I just called out of work again...

I just called out of work again. Every time I do this it’s because I decided to drink a little after work and went too far and then decided to skip work rather than work while hungover. I’m wondering what anons make of this behavior. If it makes any difference, I honestly work very hard when I am at work. My friends say it’s ok, but I don’t believe it.

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It's a bad habit to start. Gonna turn into an alcoholic user.

Stop drinking ffs

Don’t drink on days before work

next time you're hung over force yourself to go to work as punishment and then you'll have a bit of discipline next time you decide to go on a bender.

also, why are you drinking so much you're hung over the next day? 3 beers a night max, dude. Have a powerade on standby.

I used to work a part time job (though I was working 38-39 hours every week) where I would time my drinking around my irregular shifts. I don't work till 3PM tomorrow? Stay up and drink until 1AM. I'm awake at 6 and don't work until 12? Have a couple shots, it'll be out of the system before I have to drive to work!

If you keep doing this sort of behavior, your life will be consumed by alcohol. You will schedule your life around it. I still think drinking on occasion is fine, but do so responsibly and on days you know that you don't have responsibilities the day after. As in, if you work Mon-Fri, only drink every once in a while on Friday or maybe Saturday nights.

Begin drinking lightly while at work

Congrats for the most retarded response ITT

You recognize this is not okay or you would not have created this thread. It's obviously been weighing on you, and you know your friends are giving you the easy but bad out.

Someone once told me that self-discipline is a skill, and the only way to develop it or improve it is to exercise it. That can mean forcing yourself not to drink so much, going to work despite being hungover, or even saying "I will only drink on Friday and Saturday nights"

If you can't control it, you have to cut out alcohol entirely. That's just it. I'm at that point too, OP, so you're not alone.

Global rule 7

I think I just wanted someone to confirm my suspicions that this is bad (duh.) I think I like drinking because it lets me let go for a little bit and have some fun. When I’m sober I can never really have fun in the same way.

That sounds like a more serious issue then. There is nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, but if that's the only way you can truly enjoy yourself, or if it's your default path to having fun, I'd sit down and think about why that is.


your friends aren't your bosses are they?

Lol no

this might be from an underlying issue regarding how satisfied are you with your life.

or it might be a start to alcooholism and lazyness

>I decided to drink a little after work and went too far
Let me guess, you operate a vehicle heavy machinery? lol

Get a different job that allows you to drink while working. As long as my employees are having fun, not doing anything illegal or dangerous, I don't care if they drink while working.

I used to work in construction and we would go out for beers with the boss at lunch every day lol.

In general, if drinking begins to affect your way of life (going to work and making money), then you're probably on the way to having drinking problems if you aren't already there. I'd cut back to only drinking on days you don't work, if at all.

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Dont be a bitch. Work hungover.