Question to men

How often women approach you in a flirty way?

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When I'm just being myself, probably every 5 seconds.

BUT when I make the mistake of NOT being myself, I'm instantly insulted and laughed at.

Maybe twice a year but I'm a shut in

nice meme, bro

My record is 3 times in the last 6 months, normally it's once or twice a year.

Pretty rarely but I'm also blind to that sorta thing. Being a manlet with an annoying personality kinda sucks.

Wait, let me refresh my memory, one approach happened in 2015, another one in 2016 and the third one in 2017 or maybe it was close to the end of 2016. Nothing ever since then and I'm still a virgin. I dated one fat girl in 2016, so I'm not entirely inexperienced.

never lol

Due to it being insignificant, I can't remeber, so never

All the time, what can i say, i am a chad.

I'm 30 and it has yet to happen.

I'm soon 33, it happened 7 times in my life, 8 if you count 7th grade. Always incapable of doing anything about it, it never lasted long.

From freshman year of hs to senior year of college, probably 4 or 5 times. So on average once every 1.5 years. Although, they weren't exactly attractive to me or interested in dating.

When I worked as a batender it was about once a week, but this is a hard metric to compare yourself to others on.

It could vary greatly depending on occupation, hobbies, location, etc etc.

Getting hit on isn't a sure fire confidence boost or anything, sometimes it can be pretty awkward and make you feel uncomfortable (I'm an introvert so this happened to me a bit).

It'd probably be better to work on yourself to a point where you're happy with yourself as hard as thay can be. Gl

take a guess

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Often but I'm 6'1 and muscular

I'm 35 and it happened at most a handful of times in my life. I hate my parents for putting me into this hell and I hope my parents burn in hell for all eternity.

depends how much I weigh, how my hair and clothes are, and where I am. usually I get hit on like crazy in nerd situations, but not too often by normies.

Whenever I am hanging out at dimly lit places with a lot of drinking involved. So almost every night.

Personally, never. Its extremely rare. I think its happened once in the past year or so. Im not very good looking. My gay aura is extremely visible lol
My boyfriend however, he passes off straight since hes the typical gym rat. Hes very handsome. He gets approached almost daily.

One time he came to visit me at work when i used to work at a mall kiosk. We were chatting and then went to throw away a piece of trash into a bin in front of my kiosk like maybe 20 feet away. As soon as he reached the trash can, a girl approached him asking for his number. He laughed and pointed at me and said "you see that guy? He's my boyfriend. I cant give you my number."

Bold of her to wait for him to be done talking to me and to get him alone to ask lol

a couple times ever, and this is as a 29 year old who was in the rave scene, club scene, goth club scene, and punk scene as a lad. Only place I was ever approached was at the goth club, as I recall.

Never ever. Except I guess in high school this one chick who wanted to copy my hw, but that obviously doesn't count.

Yeah, I don't get out much anymore, but I notice a pattern that it depends more on who's around me than anything else.

I'm going to college for IT, so there's mostly guys around me, almost all of which are either morbidly obese literal neckbeards or weigh 100 lbs soaking wet; meanwhile I'm in good shape, and definitely above average muscle mass. That gets me the attention of disproportionately more girls.

Meanwhile if I'm at a beach with friends or something, I become invisible again due to the high percentage of chads.

If I go into town, I get approached by women at least twice a day if I take my regular vehicle. If I take my nice sports car, then it's more like 5-6 women if they see me with it.

when did Jow Forums become a chad central

i'm good looking
not socially awkward
it never happens

you'll always have to make the first move

Fuck. I'm an aspie

i don't know how to process this this as "Fuck- you're an aspie" and I answered with "i don't know how to process this" as a "jokey-ironic" answer

0. I think it's because i only go out with male friends 3 times a year.


all the time, unless they're lesbian. lots of lesbians around here tho

I'd say about once a week on average. That's if I'm counting different women. Some women flirt with me all the time.

Honest answer, probably a dozen

>in b4 Chad reeeeeeeeee

no they were mostly all weird or fat or fat and weird, only a few of them were objectively good-looking and it was because I was putting effort into my appearance as well. That includes anything from like a girl passing me a note in grade 9 asking me if I like her to girls walking up to me at bars and being like HEY I LIKE YOUR HAIR and then 4 minutes later she's giving me a handjob while I'm sitting on top of a complete stranger's car nearly blackout drunk

and when I did sober up or whatever and get to talk with the attractive ones I realized just how banana sandwich crazy or autistic they are -- which again is par for the course of someone like me who is also constantly hiding their power level.

Literally has never happened to me unless I'm completely oblivious or ignorant of what constitutes "flirt(y)"

Literally never been approached by a female in any situation.

To be fair I don't make myself look very approachable. I don't put in any effort to look physically attractive and my demeanor is very cold and uncaring. I wouldn't try talking to me.

Usually homosexual men, and occasionally bbw women which I love desu. They usually just dm me on Facebook, and ask me to go to a bar with them. Whether or not I enjoyed my time determines whether or not theres a second date.

ZERO! EZ. Hahahahahahaha.....huhuhuuu...i wanna die. I'm so lonely.

the first and last time was in middleschool
been appoched by 3 homos in highschool and one at uni though

Actually approached me? Zero, but there have been a few women who where clearly into me. I even had one say to me "I wish that if guys wanted to ask me out they would just ask me out instead of playing games" after flirting for a couple days.

Once a day or so.

Once every 30 years or so
I'm 27 right now. Should be soon, I hope!

Snap out of it. You need to get better.

If you open up with just a hello if you look decent. If shy you gotta go in and ask a stupid question like "how do I get home from here". If the reception is even lukewarm walk away anyway for a bit. Then come back and ask how they are doing. From then on just banter but keep fucking off to talk to someone else time to time. Waiting around to be approached never got me laid that will only net you some attention seekers and nothing more.

Once a month on average. But, just as the other user said, it is because of my environment. I'm a dancer so I meet a lot of women every week.

What do you do in your daily life?

thx ill try this next time im at a public restroom

I rarely get some eye contact on the street if I stare too that is. But they never talk to me.

No women but sometimes men.

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Me? Zero.

I have a friend who dresses like shit, is goofy, washes his hair once a week and talks about his nerd interests like LOTR and Yugioh cards openly in public and he gets approached all the time by attractive women, some even stalked him.

Another friend is a physically attractive and fit dude and a turbo normie, looks like a Chad, but he told me that he was never approached by women and that 85% of his approaches to women are turned down.

I'm starting to think that attraction really is mostly about fucking pheromones or something, and looks and shit are all minor factors.

anytime i let my guard down. they cant wait to get their claws in me but fuck that fuck that fuck that.
i need to collect more jelly fish.

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>approach as in starting a conversation with me
a few times a year. the girls are very indirect about it but usually when an unfamiliar woman starts a conversation with you, they are atleast somewhat attracted to you.
these can be pretty funny. I was waiting for the metro to come and this (pretty unnattractive) girl comes up to me and asks when the next train is coming... very silly question considering there are screens all over the platform showing the schedules. it was even funnier as once she finished asking, the train appeared. she spaghetti'd saying how she doesn't really take the train and i just laughed
>prolonged eye contact
regularly. this is how most women will reveal their interest, consciously or otherwise. it is your job to make the move!

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Depends on how many women I interact with, a good 15% flat out want me enough to speak up about it. The rest are either taken, too busy to care about relationships or not emotionally attracted to me. I’m not ugly or good looking, I’m this weird combination of the two.

if a girl approaches you with something random, non-sensical she is probably interested and was trying to think of something to approach you.
had a girl who is a friend of a friend approach me once and ask me how the festival was that i've been to a year ago at that point. i went there with our mutual friend, she can just ask him, plus that shit was a whole year ago lol. she gave me other signals like laughing at my unironically shit jokes and touching me occasionally when we were at a house party.
another time was when i was at a lecture and a girl asked if she can sit next to me. i was alone at first then my friends came and sat behind us and complimented my new haircut. like 40 minutes later in the middle of the lecture she turns to me asked me "you know, i just cant imagine how your hair looked like before your haircut, what was it like?". we eventually went on dates but I acted like a sperg and we had 0 in common lol, like fucking zero.

not sure if prolonged eye contact is a sign of interest but I would say if she barely looks at you that probably means she isn't into you. she could also be shy, but i don't like shy girls anyway.

On my own? Literally never