What makes someone "Chad"?

What makes someone "Chad"?

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not falling for the "Chad" meme.

lots of girls sucking his dick

someone else feeling bad

Being imune to empathy and moral

Wrong. Emphaty and morality are strong side of chad.

Not giving a fuck in the right situations and being the leader when people need one.

Big dick energy.

It varies from social group to social group

On Jow Forums having sex more than once a month makes you a chad

In the general society being able to have sex with 5 different girls in one week makes you a chad

No. The joke is that chad is lacking civics and empathy and succeeds while virgin is stifled by insecurity and civics. Chad was never supposed to be "good". Only the fox invasion of Jow Forums in 2012 bougbt into that because they don't get memes and glorify masculinity
Here is an easy description of the two archetypes.
Virgin sits in a train: he crushes his balls and leans sideways to make as little space as possible, sitting uncomfortably for hours.
Chad on a train: he lays back, taking two seats, and uses the armrest across the aisle as footrest, he doesn't care that he has dirty shoes, ticket dude is too in awe to call him out, etc etc.
The joke was never supposed to be "vorgin bad chod gud" iit was supposed to be "sensitive insecure person fails, handsome person with lack of introspection and empathy succeeds". But of course this went over most heads

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There are "Chad" builds in every culture.

I would say it is the man that cares not what other people think. He seeks only the best and greatest that life has to offer for HIM alone. He also builds others up, while simultaneously helping build his. He is a leader character, someone other people look to for congruity. Someone who isn't pushed around or swayed easily.

Chad does what is best for him without harming others. The only harm he creates is insecurity in other men who wish they could attack life at the same fervor as Chad. Other men wish they had the GUTS to actually speak out and grab what is rightfully theirs for the taking. Chad is dominant and assertive- he takes what he can when he can. He lives the life others wish they could. A real alpha male, not a violent or mean-spirited alpha, but a genuine man of men.

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The only thing that makes chad chad is litterally not even thinking about this shit

>Chad does what is best for him without harming others.
No his essence is doing what's best for him regardless. Chad isn't a good person, that was never the meme

Basically these.
Try and make yourself as attractive as possible, but otherwise, don't bother giving a fuck about anything. Be as bad as you want as long as it doesn't merit getting into any real trouble.

You shouldn't aspire to be a chad in the first place

It’s ironic because the weak character of the shame filled virgin is actually more morally wrong then the “go out and get it” mentality of the chad.

I mean that's debatable, chad is actually outright harmful to others in the original while virgin just tries to keep to himself, but they're obviously both supppsed to be negative exaggerations

>women trying to describe chad


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Chad or not. I don't give a fuck about this meme. Yet what you just described is something I should do more often and strive towards.

>Chad even existing.

Stop browsing Jow Forums so much, this is just a meme.

Literally just do what you feel lmao, who's to decide if you're a chad or not?
You can be chad for an hour and then a beta for another, it's like trying to classify people with anime archetypes. People are too complex for a mere classification, literally, just be yourself.
I make my girlfriend embarrassed whenever I fucking display too much affection for her, is that chad or is that beta? At the same time, she sometimes teases me and I get embarassed as all hell, is that chad or beta?
>boomer advice
im literally 21