My mom forces me to learn and start in mathematics olympiad, I'm not passionate about mathematics...

My mom forces me to learn and start in mathematics olympiad, I'm not passionate about mathematics, she probably doesnt know that person who wants to do well at this competition must be passionate and work hard, how to tell her that I dont want to?

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Suggest something you would be passionate about instead.
It's a fundamental role of the mother to teach their child how to relate to the world. To encourage it into various tasks (although at some point it becomes the father's domain).
What she wants is a practical and prestigious achievement for you. If it's a no for you, replace it with something at least remotely practical and similar.
(By practical I mean it's cool for school, not that it can get you a gf or sth)

I dont know what can I suggest instead

What are you willing to do?
What would you like to be?

What are you good at?

If you can't come up with anything better, chances are this is why your mother is pushing you to do this.

If you don't figure out & take your own direction in life, others will do it for you.

>what are you willing to do
I dont know
>what would you like to be
Big, muscular, with full beard, driving nice car, wear expensive clothes, travel around the world
at mathematics but I'm not passionate and I'm not good enough to start in mathematics olympiad
last year I had 0 points at second step
but why should I come up with anything better? People don't take part in olympiads and live good life


Fuck you are dumb

Why do you say that I'm dumb?

Im not But jesus you juat tell her,ITS YOUR FUCKING LIFE NOT HERS,my mom told em too that i should go to soem dumbass school she chose for me and do what she wanted,i just said no and that i have othe rplans for MY life

Im so its very related

OP this song is dedicated to you

But I feel insecure because she gives me money and make dinner

So?she put you into this world but she doesnt and shouldnt feel as if she has control over your life,just tell her.

user, with all due respect, go fuck yourself with a shovel, your mother doesn't actually owe you warm dinner and love, she could just as well mind her business and leave you with some grandma babysitter, you entitled brat.

She does have control over user's life and rightfully so. user is young and while definitely intelligent, doesn't actually know anything about how the world works. Not the real stuff.

Respect your parents. It is much better to grapple with them than to dismiss them, obviously unless they abuse you and shit.
If you don't know what to do, you'll have your mome pick something to do for you. Circle of life, man.
Suggest a musical instrument maybe?
Some other competitions available?
Programming a videogame sounds ok?

That's reasonably put as is, OP.

but I don't want to compete in anything I just wanna die

wait till you manage to do something you can respect
i recently wrote this in another adv thread: the moment you start seeing results of your work (be it lifting weights like a dumbass or composing like an angel) you will grow respect for yourself. you will actually exist.
try it out. i mean ... do you really have anything better to do, user?

I lift weights regularly

How old are you?

How much on a deadlift?

Try it. You might do better than you expect, and if you don't, she won't be able to berate you for not trying

I'm 18, I'm going to last grade of high school (I don't live in USA)

I tried last year and I will try this year, I just don't want to take it seriously because I'm not passionate about mathematic it makes me bored



Lift 120kg then we talk how much you wanna die lol fr

>lift 120kg
but where?

In the gym lol
i doubt there are many other ways you'd lift it other than squat and deadlift, so choose whatever you like and work at it
you won't wanna die then. you'll have a little more selfrespect

I can lift 120kg x 1 on deadlift and squat

And you still wanna die? the fuc is wrong w you

lmao 120kg x 1 is not that much
OP here