My normie neighbor asked me to go out with him last week with 2 female neighbors

My normie neighbor asked me to go out with him last week with 2 female neighbors.

After drinking we did weed and talked for about 30 minutes about "deep" things.

Then my friend said he had to go home and the girls agreed to go home.

One of the girls lives in my building so we share the elevator. Once we entered in the elevator I pushed the 3rd floor and I expected she was to push for th 7th one (where she lives).

But she didn't push it and once I had already reached my floor she asked something like:
Do you think we often talk about silly things instead of important ones?

Then I opened my door and then she pushed the 7th and she left.

Do you think she actually wanted to go into my home and fuck?

I mean she could had pushed the 7th floor from the beginning. Could this be true?

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Fucking whores, man. You dodged a bullet.

I'm op

I didn't realize it until I told it to my friend next morning. In that moment I was not aware there was even a 1% chance of fuckinh her.

May I be stupid?

May she just have forgotten to push it?

>May I be stupid?
>May she just have forgotten to push it?
hahahaha holy shit this dude

Seriously just tell your opinion

Hey man,
It sounds like you were having a good converstaion and that she would've been happy for you to invite her in to continue it. And wherever that may have lead.

If you're intention is to chat in the hope of sleeping with her, then she was the one who dodged a bullet.

Women love what makes them feel good, so if the converstaion was making her feel good, then she probably wanted more of that feeling. Men go for what they think they want. And as such, feel shit and blame others.

You'll know when you've become a man, as you'll see people for what you can give, as opposed to what you can get. (and that doesn't mean giving them your cock) :)

She was signalling an interest in getting to know you better, not to fuck at the moment.

this happened to me a few months ago, girl asked if i wanted to walk her home after we had lunch, and i was thinking about how long the walk would be and said i had to get back to work
this is the price of being so unsuccessful with women, you don't even think you have a 1% chance of banging and so you're not even thinking on that level


Yesterday she went to a party and meet another guy and she is now with him

Can someone tell me from

0% she just forgot to push the bottom
100% she wanted to fuck you

The actual percentage of chances she liked me?

But after that she stopped talking to me that much

I asked her to come have coffee at afternoon and she didn't reply my message

>May I be stupid?
>I asked her to come have coffee at afternoon and she didn't reply my message
Asked her for coffee after that? What are you, gay?

this happened to me last month. The girl I've been dating lately has asked me if i wanted a glass of water or smth after I drove her back at her place and didn't kiss her as I'm too much of an awkward fuck.

50% wanted to talk
50% she wanted to talk
that's it imo
why don't you start hanging out with her? or just, yk, get to know her better

She just asked come to my house and drink

But last weekend she kissed a guy in the Disco

So I'm assuming she is trying to humillate me

dont deal with sluts and drama queens

>May I be stupid?

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It sounds like she wanted to discuss important things, user. Maybe the levity of your “deep” talk wasn’t stimulating her. Maybe she’s surrounded by vapid cumbrains like OP, really it must be quite lonely.

50% she wanted to talk
50% she wanted to fug

the fug is normally on the third date.

but she was high from weed dude bro

Here are the facts:
She didn't hit the button on purpose.
She wanted to talk to you.
She likes/liked you.
She gave you an perfect opportunity to invite her in for more conversation.
You didn't.
She interpreted this in some way that concluded with her going home.

>But after that she stopped talking to me that much
>I asked her to come have coffee at afternoon and she didn't reply my message
My guess is that she was trying to "understand" why you "rejected" her. In my experience, women often seem to assume that men have "real" meanings behind their actions when it's obviously just thoughtlessness. To her it was clear that she wanted to talk more and that you seemed to like talking to her, but then you didn't, rejecting her obvious interest for some reason.

Not sure if this is the same user, but if it is, somebody probably let her in on how clueless you were.

If not, you can assume only that she wants to drink with you now and that last week she wanted to kiss that guy.
Anything else, especially humiliation conspiracy, is wild speculation.
You can't be humiliated by meeting a girl for drinks anyway.
She might just be keeping her options open.

>dont deal with sluts and drama queens
This remains good advice though, if it applies.

All you had to do was ask her to come over.

You failed. No wonder you have no sex life.


You idiot all you had to say was this:

“Why don’t you come inside my place and we can chat about it there”

Of course

You should have pushed her , lifted her skirt and fucked her behind like a slut

raise your standards tryhard

Bruh, it's pretty obvious you missed a golden opportunity, but dont beat yourself up over it. Act! Go knock on her door and ask her out. It's possible that you blew your only shot, but it's more likely that she still likes you and would be elated if you showed interest again. And this time bring her back to your apartment afterwards.

>normie neighbor
>did weed

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She came so close to becoming a cautionary tale of the dangers of marijuana use.