I'm going to take mdma on friday, my friend will give me (he said he used this 10 times), is it safe? what do you think...

I'm going to take mdma on friday, my friend will give me (he said he used this 10 times), is it safe? what do you think? I know how to roll safe (drink water but not too much, chew gum), what any other advice do you have?

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you didn't say anything about testing the compound. That's like say you pull out so you won't catch anything.

okay, I will test it
if the test says that is MDMA, is it safe to take it? he said that he have taken it 10 times, so I think I won't die from it

Several dangers:
Stay hydrated, my friend. For real. Even with beer or whatever, just drink liquids.
>bad trip
MDMA is not really psychedelic, but it makes you sensitive and if you have borderline personality disorder, chronic anxiety etc it can throw you off a lot.
We already once had to calm down a kid on MDMA in a club. Luckily all it takes is a 15min soothing conversation and you can gladly go rave again.
>bad shit
Ecstasy = MDMA + Meth or some shit
But that doesn't mean your MDMA will be clean.
If it's orange, don't use it. It's mixed with bad shit. It's supposed to be a clear/whiteish crystal that you crush and pour into redbull and sip.
if you can, buy a test kit or something and test the quality of the drugs.
>personality shift
if you're anything like me, you'll gonna tell all your secrets and discuss philosophy which is going to be kinda tiresome. when you ingest the drug, go dance, man.

but beer makes you dehydrated more, maybe I should drink water
it's ecstasy called supreme pink btw, I don't have it in my hands now, on the internet it is written that it's weight is 431mg, so if my weight is 120mg, I should take about 1/4 of one?

>alcohol dehydrates
that's what they say but I've never had a problem with keeping my drinking schedule full of beer and I've never seen those pub fatsos order water to their beer cuz of dehydration either, but of course it's up to you.

>1/4 of one
take half of whatever your seasoned mate takes. over here half of a pill is what regular users usually take for fun, quarter is cool for a beginner.
i used to eat them whole until once it was so strong it kept erasing my short-term visual memory and I couldn't remember what I was looking at a second ago lol

cont another thing about beer is, my first time taking ecstasy it didn't work because I was completely sober that day.
werid as it sounds, it sometimes takes a beer to kickstart.

I didn't know it back then and just walked around with dilated pupils and clenched jaw waiting for it to kick in lol.

Eat magnesium beforehand to stop your teeth from clenching/grinding as much.

>It's supposed to be a clear/whiteish crystal
personally ive found brown crystals to be better than clear. clear seems to be give me a harsher comedown

Last weekend I used M for the first time at a local festival, friend gave me half a pill and I took it.
Best night out for me so far, Only thing is I kind of hurt the inside of my lip by biting on it the whole night.
Couldn't sleep that night, got out of bed every 15 minutes to stare at my pupils in the mirror.
Felt like being drunk times ten, plus everything was awesome. Even sand. (Festival was on a beach).
10/10 would reccomend trying it out safely

Has anyone here ever fucked on MDMA? Considering get some for me and the gf, but not sure what I'd be in for.

it's supreme pink pill, does it man it's safe because it's popular? or are there pills that look like popular pills but it's shit inside?


As I supportive user, I'm not recommend you to try it, that's a synthetic drug, you'll never know how will it effect on you.

Anyways, I tried it this June, so here is some advice and experience:
-Don't take "new stuffs", only try the ones what your friends are using and experienced on themselves.
-Start with a quarter, trust me it will work. You have to wait around 1 hour, but be patient. After 2 hours the next quarter can come and then the rest 2-3 hours later.
-Bottle water has to be with you

The experience:
-After 1 hour the quarter pill started to work, suddenly I felt super good and the music was like 100x better, it's like every music is your favourite
-I was super hyped, cannot stop dancing, after we sat down I just played with my hand, I couldn't stop doing stg
-I didn't feel dehydrated, but I drank continueosly
-I only care about myself and the music, just danced alone like crazy
-There was no any side/post effect on me later.
-Btw, I think I won't try it again. For me it's not so ethical to take drugs for having a good time.

so you think that I definitely shouldn't try it?

Depends on you and your perception. The most important thing, not to be addict. I have lot of friends who claiming they are "not addict" but still popping pills 2 or 3x times a week.

If you are old enough (around 20) and want to try it because of curiosity, then go for it.

If you're feeling yourself good at parties without synthetic shits and want to try it just for being cool then avoid it.

Popular pills get faked all the time, some of the substitutes (Meth, cathionines etc) are chems you really don't want to be surprised with
Get a test kit, just think of it as part of the expense of doing drugs, like parking for an event. don't buy inside clubs/fests if you can avoid it

About 45 min after poppin that pill you're gonna become possessed with a overruling temptation to get your dick sucked.

This is pretty good idea but if your friends tried particular batch then you can be pretty safe. It's gonna be fun. Try half of pill (if it's around 200mg) and eat another half after the peak of high. Don't drink alcohol to avoid hangover and shallowing the experience. If you ate some food it may take a longer while to work. Use erowid website to learn about psychoactive substances.

There is no 100% safe way to take it. You could die from a brain hemorrhage from taking a single tablet even without having any previous vascular malformations.

Oldfag here and the last time I did MDMA it was just called ecstacy, none of this rolling with the mollies and dabbing on the fornite shit.

I mean really the same advice applies to any other drugs that are stronger than weed. Have a plan to do it somewhere fun and conductive to that drug. Taking E and just sitting in your friends' basement or whatever is a waste, not that you have to go do it at a rave or night club but at least have somewhere exciting and stimulating to go/do.

Also the whole "bro you're gonna be so horny" is kind of a meme. I'm sure it happens to lots of dudes but never once was I falling over my own dick after taking E, the dudes who get horny on E are probably just horny all the time regardless.