How do you deal with getting disrespect from women?

How do you deal with getting disrespect from women?

I'm talking like calling you bitch, pussy, etc. If a male friend did it I'd just shoot right back with some shit.

So how can I show them I don't like that shit without actually seeming like a little bitch?

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Backhand hard enough to break a jawbone.

Or if you'd prefer to not be arrested for manslaughter, laugh it off and deprive the whore of the one thing she so desperately and primitively needs; attention in any form. And make sure other males in the circle know this too.

Disrespect from women means they view you as incompetent and unworthy. They can smell it and sense it within 2 seconds of viewing you. They are that simple. Fix up your own act to see respect from women improve.

Play on her fears. Ask if she kisses her bf with that mouth if she doesn't have one. Gently play the "multiple boyfriends" topic in case she has one. Women are much more sensitive to class insults and lifestyle degradation even when they think they're pub creatures who swear 24/7.

Not sure why one girl would view me this way. I was kinda an asshole to her all weekend then talked like normal with get today. Was it being the asshole then talking normal again showing incompetence/unworthyness? If so I can go back to being the asshole no problem, unless it's too late?

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Ok one girl is actually in love with me. But she still does this shit. Maybe she's just trying to taunt me?

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Maybe it's the pics you post, man...
Jk, she probably wants attention. Give it to her in healthy amounts except in cases where she insults you. You can flat-out not respond then, but idk what your vibes are, may look weak and offended instead of the desired 'beneath me' vibe.

Gotcha, it's usually only over text in both cases. Generally I ignore but we'll see where it goes. And generally in person I try to practice stoicism to some degree. Maybe she's trying to provoke me?

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user lol
I bet she is, I think you've got a good thing going with stoicism. good luck!

Do not play womens games. If they're rude to you just take them at face value and dont invest anymore time or energy into them. They'll either change their tune or double down to get a reaction from you.

Ultimately it doesnt matter what she thinks or does unless you're dating or fucking her already so don't chase after her validation and respect. Its meaningless and makes you needy and dependent on them.

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Fucking one, kinda have a dating thing with another. They only both just started doing this and neither if them know each other

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Great rules to follow user, thanks

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If you like the one you're fucking, let her know you won't put up with that shit and if she keeps doing it you'll drop her. I would be straightforward about it, but you can do it subtly or through your actions if you want. I dont know the whole situation so you might know what's better.

Drop the one you're dating is my advice if she doesnt stop that too, these women are showing you who they are before you commit in any way. Take them at face value and you'll find the worthwhile ones quicker.

You'd be surprised how insecure they are about their looks. Find something about them that they out a ton of effort into and make fun of it. If her nails are really neatly painted, make fun of them. Something like turning to your friend and saying "holy shit, she actually thought those nails were a good idea."

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I think I'll do that, let the one I've known for only about a month that I don't take disrespect and if it keeps going I'm out. The other one im "dating" I'll just demote back to friend status.

Thanks user

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>A place we all know exists but no one has written a map

Why are you keeping company with the kind of trash women who talk like that?

If someone said that in public I would just act like they don't exist. In a business setting they wouldn't say it. In a social setting I would not be there in the first place because I don't associate with the kind of losers who insult people who have done nothing to warrant it. And if you have done something to warrant it then stop being a pussy / bitch.


Good point

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Just say ”what the fuck is wrong with you?” And/or ”why would you say that?”
Unlesd they got more than two brain cells this should at least get them to reflect on what they said a little. If they blow off the question you’ll come out looking more reasoneble while they look like an asshole.

OOC, why don't you treat her like you treat your guy friends? I mean, women have some weak points that are different from men, and some strengths, but generally male and female are the same. If this girl is talking shit, she clearly thinks of you as an equal. why not just respond the same way you would, with any other person?

Going berserk on her, to prove men are superior, is autistic as fuck. you are overreacting to protect a fragile ego, and will just prove her point. Going too easy is hard to interpret. Is this guy stupid? is he scared to talk to women? is he a chauvinist who thinks girls are too dainty to get serious with?

just do what you normally do. she can take it.