How do I live with the fact I am a man and as such will always have to work to get the things I want?

How do I live with the fact I am a man and as such will always have to work to get the things I want?

Having to wagecuck while some girl gets a free ticket to high class income because she is pretty makes me feel like a huge failure.

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They'll most likely be broke and miserable later.
Them posting it on the internet will allow you to discover them later in life if she hit the wall and wants to settle down.

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Men can do it too but it's probably less common.

The common negative narrative lobbed at women enmasse by hetero conservative men of today is usually just their internalized image of the stereotypes that are forced upon all of us by Capitalist society.

The ideal woman that you picture when you go on a tirade about how shy they are is typical your privileged upper middle class white woman. She has nice things, an expensive phone she didn't have to pay for, her Daddy bought her a nice car, her father's probably a business owner and her mother either a stay at home parent or a neurosurgeon or office worker.

The more privilege these women have the more it creates a sort of indifference in their countenance because they were never exposed often enough to the day to day struggles of working class and lower middle class men.

Yes, it's true. You and I as males and (presumably you are also lower middle class as I am) have to actually work harder than Stacy (the ideal privileged broad who gets away with everything she wants practically because she's white with a fat ass and Daddy's money), but to say that you have to work harder than ALL women, is simply disingenuous.

My advice is this: Your first, last, and only job is to work towards your financial freedom and escape the rat race completely. If you stay single, live small and invest your surplus cash, you can achieve it and after that point, you'll never have to lift a finger again if you don't want to

You're right that being a man is a shit deal these days but you've got to play the hand you're dealt. So don't contribute any more than necessary to a society that will actively try to cheat you. Then you can give a big middle finger to everything and walk away into the sunset.

I've been working to escape society for awhile now and I'm almost there. It feels great!

There are guys that go through life on easy street (guys born rich, with connections, and handsome). It isn't just women. So I don't see how this fact should specifically make you resent women more, when you should simply be resentful towards all people with easier and better lives than yours. Or, better yet, don't be resentful and instead find motivation to better your situation.

But it's about working harder than your counterpart. A low middle class white girl can open up a patreoj and get a comfortable 2k/month income while studying, while the rest of us have to make ends meet working and studying at the same time

>I'd work 'harder' by slogging away for money while a woman demeans herself for money
I know two escorts personally, both are suicidal. Exposing your body when you're designed to be monogamous, and have convinced yourself that you're worth more (Because of self esteem) when your occupation beats you down can make you seriously depressed.

If you fancy it, no one is stopping you from signing up to whatever sites if you really wanna experience G4P

First deal with the fact that you are so stupid that you actually believe in incel memes.

Women have life on easy mode, as men we have to either sink or swim in this society

Console yourself with the fact that they only receive this treatment for about 10 years. After that they'll be treated the same as you except they'll be massively entitled and without having developed any skills to help them get by.

the real issue is how much girls can have everything they need to set up themselves for the rest of their lifes.

remember they can get married to some rich dude, because they're hot or get something from a divorce or the most common child pension.

besides you would be surprised how normal chicks can get men's normally out of their leagues.

Do you seriously not believe there are thots who get paid just for being attractive online? Look at all the softcore porn on Twitch nowadays.

dude girls gets payed for anything they do so of course they would get payed for something as based as streaming.

The one I know was suicidal before she whored out, though when I tried to step in she said "you're not my dad", so I don't even know what to think of that.

>I know two escorts personally, both are suicidal. Exposing your body when you're designed to be monogamous, and have convinced yourself that you're worth more (Because of self esteem) when your occupation beats you down can make you seriously depressed.
They're just running a game on your to get money. Most escorts are secondary psychopaths.

i mean doesn't it take to be a psychopath to be a escort ?

>I know two escorts personally, both are suicidal.
But this is different than being a escort tho. There is no sex, you just take saucy pictures without even showing anything and ding, you're now making the same as a mid-level job with absolutely zero effort.

If you become a popular one, then it can even make you a millionaire.
Being a woman is very easy mode if you know how to play your cards on the internet right. You have access to MILLIONS of thirsty guys with disposable income.

>i mean doesn't it take to be a psychopath to be a escort ?
Generally, yes. Secondary psychopaths are not born, they're usually made (e.g. sociopaths). There are exceptions of course, like some woman in a poverty stricken war torn country but those are few.

By understanding that this is the online equivalent of panhandling on the side of the street. Do you truly think this is representative of the average woman, or that an average girl could pull significant cash doing this? Are you naive enough to believe that the people running all of these accounts are even real women just being "themselves?" Don't be ridiculous, if you think they're dumb thot airheads, you are already half buying what they're selling.

The few e-girls I've talked to put real work into their online accounts because it's all 100% fake. They're hardened, seasoned bitches who understand the ins and outs of technology and Internet culture. In the end, the successful ones run it like any other legitimate business, with the recording of frequent clientele, tracking analytics to see what works and what doesn't, and writing and scheduling fake posts, stories, tragedies, whatever keeps the income flowing. In other words, she doesn't get money for just "being pretty," she gets money for being intelligent and manipulative, traits that'll make you money no matter where you go. Highly gross and unethical, sure, but lucrative if you know what you're doing.

you're a huge faggot
you're a huger faggot

the problem with society today is that men choose to be either whiny little bitches or pussywhipped communists

just be a fucking man for christs sake

>or that an average girl could pull significant cash doing this

That's incorrect use of countenance you fucking pseud.

You're dead wrong, my friend. It takes a lot of work and understanding of what you're doing to scam people like that enough to make a living wage, and your average girl is not going to be smart or ruthless enough to last more than maybe a year maximum with how much competition there is. She might get a couple hundred dollars, maybe a grand if she gets lucky, but that's not a reliable source of income to live off for a year.

i think i've always falled for the innocent trait meme.

or like the it's for a good girl meme.

Yes, a smart, successful e-girl has many, many accounts with different "personalities" to better pull the most cash from the unsuspecting. You have a sweet, innocent persona, a #woke genderfluid pansexual persona, a bitchy thot persona, etc etc... all you need is a couple different outfits, makeup manipulation, photoshop if you need it, it isn't too hard to fool people online. Again, if you see a rude thot demanding money from men online and making thousands, and you take it as reality or that all women can just do that and make money, you aren't thinking about the possibility that it's all performance meant to exploit you, screenshot them and share it on incel forums. Hell, if I was doing it I'd pose as a man anonymously complaining about this e-girl I found, knowing it might make me money from sad lonely virgins if it goes viral. You shouldn't base your worldview on things you can't even prove as real.

The one who I knew from college did it for validation. The other did it because that's how she got trafficked into the country
Cool, I don't pay for them and I don't intervene in their occupation.
Basically, you're mad that male models don't take in just as much initially, right? That's the corpus of basically your argument. No one is saying that there isn't a massive gender gap when it comes to this. You're a bit upset from the fact you can bare your chest online.
I think your issue isn't on the genuine issue (That e-whoring is way easier) but it's because a woman does it and you have to work really really hard for your shekels :(

imagine the white knights behind womens getting scamed by male thots haha.

Your response makes zero sense. People are entitled to spend their income at their own discretion. I fail to see how people spending it on scantily clad pictures of men or women is triggering anyone

Most women don't get free rides. And from the sounds of it most women are more motivated and accomplished than you.
Sorry your cozy internet memes and cherry picked allegories told you otherwise.