Tfw wasted my teens sitting inside on my computer

>tfw wasted my teens sitting inside on my computer

How to stop the regret? I wish I never found websites like this one which made it easy to do it.

I can't believe it's 2019, 7 years of my life went by in a flash, I can't believe I'm an adult it's bizarre what the fuck. You can really waste your life, oh man I fucked up

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you could start living your life right now or keep being a pussybitch and waste your 20's too


What age are you?

The regret is your brain telling you to do something else. It will dissipate with time but it’s there for now to remind you not to continue down that road. So use it as fuel to move your life forward.

Almost 22

block yourself from people that bring your past up any occasion they got and because they're the last reminder of your past mistakes, it's your life not theirs you get to live the way you want.

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you fucking pussy

22 is nothing

i had not even gone on a date at that age

for fucks sake trust me this is still so early for you

I advice you yo go out and try everything. Yes you will fail and be embarrassed the first 20 or 30 times but eventually you get better and better

you will be meeting so many girls. just go for it. Join as many clubs and meetup groups as you can.

im 22 and at 18 i felt this, so i started focusing on my social life and was a lot happier, now i balance the two but i now honestly look back at my childhood and think "i was enjoying myself"

Your teens are the least important or meaningfull time of your life so stop crying, get off your ass and star living a fufilling adult life

This. The best time to plant your tree was 7 years ago but the 2nd best time is now. Your time wont come back, your life isn't over, you can still have an amazing youth.


10000% this

I'm an oldfag so I actually didn't waste most of my teens on the computer or internet. We didn't even get the internet at home until I was like 16 or 17 and shit like youtube or Jow Forums didn't even exist yet. My teens and early 20s were great, the internet actually helped with my social life.

Then I got into Jow Forums when I was like 22/23 and it was all downhill fast. became a NEET in my late 20s.

Now I'm in my 30s and have a life again.

Why did you do it? Honestly for me it was because this place was the only place that understood my pain. I spent a lot of time on Jow Forums which was ultimately not good for me but I have moved on from there. Yeah it was a waste but given my history it was probably for the best I could have wound up into heroin or some shit but instead I talked to random anons about how miserable I felt and maybe it gave me some bad ideas but at the end of the day I am still myself with my own beliefs. I do want to leave this place behind eventually though.

Back to >>>/reddit/ you ignorant faggot. Your fucking kind isn't welcome here. Surprisingly enough, "being yourself" is something most people here have tried, and guess where we ended up? On leave from university after a planned suicide and involuntary hospitalisation, living in the parents' house without a job and kept sedated with a few hundred mg of sertraline and lithium carbonate daily. The gym? Going five times a week, averaging 80 minutes a session. Initially lost some weight, only to put it all back on. Skills? Was a pretty decent programmer in uni. Still, not good enough to amount to anything. Spend my days high on happy pills entertaining myself with stupid projects, but each night when the meds start to wear off, all that's left is crippling depression that I haven't spoken with anyone outside of my immediate family in years. Also, fuck off with your reddit spacing, jackass. Anyone who's lurked here even a week can tell the average degenerate from a goddam larping normie such as yourself. Neck yourself.

Fuck you!

At that Age I was in a mental hospital

Now I'm 32y/o code monkey

Ur still young, you can still do shit

Could be worse, I wasted age 27-33 on Jow Forums

is it true
is r9k all faggot "incells" as they refer to themselves as and that they hate females and are super envious of sex having sexually attractive males?

You’re still young, realize a fuck up and move on. Plenty of time left op

Yo, you could actually start dreaming about an ideal life you want and pursue it with maximum ferocity. You need to wake up every day and actually pursue it and hustle hard until you get there. That's the only way to live life: face challenges and move on because what else is there? You can shape your life the way you want and yet here you are.

I will admit, I felt this way too. I got suckered into a romantic relationship and 5 years went by in a flash. I feel disoriented now that I have to force myself to be an adult now. I have to actually work, and be tired. Its hard to explain, youre literally a man-child a child in a man's body. The way I did it- either in 7 more years, you're going to be exactly in the same position, or in 7 years down the road you would be happier because you actually planned it this time instead of going on auto-pilot, hoping the world would have killed you before then.

this. Get moving, you only have a few more summers left.

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How old are you, I feel like I have already failed... Jobless at 25 (never had job)