attacked by other men to assume power and domination.

National socialism wouldn't solve it either. People raped even under Hitler.

>People raped even under Hitler

National socialism solves crime problems. How do you even know germans raped other germans druing hitlers rule? Making shit up you dumb fucking roasty?

Im not here to impress you. You are here to impress me.

What other reasoning could there be for most of the replies in this thread other than “some men specifically want to silence women, and would blissfully tell them to stop complaining because men get attacked; ignoring the actual problem of random attacks as a whole with little to no discussion of prevention of attacks”
I mean I’m surprised when people here get mad about being accused of wanting to silence women, when they straight up say that they think women are lesser beings in other threads lol like I thought you’d just agree

The solution is to make the perpetrator feel worse than the victim by creating a punishment that will make exactly that and removing him from society,so future perpetrators will either not exist, or be to afraid to pursue the crime in fear of repercussions. There is no other solution.

No, they're just afraid of sub 8 men talking to them.

The reasoning that there is propaganda across the west trying to portray white men as the only violent people in the world when in reality white and asian men are the least violent men in the world .

You coming here and saying that you got raped by a white man encourages this propaganda. And after seeing all the disinformation tactics and the shilling that constantly happens here, you should not expect people to believe you.

Only in Burgerland. Not the rest of the west.

LOL NO.This is not true. Europe also.

All of the west was infested by this jewery. And the last nail to coffin are white women who even support this bullshit. they want us dead. They hate us.

Says the Burger who gets his news from foxnews and Jow Forums.

Most men want to protect women, but there's enough bad men out there that ruin everything.

It's sort of like playing Russian Roulette with better odds. 90+% if the men you pass on the street would not hurt you, but one is all that it takes

I live in Germany in a big city and when I go on a nightwalk by myself I have just one earbud in and I'm holding a knife in my pocket. So far I haven't gotten into any dangerous situations but I think that's cause I'm tall and whenever I pass a group of men or see one looking at me I do my best to hold eye contact for a while and look angry like I would absolutely murder him